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On square platform at the top of one of the soccer field lights across the field from the parking lot, near playground
SubstrateOther (Specify)
Last activityalmost 7 years
Boyd Hill Nature Preserve on Pine Flats Trail, located in a dead tree on the left that is easy to see from the trail. It is found in the loop of Pine Flats Trail and very high up. When you enter the trail, make a left (away from the picnic tables)...
SubstrateDead Tree
Last activityalmost 7 years
This nest was found a little past the Center Loop of the main trail in Boyd Hill Nature Preserve (past the pond and armadillo statue on the left and a fire hydrant on the right). Nest is very high up in a dead tree on the left across from lake; ca...
SubstrateDead Tree
Last activityabout 7 years
Nest can be found on top of a dead tree across the street from the golf course to the right of a small shack/house with an orange roof.
SubstrateDead Tree
Last activityalmost 7 years

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