Colonial Beach Osprey Nest Watchers
81 nests and 21 members


A small town on the Potomac River with 40 plus osprey platforms and multiple nests in trees. This location provides the perfect setting for our osprey garden.

IDNameSubstrateAddedLast ActivityFollowers
168LuckyOsprey Nest Platformalmost 11 years3 months5
1039Marker 8Channel Markerover 10 years7 months3
1043BoathouseRoofover 10 yearsover 10 years2
3841Willey's NestPlatform removedover 9 yearsover 8 years4
7772S&ELive Treeover 2 yearsover 2 years5
8033Food Lion NestParking lot light in Food Lion Parking lotover 1 year23 days5
8038Tony&MariaOsprey Nest Platformover 1 year23 days7
8042Mike & TobaOsprey Nest Platformover 1 year23 days4
8043Donny & AmandaOsprey Nest Platformover 1 year23 days4
8076Jane & JimboOsprey Nest Platformover 1 year23 days4
8516Dr. Livingstone's NestOsprey Nest Platformabout 1 year3 months4
8517Torrey's NestOsprey Nest Platformabout 1 year5 months3
8518Elmer & VeronicaOsprey Nest Platformabout 1 year23 days4
8519Lincoln LoftOsprey Nest Platformabout 1 year23 days4
8520Legion NestOsprey Nest Platformabout 1 year23 days5
8521Beach ShopOsprey Nest Platformabout 1 year23 days3
8522IcehouseOsprey Nest Platformabout 1 year23 days4
8523Boundary NestOsprey Nest Platformabout 1 year23 days4
8524Big Chair NestOsprey Nest Platformabout 1 year5 months3
8525Wilkerson"s RiverPlatform on dedicated pole in riverabout 1 year6 days3
8535LafayetteOsprey Nest Platform12 months23 days4
8536Alex and Abigail HamiltonOsprey Nest Platform12 months6 months5
8537Nelson NestOsprey Nest Platform12 months12 months4
8538ThackaryOsprey Nest Platform12 months9 months4
8539Ball NestOsprey Nest Platform12 months23 days3
8540New WilkersonOsprey Nest Platform12 months6 days3
8541DocksideOsprey Nest Platform12 months6 months3
8542BoathouseOsprey Nest Platform12 months6 months7
8543Robin GroveOsprey Nest Platform12 months5 months4
8544Curly's NestOsprey Nest Platform12 months23 days3
8545chamberlayneOsprey Nest Platform12 months12 months3
8546Beachgate NestOsprey Nest Platform12 months23 days3
8547Public WorksOsprey Nest Platform12 months9 months4
8548McDonaldsOsprey Nest Platform12 months23 days3
8549Wilkersons PondUtility Pole12 months9 months3
8550Goldman CreekOsprey Nest Platform12 months6 days3
8551Patience and PerseveranceOsprey Nest Platform12 months6 days3
8552Peter's NestOsprey Nest Platform12 months6 days3
8553Myers NestLive Tree12 months6 days3
8554Beach Ave NestLive Tree12 months6 days4
8555BancroftOsprey Nest Platform12 months6 days3
8556MadisonLive Tree12 months9 months3
8557FourthLive Tree12 months8 months4
8558WinkdoodleLive Tree12 months5 months3
8560IncompleteIncomplete platform Inactive12 months12 months3
8561SarahLive Tree12 months6 days3
8562No WakeNo Wake Sign12 months23 days3
8563CedarOsprey Nest Platform12 months12 months3
8564MimosaOsprey Nest Platform12 months6 days3
8565LynnhavenBoat on Boat lift12 months23 days3
8566DaveLive Tree12 months12 months4
8576Oslo and FreyaLive Tree12 months6 days3
8577WeemsDead Tree12 months8 months3
8584Fred and EthylOsprey Nest Platform12 months12 months4
8585Lucy and RickyLive Tree12 months9 months4
8586Peas and CarrotsOsprey Nest Platform12 months12 months4
8625GivenOsprey Nest Platform9 months9 months3
8626Ted and MitziUtility Pole9 months23 days4
8627Eleanor ParkOsprey Nest Platform9 months23 days3
8633Monroe BayOsprey Nest Platform9 months23 days2
8640Propane tank nestOsprey Nest Platform9 months9 months2
8645St JohnLive Tree9 months6 days5
8652Lorrie's NestLive Tree9 months5 months3
8653Wilkerson PilingsPilings9 months6 months3
8654Riverview PondOsprey Nest Platform9 months9 months2
8663Nest #8663Water Tower9 months6 months3
8664Rosier 1Osprey Nest Platform9 months6 days2
8676cedar/wakefieldOsprey Nest Platform8 months8 months2
8690Potomac's PerchLive Tree8 months8 months2
8704ShellfieldOsprey Nest Platform8 months8 months2
8705Shady LaneDead Tree8 months8 months2
8706Patience and PluckLive Tree8 months5 months5
8725Riverview circleOsprey Nest Platform8 months8 months3
8736LawrenceOsprey Nest Platform8 months8 months2
8737RiverboatRoof of building7 months23 days2
8744Marker 6Channel Marker7 months7 months2
8748High School 1Osprey Nest Platform7 months23 days2
8749High School 2Floodlight Structure7 months23 days2
8827Hog PointOsprey Nest Platform5 months5 months1
8828creek viewOsprey Nest Platform5 months5 months1
8829BillingsleyOsprey Nest Platform5 months5 months1
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