Mary Esther Library
(30.4136, -86.6611)
Dead Tree
A pair of ospreys are bringing twigs, sticks, and other building material to a snag that is located on the side yard of the library. There are a few other live pine trees near it and then a large expanse of green grass before the library building. This area also has a stream nearby and it is also near several bodies of water including a pond in a neighborhood. The pair are also making calls to each other.
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2023 - Mary Esther Library
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2023 Nest Activity Report by Mary Esther Library
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Nesting Diaries

04/17/2023 by Mary Esther Library
4/15/ One of the osprey' took a long branch and added it to the nest. When it put the branch in the nest another osprey's head popped up. 4/17 One of the osprey's was on the topmost part of the snag. While it was perched there the 2nd osprey brought a long branch (about the length of the osprey) to the nest. Then it was in the nest with the branches re-arranging them.

04/14/2023 by Mary Esther Library
4/13/23 One osprey was perched on the top most branch of the snag. Another osprey was perched/sitting in the nest structure. Midday one osprey was observed carrying a branch to the nest. The other osprey who was in the nest took it and arranged it in the nest. During the day one osprey was constantly in the snag either in the topmost perch or in the nest. The other osprey was observed soaring in the sky near the nest. The other osprey was observed stretching out their wings in the nest. 4/14/23 Before 10:00am one osprey was observed perched in the topmost part of the snag. The second osprey was seen simultaneously flying carrying a fish toward some live pine trees. I don't know if it ate the fish in the trees or took it to the nest. At 9:45 am one osprey stayed on the top branch. The other osprey in the nest stretched out it's wings, flapped them, then flew away.

04/10/2023 by Mary Esther Library
4/10/23 This morning around 11:00 am I looked out the window and saw one osprey perched by the twigs and branches. It was solitary or at least I couldn't see any other osprey near it. Then about two hours later I looked out and there was one osprey perched at the very top of the snag above the nest of branches.

04/10/2023 by Mary Esther Library
04/07/2023 One osprey was flying from the nearby Oak tree trail nature park with a branch in it's talons toward the snag where the pair are working on the nest. While it was flying over the road (Doolittle Rd) it dropped the branch which hit the ground.

04/10/2023 by Mary Esther Library
4/10/2023 Two ospreys were observed at the snag. One appeared to be sitting on a nest. The other one was perched on the very top of the snag. See photos. Both ospreys stayed perched for many minutes in their spots.

04/04/2023 by Mary Esther Library
While I was outside planting some flowers in the library garden, I heard two ospreys calling and making alot of sounds with each other. They both were on the nest. They've been taking branches to the spot at the top of this dead pine tree.