073-A-007 (Keyport Beach Park & Playground)
(40.4406, -74.2011)
Previously a nest was mapped much closer to shore, but this location (edited) looks like there is an actual platform in the water in the area. Data point has been edited to highlight this. Also mapped as 3154 (will be edited for accuracy of location).
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2023 - FanLAM
aAdult Arrival4/1/23
bEgg Laying
bIncubation Initiation5/5/23
cClutch Hatching5/25/23
eFirst Chick Fledging7/9/23
fChicks Last Observed8/17/23
xNest Failure
xReason For Nest Failure

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Activity reports

2023 Nest Activity Report by FanLAM
Adult arrival04/01/2023Nestlings2
Nest OccupiedYesFledglings2
Nest Active First chick fledging07/09/2023
Egg layingChicks last observed08/17/2023
Incubation initiation05/05/2023Nest failure
Clutch hatching05/25/2023Reason for nest failure

Photos of this nest

Nesting Diaries

08/21/2023 by FanLAM
Zero birds observed at the nest

08/17/2023 by FanLAM
Viewed nest from the water aboard the Keyport Princess - one bird seen - confirmed as one of the juvs.

08/12/2023 by FanLAM
Still only one bird seen.

08/08/2023 by FanLAM
Only one bird seen. Hard to tell if it is a juv.

08/06/2023 by FanLAM
2 young at nest with fish (not sure who caught it) male on his separate perch. Female not observed yet again.

08/03/2023 by FanLAM
Two juvs continue - one was sitting on nest when we arrived, other on piling under nest. When bird on piling attempted to go to the nest, “bickering” ensued. When we arrived, no adults were around. Eventually, male returned with a fish. This is the second visit we have not seen the female.

07/31/2023 by FanLAM
2 juv sitting in nest, male on his usual piling below the nest. Female not seen in the brief time we were there.

07/20/2023 by FanLAM
Confirmed tonight that both juvs are flying! Male and Female adult still present though male frequently stays to himself on a piling near the nest.

07/17/2023 by FanLAM
All four birds observed. Male mostly stays on separate piling near platform. Female remains in nest with two juvs. Still only one juv observed flying. It leaves nest and takes short practice flights and returns to nest. At one point all four birds were in the nest - it sure was crowded! Birds observed eating a fish!

07/11/2023 by FanLAM
Both parents and both juvs present. Both juvs remained in nest with female. One was taking practice flight at platform, did not leave platform.

07/09/2023 by FanLAM
We have been away for the past week-and-a-half, so we headed down to check on the young. Two young remain (yay!) The bigger one took flight on its own after mom flew - Mom remained close to the fledge as it flew. We did not observe second chick take flight. Dad was also flying nearby.

06/28/2023 by FanLAM
2 nestlings continue. Mom and Dad also present. Dad came in with a fish. Both chicks ate.

06/24/2023 by FanLAM
When we first arrived, it was just the female with the 2 young. She left the nest very briefly and returned with a new stick for the nest. Finally; the male arrived about 45 minutes later with a fish. We watched the young eat before leaving.

06/23/2023 by FanLAM
Male was not present for the 90 minutes or so we were there in the evening. Female took a brief flight and returned with a big stick. 2 chicks still present. Larger chick flapping wings a lot. No feeding observed this evening.

06/20/2023 by FanLAM
2 chicks continue. They’re getting so big!!! When we first arrived, they were hunkered down, then we saw a wing and then they eventually both sat up!

06/14/2023 by FanLAM
Happy to report that there are still TWO chicks in the nest! Observed the adults engaging in pair bonding (he was feeding her)

06/13/2023 by FanLAM
Tonight we witnessed something very sad… the larger Osprey chick lunged at the other and then proceed to shake its sibling’s head around like a rag doll. I stitched together some Live Photos taken through the spotting scope and turned it into video. I also magnified the final frame where it seemingly has its sibling in its beak. I understand this is documented behavior but just shocking to see. We never saw the second chick sit up after that. The female parent stood above it and watched. The male was turned away from it. Neither adult made an effort to stop it or anything. We will check the status of the chicks when possible.

06/09/2023 by FanLAM
After several days of wildfire smoke from Canada, and dangerous air conditions, we finally made it to check on the family! When we arrived tonight, Mom was attentive to something in the nest, though we couldn't see anything. Once dad arrived with food, we saw two little (but getting bigger) heads pop up. The little ones were such voracious eaters! At one point, one of the little ones was doing some "wing flapping" to maneuver itself across the nest.

06/03/2023 by FanLAM
2 nestlings observed when food brought to nest.

05/31/2023 by FanLAM
Observed feeding of at least 2 chicks when male returned to nest with fish. Female fed 2 small chicks - could barely see tops of heads.

05/27/2023 by FanLAM
Last two days, what seems to be feeding young behavior continues. 5/27 a gull flew directly over the nest, with both birds becoming very vocal and animated (presumed territorial behavior)

05/25/2023 by FanLAM
Observed multiple “head bows” and male bringing food to nest. Observed both parents tearing apart fish and appear to feed. Female observed moving around nest and appeared to look down and show attentiveness to bottom of nest. This is new behavior observed in the past week.

05/05/2023 by FanLAM
Presumed incubation behavior observed - did see adults "switching" and observed sitting low in nest. Male observed bringing more sticks back to nest and doing "housekeeping"

04/30/2023 by FanLAM
It has been raining (with flooding in parts of Monmouth County) for days, and we took a drive to check on this pair. When we first arrived, they were hunkered down, with a head barely visible at times. We left, and returned about 20 minutes later, and observed the male on one of the pilings that was barely sticking up during high tide. He had a fish. Soon after, he took off, flew low to the water, circled the nest, and landed. They then proceeded to mate.

04/01/2023 by FanLAM
Observed two individuals on the nest. Observed male bring female fish to nest. Territorial display also observed when a third Osprey approached.