Buchholz High School
(29.6811, -82.4032)
Baseball field light tower with an Osprey platform.
This nest is on a light pole with a platform next to our baseball field at Buchholz High School.
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2012 - Scott Flamand
aAdult Arrival
bEgg Laying
bIncubation Initiation3/3/12
cClutch Hatching
eFirst Chick Fledging
fChicks Last Observed
xNest Failure
xReason For Nest Failure

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Activity reports

2012 Nest Activity Report by Scott Flamand
Adult arrivalNestlings
Nest OccupiedNoFledglings
Nest Active First chick fledging
Egg layingChicks last observed
Incubation initiation03/03/2012Nest failure
Clutch hatchingReason for nest failure

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Nesting Diaries

03/03/2012 by Scott Flamand
The Female was incubating most of the day. Male came back in the afternoon. The male then incubated for a while. The female chased a Bald Eagle away from the area. It was quite a display of aerial combat. The Eagle left the area quickly.

03/02/2012 by Scott Flamand
First the history:This nest has been active for many years. The nest originally was on a pole without a platform. One year the nest had gotten so big that it caught on fire from the heat of the lights. The fire destroyed the nest and the lights. When they came to replace the lights they put the nest platform on top. The very next year the Ospreys came back and nested again. This has been an active nest site since then.