Belfair Oaks Blvd
(32.2911, -80.8597)
Live Tree
This nest is located in a live pine at roughly 253 Belfair Oaks Blvd, adjacent to one of the golf course tee boxes. It is very high (80-90 feet) and partly obscured by branches. First reported Jan 2023
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2023 - CarolC
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Nesting Diaries

03/02/2023 by CarolC
Karen R reports: Tuesday I spotted an Eagle sitting on a branch only a few feet from the nest. The Eagle was perched like he owned the tree! Given the history of this nest, only time will tell "who" claims it.

02/28/2023 by CarolC
Karen R reports: This morning I stood below the tall pine tree noted on Belfair Oaks location and spotted what I think was an Eagle on the branch just a few feet from the nest. All brown body (no white on breast) - all white head - yellow beak. I know you said their mating season is Fall vs early Spring but am quite sure it was not an Osprey. But, I'll keep watching.

01/31/2023 by CarolC
Karen R. reported this nest for the 2023 season and will monitor it. It is located in the Belfair area off Hilton Head Island.