101-B-023 (Hepburn and Tracy)
(40.07, -74.0462)
temporary cell phone tower
In Bay Head NJ. The tower is directly behind the fire station on Bridge Ave. in the Borough Hall Parking lot.
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2021 - Candy
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2021 Nest Activity Report by Candy
Adult arrivalNestlings
Nest OccupiedNoFledglings
Nest Active First chick fledging
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Incubation initiationNest failure
Clutch hatchingReason for nest failure

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Nesting Diaries

06/09/2022 by Candy
Still no sign of nesting activity at the tower but I have spotted a number of what looks like year old osprey in Bay Head and Point Pleasant.

04/08/2022 by Candy
I haven't seen any activity at this tower. Last year the pair started building mid summer, very scraggly ( they began to re-build after their initial attempt was thwarted by man). Because they began so late in nest-building this leads me to think that they weren't mature for mating purposes.

07/30/2021 by Candy
I saw Hepburn by herself perched on the cell tower as she was calling out for Tracy. Finally he appeared with breakfast but oddly enough he plopped into the nest and the two just looked at each other as to say "Now what?" This behavior leads me to believe they are indeed young ospreys and not ready to made yet (3 years). As I was driving away I looked up and suddenly another osprey did a fly-by at the nest and there was a skirmish. I jumped out of my car with the camera but was only able to capture Hepburn flying away because it happened so quickly.

07/05/2021 by Candy
No s8gn of Hepburn but Tracy was on the tower. I really think they're young adults bc of the haphazard attempt at nest building.

07/05/2021 by Candy
No sign of Hepburn but Tracy was on the tower. I really think they're young adults bc of the haphazard attempt at nest building.

06/18/2021 by Candy
I really hate to visit Bay Head on a summer weekend even thought it's soclose to me but I saw a lot of activity at Thurston's and Lovey's from my little beach across the bay so I HAD to go pay them a visit. Curiously on my way back from their nest, I saw from my car as I was traveling on Lake Ave., a bird on the cell tower on the firehouse property... I parked on Bridge Ave. and walked to the tower. The bird was gone BUT the orange plastic things on top were gone, and there's nesting materials again!!! I am hoping Hepburn and Tracy returned...I will check very soon.

06/02/2021 by Candy
I can't believe it's been 2 weeks that I last posted about this nest. I am sad to report a few days later, Hepburn and Tracy were evicted.

05/23/2021 by Candy
I had heard rumor of a nest being built on the new "temporary" cell phone tower in Bay Head NJ behind the fire station. On my way back home from checking on Thurston and Lovey, sure enough, I saw Hepburn and Tracy homesteading! This nest will be interesting to follow bc I think it's late in the season to be starting to nest. Another observation is both ospreys' brown necklaces are very faint so I think they're young.