(38.6009, -77.1698)
Light Pole
This nest is torn down each year. The Osprey pair come and rebuild every year. The light pole is the kind the use to light up a sports field. Has 4 light going across, the pair have been flying around the last 2 weeks started to put sticks, they are procrastinators. I have watched them the last 5 years. I hope they rebuild will update, also if the build their nest elsewhere nearby.
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aAdult Arrival3/15/153/16/12
bEgg Laying4/15/134/13/12
bIncubation Initiation4/18/134/19/12
cClutch Hatching5/23/12
eFirst Chick Fledging7/27/12
fChicks Last Observed9/15/12
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Activity reports

2012 Nest Activity Report by johann00
Adult arrival03/16/2012Nestlings2
Nest OccupiedNoFledglings2
Nest Active First chick fledging07/27/2012
Egg laying04/13/2012Chicks last observed09/15/2012
Incubation initiation04/19/2012Nest failure
Clutch hatching05/23/2012Reason for nest failure
2013 Nest Activity Report by johann00
Adult arrivalNestlings
Nest OccupiedNoFledglings
Nest Active First chick fledging
Egg laying04/15/2013Chicks last observed
Incubation initiation04/18/2013Nest failure
Clutch hatchingReason for nest failure
2015 Nest Activity Report by johann00
Adult arrival03/15/2015Nestlings
Nest OccupiedNoFledglings
Nest Active First chick fledging
Egg layingChicks last observed
Incubation initiationNest failure
Clutch hatchingReason for nest failure

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Nesting Diaries

04/18/2015 by Seatbuddy
The pair appears to be making nest modifications. Observed one bringing nest materials.

03/25/2015 by johann00
Every year parks and rec takes nest down after nesting season is over. They usually work together and rebuild the best on the top of the pole. So far they have not started yet. The male arrived have not seen the females yet. She usually arrives by the end of month. This pair always seems a couple of weeks behind the other Osprey pairs in the area.

04/19/2014 by Squirrel Girl
I went for a bike ride on the Indian Head trail on April 19, 2014. We saw the nest on the light pole and 1 osprey was sitting on the next pole over from the nest. I live quite a ways away and haven't been back since to check it out.

03/27/2014 by johann00
This pair always arrive later that the other Osprey that I am monitoring in the area. As of today they still have not arrived.

03/30/2013 by johann00
The Osprey are starting to build there nest. Lots of sticks and branches going every which way. I imagine in a few days it will be finished. Did not see the Osprey, it is a beautiful day today so I suspect they are taking advantage of the day.

03/30/2013 by johann00
Finally saw both Osprey this pair always arrive later than the other Osprey that I watch in the area. I speculate the first arrival was between march 18-22. Noticed around 26th the attempt to start rebuilding the nest.

10/16/2012 by johann00
Mom left about the first of September, Dad stayed with the kids and usually sat on a perch in a Sycamore tree. He continued to bring food for them. One chick left maybe a day or two earlier than the last one. They still hung out at different perches and such the last time I saw the 2 together was about September 13, by Sept 14 and 15 only saw 1 and after the 16 did not see Dad or Chicks. They survived very Hot and dry season.

07/28/2012 by johann00
I have been observing mom sitting on the light pole just across from the pole with nest all week. Mom would chatter and call to her chicks, to encourage them to fly. Chicks have been practicing and getting air above nest all week long. One of course is more interested in getting up and out. they other clearly just wanting mom to look after it. Friday 7/27 I watched 1 chick take flight circling the field and landing on the pole with mom. Taking off and coming back at one point running into mom and knocking her over. She flew over to the nest to shade the other chick, while her other chick continued to practice. It was fun to watch. Then the chick flew back to nest to be with mom and sibling.

07/18/2012 by johann00
mom and nestlings were sitting up cooling off at 8:30 pm calling out every once and a while.

07/16/2012 by johann00
2Nestling are getting so big mom was trying to shade them. Another hot day today.

07/15/2012 by johann00
Mom was on nest had a fish the local male Eagle decides he is going to check them out. Mom takes after the Eagle and they put on a great aerial display for us. She chased the male Eagle off and came back. The fascinating thing is she had the fish in her talons when she came back to nest. Amazing!! Protecting her babies. And skills beyond belief to hold onto fish. They had lunch!! :)

07/09/2012 by johann00
After 2 weeks of miserable heat thank goodness the Osprey have with stood the elements. They had to deal with the fireworks just a few hundred feet from the nest on the 4th. Today parent was sitting tall in the nest. Those chicks have laid low for awhile other parent came in with a good size fish. The babies popped up, they are almost as big as parent. Watched adult feed 2 chicks it was wonderful to see them and watch the parent still be very protective of them.

06/29/2012 by johann00
I have been able to see 1but the angles I have to view nest makes it difficult to determine. It is very hot today 106* heat index of 128* both parents were in nest shading them this is in full blown sun. Makes me think there is more than 1 up there. The parents were very quite today, its going to be hot all weekend. I hope that maybe some rain will cool them off.

06/29/2012 by johann00
been checking on them quite often, I know there is 1chick up there would like to think at least 2. A couple years ago they had 4 that all fledged, last year 3, 2 fledged 1 passed or was caught by GHO that lives nearby.

06/13/2012 by johann00
Both parent are very attentive and protective. There are chicks up there but I am not sure how many yet. Today one parent was in tree nearby eating a fish. Other parent was on top of nest being vocal as I stepped out to walk my dog near by. Rainy Day today.

05/28/2012 by johann00
About 1/4 of mile from this nest is an Eagles nest. I had to add this observation because it is so interesting. We walk near and around where the nest is the Osprey takes great pleasure and daring manuevers to antagonizing the Eagles, there is what appears to be 1 Eaglette in the nest. Mom Eagles is laid back and chill, but Dad gets agitated and goes up and after the Osprey. They have done this a couple of time within the last week. The aerial display by both is amazing and beautiful. The Osprey has no fear....

05/28/2012 by johann00
Things are happening here as dad is always nearby, during the time they were sitting on the eggs the nest got bigger and bigger. They kept adding more and more sticks it looks good too. Looks like eggs have hatched but not sure how many are in there. Keep spying on them with binoculars but cant get a good look over the top of the nest sense dad has really built it up.

05/06/2012 by johann00
Check on them everyday, parents are still nesting. today watched mate bring in fish to one sitting on eggs. All is well with them.

04/23/2012 by johann00
Osprey is all snuggled down in the nest keeping her eggs warm.

04/18/2012 by johann00
Nest looks good, there was an Osprey sitting on top of the nest, but not brooding. I did not see the mate anywhere. It was raining, the Osprey flew off after about 15 minutes. Now I am wondering if there are eggs. Hope nothing has happened, last year there was a pesky GHO that was constantly harassing the Osprey, killed one of the young too.

04/13/2012 by johann00
Nest is looking much better, I can not be sure but I think we have an egg. Osprey was lay on nest like she was brooding and stayed on nest. Mate came in with more sticks, she continued to lay. will check back on Saturday to make sure.

04/12/2012 by johann00
I believe if their nest was not torn down each year they would be laying eggs sooner, but they keep coming back to the light and rebuilding every year. If the county put some type of platform up maybe it would be a solution. the reason they tear it down is it is a fire hazard. The lights are usually not utilized until mid to end Sept.

04/12/2012 by johann00
Osprey on top of nest today, still needs a lot of work on it. Usually by end of month the pair are done and starting to nest.

04/09/2012 by johann00
A lot of activity working on nest. Observed at least 7 Osprey flying around the ball field. Resident Osprey was sitting on top of work in progress. Mate was just flying about hanging in a tree they like to roost in. Nest is starting to look good.

04/05/2012 by johann00
Today they were both at nest very busy build it. To me it looks like one would fly off bring back an stick they other was working the stick into nest. This was repeated several time. At one point a crow came and was agitating the Osprey. the Osprey did not hesitate to chase the crow. They are fun to watch, I learn something new everyday.

04/04/2012 by johann00
Caught one eating lunch, the other sitting on light where they build their nest. They enjoyed the beautiful day today and managed to put up one stick.

04/01/2012 by johann00
Checked on pair @ 1pm one had a fish and was trying to find a place to eat.a crow joined him waiting for scraps. The mate sat on the light pole next to him just enjoying the day. Still procrastinating on building their nest.

04/01/2012 by johann00
Both Osprey were out and about today. Taking rest on the pole were they usually build their nest. From my observations previous years they usually finish building the nest by the middle of April to the end of the month. They really seem to enjoy each others company in the mean time.

03/31/2012 by johann00
They do not seem upset or afraid of me, I have many photos of them over the last several years as well.

03/31/2012 by johann00
This nest is torn down each year. The Osprey pair come and rebuild every year. The light pole is the kind the use to light up a sports field. Has 4 light going across, the pair have been flying around the last 2 weeks started to put sticks, they are procrastinators. I have watched them the last 5 years. I hope they rebuild will update, also if the build their nest elsewhere nearby.