Eugene Owosso
(44.0941, -123.115)
Osprey Nest Platform
Platform atop utility pole immediately next to bicycle path between Willamette River and wastewater treatment plant. A long-time resident claims this is the first time the platform has been used in about a decade. Date of 2023 occupation is unknown.
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2023 - SixEyes
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2023 Nest Activity Report by SixEyes
Adult arrivalNestlings1
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Nest Active First chick fledging
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Incubation initiationNest failure
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Nesting Diaries

07/31/2023 by SixEyes
Spotted nestling moving its wings a little again today. Dad dropped off a meal (presumably a fish) today. Mom promptly dug in, and fed the offspring too. Dad has definitely found another source for fish. It does not appear there are enough fish in the Willamette River to support a family of three Osprey. Where he is going to find fish is unknown, but he apparently is flying quite a ways with the catch to support the family. Kudos to Dad! Many humans have attempted to fish the Willamette in this area too. I have not seen anyone walk away with fish. Furthermore, the water is clear and shallow enough to see the bottom from the Owosso bridge. I have not seen a fish the entire Summer.

07/30/2023 by SixEyes
Female has been consistently guarding the nest while the male hunts. While the male was seen hunting close by in the immediate vicinity (Willamette River) earlier on, he seems to be traveling further away to find fish. This observation cannot be confirmed with certainty, since monitoring is not constant. Nestling does not make frequent appearances. However, this morning it actually exercised its wings a bit. It appears to be 65-70 percent as large as mom.