Attucks Nest (Phinney's x Gravel)
(41.6792, -70.3108)
Communications tower
This nest is on a communications tower ~70 ft. It was successful last year with fledged chicks. The nest survived Hurricane Irene. The ospreys returned on or about 3/28-29/2012 and have started to repair/add to the nest. UPDATE 4/7/2023: The Comm Tower owners have removed the base on which the nest sat. It was replaced with a ring with large holes in it. I do not know where the poor birds are😢. Will watch in case....
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Activity reports

2012 Nest Activity Report by Nesher CC
Adult arrival03/29/2012Nestlings1
Nest OccupiedNoFledglings1
Nest Active First chick fledging
Egg layingChicks last observed
Incubation initiationNest failure
Clutch hatchingReason for nest failure
2013 Nest Activity Report by Nesher CC
Adult arrival03/30/2013Nestlings
Nest OccupiedNoFledglings
Nest Active First chick fledging
Egg layingChicks last observed
Incubation initiationNest failure
Clutch hatchingReason for nest failure
2014 Nest Activity Report by Nesher CC
Adult arrival04/09/2014Nestlings2
Nest OccupiedYesFledglings
Nest Active First chick fledging
Egg layingChicks last observed
Incubation initiationNest failure
Clutch hatchingReason for nest failure
2016 Nest Activity Report by vharik
Adult arrivalNestlings
Nest OccupiedYesFledglings
Nest Active First chick fledging
Egg layingChicks last observed
Incubation initiationNest failure
Clutch hatchingReason for nest failure
2019 Nest Activity Report by Nesher CC
Adult arrival03/24/2019Nestlings
Nest OccupiedYesFledglings
Nest Active First chick fledging
Egg layingChicks last observed
Incubation initiationNest failure
Clutch hatchingReason for nest failure

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Nesting Diaries

09/01/2023 by Nesher CC
09/01/2023 by Nesher CC (edit) Sept 1 , 2023 Amazing. I had noted that the comm tower had taken the nest down. Being unable to drive for a while I did not realize that they indeed did relocate about 40’ away. The nest has at least one chick. They have not left yet. Will watch although parking is hard

09/01/2023 by Nesher CC
Sept 1 , 2023 Amazing. I had noted that the comm tower had taken the nest down. Being unable to drive for a while I did not realize that they indeed did relocate about 40’ away. The nest has at least one chick. They have not left yet. Will watch although parking is hard

04/07/2023 by Nesher CC
Update 4/7/23. The Comm Tower owner removed the nest and the base. It is now a large metal circle with circular holes in a ring. I don't know where the poor birds went.. Will keep watch in case 😢

04/20/2021 by Nesher CC
Covid has prevented me from lots of watching. The mole returened early April and the female shortly after. Nest restorations were observed. The communications tower workers have been working on the tower. I hope they have not done anything to the nest. As previously mentioned the nest is about 100ft above the street making observations somewhat difficult

04/17/2020 by Nesher CC
They are both back. Last year there were three for a while and it did not work out well.

04/17/2020 by Nesher CC
He is BACK. Nest restorations underway. So happy to see him. Sadly I forgot my binocs.

09/23/2019 by Nesher CC
Sadly I am reporting a failed nest this year. After the June report, there seemed to be 2 adult birds in the nest.I never saw a food delivery. I did see an adult bird on a nearby pole eating a fish. I never saw chicks exercising wings or any sitting on the edge of the nest or 3-4 birds in the nest at once. Now the adults are gone. Looking forward to next spring and another hopeful year.

06/28/2019 by
Around Memorial Day there were 5 birds circling the nest. Then there were 2 but I haven’t seen both birds at the same time in a while. Either it is a failed nest or it is so deep that I can’t see a nesting bird. I have not seen a food delivery. Will keep watching. Wish it were lower.

03/31/2019 by Nesher CC
The male arrived during the third week of Mar 2019. I saw the female on 3/31/19 and may have seen mating although it may be too soon. I suspect the nest has been strengthened as I saw a rather large diameter stick which may be new. So glad they are safely back.

10/10/2018 by Nesher CC
As I have noted before this nest is 100ft above ground. I believe from watching that the parent birds left in August. One chick remained and that chick has departed. The nest was again successful and I look forward to the parents returning in March 2019. Only wish I could get up there to see better.

06/11/2018 by Nesher CC
If I can get the tripod out will try to take a picture at some point. My 1kg camera has become a bit hard to hold over my head.

06/11/2018 by Nesher CC
Have not posted since End March. The nest bowl is so deep and high above street level that only birds on nearby towers can be seen BUT for a while there has been incubation behavior. A bird disappears down into the nest or can be seen with change over. Today both birds were in the nest and appeared to be possibly ripping something apart. I hope that they are feeding chicks I can't yet see. Will keep watching.

03/29/2018 by Nesher CC
My Osprey has returned. I first saw him Tuesday right on schedule. There is a lot of nest repair to be done after a difficult month of Nor'easters.

05/13/2017 by Nesher CC
This nest is about 100' high and the nest bowl is very deep. I began to think it was empty until about 2 weeks ago when I saw mating activity. Hoping I will see a successful net before they fly south for the winter. One adult hangs out on nearby poles watching

04/06/2017 by Nesher CC
Saw a fish delivery to the nest yesterday. Today: There is also a hawk/falcon in the area. (I can't be more specific as I think it had been checking out roadkill as it almost came into my drivers side windshield.)

04/03/2017 by Nesher CC
Btw this nest is 93' above street level

04/03/2017 by Nesher CC
Two birds on the nest today

03/30/2017 by Nesher CC
He is back today! yay!

04/21/2016 by vharik
2 birds on nest.

04/18/2016 by Nesher CC
They have been rebuilding and are now well on their way to having a substantial nest.

03/30/2016 by Nesher CC
I have not seen any birds yet this year. Without much snow but with high winds, the nest got really beaten up this winter. They will need to rebuild again, but there is lots of debris.

10/05/2015 by Nesher CC
I had not seen anyone atop the nest in a while. I spoke to one of the Audubon volunteer people and it is official! We close a successful season with 2 chicks migrating to warmer climes and looking forward to March 29, 2016 when they should be returning ( get nervous when they are late). Hope the winter and the cell tower maintenance crew will not be too hard on the nest so they don’t need to start from scratch. It was, however, fun to watch the build out.

09/18/2015 by Nesher CC
I have been watching over the past month with various flights in and out and lots of wing exercising going on. Labor Day weekend I saw what I believe is both adult birds fly away and have not seen them back. I have seen one chick alone atop the tower. I hope s/he is learning to fish and fly and will soon leave to be with his parents, if, indeed, that is where he will go.

07/21/2015 by Nesher CC
Nothing much to report except that the adults come and go. Did see a non-violent food fight atop the nest tower. This a.m. was finally rewarded by the sight of a 3rd head so I know there is at least 1 chick! It is large and I will keep a more frequent eye now that I know there is one little one and maybe more.

05/01/2015 by Nesher CC
After a 10 day hiatus for knee surgery, I started visiting the nest multiple times a day but saw no birds. There were 2 possibilities 1) they were gone 2) the new nest was so deep that I could not see them 100 ft up. Today I stopped by in time to see the parents change nesting duties. They are indeed in too deep to see. I will keep watching and hope I can report good news.

04/08/2015 by Nesher CC
Both osprey seen. One actually flew past me along the side of the road, grabbed a stick without landing and flew off. It returned to the nest. One is noticeably bigger and they have started rebuilding their nest.

04/03/2015 by Nesher CC
Today, 4/3/15, I saw both birds back at the nest'less tower. Then I saw one later with I think a small branch. It’s a start!

03/27/2015 by Nesher CC
This winter the cell tower co. updated this tower. They took down the nest and did not put up a nesting platform as the public utilities have been doing. They did leave the nest materials at the base of the tower. I have not seen either of the pair. They usually return ~3/29. I hope they choose a lower tower as this one is ~100 ft above the highest observation point.

09/21/2014 by Nesher CC
Over the month of August I saw 4 birds on or around the nest on the various cell towers. I have noted more and more frequent absences of birds on or around the nest,. I believe that the osprey from this nest - 2 adults and 2 chicks- have left on their migration south. I really wish this nest were easier to watch height wise. I would say it was a successful nest for the 3rd season at least. Looking forward to the return in the spring of '15

08/02/2014 by Nesher CC
The birds arrived really late this year ~mid April and I was not sure both had arrived back. After a terrible winter I thought nest repairs would be needed but saw none. Thought I might have seen mating once but the incubating was uncertain and no food deliveries were seen. Last week I became convinced that there were 2 chicks(4birds) in the nest at once. This morning I saw one bird in the nest and 3 on the surrounding tele-comm towers. ? two adults and one fledgling or 2 fledglings and one adult off nest and one in. Looks like a very successful nest so far.

06/17/2014 by Nesher CC
I was away when they fledged. I have contacted Audubon and the volunteers reported that they thought they had.

07/19/2013 by Nesher CC
Today when I stopped to watch the nest, I observed 3 birds in the nest. It has been hot here with no rain,and I was becoming concerned about the chicks. Happily, as I watched, another adult bird flew in and I believe everyone is fine and healthy.

07/13/2013 by Nesher CC
Both parent birds were in the nest with at least one other bird. One parent moved over to another communication tower to sit and watch. The remaining parent had at least one young bird who did some wing exercising. In view of the injured bird from Harwich that was hanging from plastic mesh, I looked at the large piece of plastic sheeting which had been flapping around from the base of the nest last year. What seems to remain is a small shredded piece with streamers - no loops seen. Wish the maintenance folks would cut it away the next time they go up there, but I do not know who controls this tower or if I can ask. Young birds seem to be growing the best I can tell.

06/20/2013 by Nesher CC
6/20/13 Up to today I have seen the parent birds coming and going and possibly sitting on eggs, but no way to definitely tell what was going on 100 Ft up. Today I thought I saw something new. Mom or Dad was sitting on the edge of the nest and as I watched 2 little heads popped up. I was able to see from the top of the head down to the shoulders but not any of their bodies. They are solid gray I think. Looks like the fun is about to begin. More soon..

04/01/2013 by Nesher CC
Apr 1( Not an April Fools joke) Observed mating today. Hopefully this is a good sign for this year. Did not see any nest rebuilding today.

03/30/2013 by Nesher CC
I believed that this nest had survived our horrible winter of storms with 60-80 mph winds at ground level. Do not know what they were at the level of the platform which is >93ft up and totally exposed. I thought I saw a bird yesterday but with some watching today confirmed 2. I can't confirm that they are the original pair. They were not in the nest together and with a bird on the nest, it looks like they have a lot of nest repair work to do. Hope to see them together.

10/24/2012 by Nesher CC
Observation hampered by a shoulder injury and the fact that the nest was 100ft above the observation point. I pooled my info with that of a local business which observes that birds out of curiosity. They agreed that the was one fledgling which had been seen exercising its wings. Both parents supervised and brought in fish on a regular basis. Fledging appears to have occurred in mid August and the birds were gone late September. We are due to have some activity from Hurricane Sandy. Hopefully the nest will survive in good condition and be available for fixing up next season. This pair has been here sor several years. I wish I had better access to the nest.

07/14/2012 by Nesher CC
Late 7/13 I was watching the nest in hopes of seeing a chick among the adults. A third bird appeared and started wingercizing and hovering just above the nest. Hopefully I will see more

07/09/2012 by Nesher CC
Yesterday 7/8 for the first time I saw an adult bird come in on two separate trips with fish. Today both adults were in the nest and one appeared to be feeding. I finally was able to see another smaller bird so I am assuming that there is at least one chick. I suspect that the worker who reported no eggs or chicks had simply missed them while he was repairing the tower with two adult birds in his face.

05/31/2012 by Nesher CC
Adults continue to come and go. This a.m. serendipity struck. I was driving by and noted the adults circling over the nest. I then realized the was a bucket with a man doing tower maintenance almost at the top. I parked and walked over. All three workers were eager to answer questions. The parents were still nestorizing. There are no chicks or eggs in the nest. The height of the nest platform is 93ft above ground but any place to watch is actually lower than the base. There is no cam up there. I noted that the birds were beautiful and the man who had just come down noted that they were a little intimidating 90 ft in the air and 10 feet from his face!

04/20/2012 by Nesher CC
Both parents have been seen coming and going from the nest with nesting materials. They have been perched on the edge of the nest surveying their territory. Today as I drove by I saw what might have been mating activity in the nest but it is >70 ft high. Will continue to watch for signs of incubation.

10/11/1975 by EmiliTago
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