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This nest has been informally monitored by Grant Thorsett during weekly drives from Salem to Mt. Angel to visit family in assisted care. He knows of nesting activity every year each year between 2006 and 2014. The first osprey he noted in 2015 w...
SubstrateUtility Pole
Last activityover 8 years
This nesting site is located right off of the river at the end of the trail in Minto that runs along the river. If you walk from the parking lot down to the river trail and then follow the river South-West all the way (staying right) you will end ...
SubstrateOsprey Nest Platform
Last activityover 7 years
This platform is at the Salem Audubon Nature Reserve
SubstrateOsprey Nest Platform
Last activityover 7 years
Long-standing nest in a cell tower adjacent to West Linn HS. Osprey have been here for at least 13 years.
SubstrateOther (Specify)
Last activityover 11 years

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