Wolf Lake - 026-A-001
(40.9601, -74.7016)
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Wolf Lake.
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10/01/2021 by Ben Wurst
This nest is gone or may never have existed..

01/20/2021 by CyclistBarb
1/20/21 As I had planned, we drove to this lake in winter. Although we searched the shoreline with binoculars, we still could not find any evidence of a nest here even though there were no leaves on the trees. If there has been no activity for 4 years, it is likely this nest is no longer used.

07/04/2020 by CyclistBarb
1:00p.m. From Roseville Rd, Wolf Lake is easily visible, but the two dirt roads to the west side of the lake where this nest is or was located, are private. With the trees fully leafed out, it is impossible to locate the nest from the public roadway. One would have to be here at dawn and watch to see if any osprey were observed and where they flew with fish! If there still is a nest here, hopefully someone who lives in the area knows about it and will report on it. Otherwise, the only alternative is to locate the nest in spring before leaf-out.