Dr. Bryan Watts

Bryan fitting a transmitter on an osprey

Libby Mojica

Libby was a raptor biologist at CCB from 2007-2015. She managed the osprey research program and banded osprey throughout the Chesapeake Bay. Libby now serves as an adviser for the OspreyWatch project.

Libby banding an osprey

Barbara Slatcher

Barb manages our Facebook page and promotes the project to the public. She also recruits new monitoring groups into the OspreyWatch program. She can be reached through osprey@osprey-watch.org.

Barbara holding a Peregrine

Marie Pitts

Marie manages the OspreyWatch data archive and website. She can be reached at mlpitts@wm.edu.


Michael Academia

Michael Academia, M.Sc. Biology - William & Mary, won the 2022 William Andersen Award at the International Raptor Research Conference for his research involving ospreys and the localized depletion of Atlantic menhaden in the Lower Chesapeake Bay. He is very passionate and dedicated to ospreys and citizen science. He has produced scientific articles regarding osprey diet composition, ecology, demographics, predator-prey relationships, and citizen science. Below are a few of his articles of osprey research.:

Food Supplementation Increases Reproductive Performance of Ospreys in the Lower Chesapeake Bay

Use of Nest Web Cameras and Citizen Science to Quantify Osprey Prey Delivery Rate and Nest Success

Michael can be reached at macademia@email.wm.edu.



Our talented programmers at Solertium crafted the code that maps your nests, logs observations, and archives photos in the OspreyWatch website. Read their blog post on an osprey banding trip where they connected their website application to live data collection.

The Solertium Team: Rob, Alison, Carl