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Communications Tower
Stop n Shop Plaza, Bridge Ave., Point Pleasant NJ. Lois and Clark. This is a duplicate nest of 6316 and should be merged and removed.
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2020 - Candy
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2020 Nest Activity Report by Candy
Adult arrivalNestlings
Nest OccupiedNoFledglings
Nest Active First chick fledging
Egg layingChicks last observed
Incubation initiationNest failure
Clutch hatchingReason for nest failure

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Nesting Diaries

05/19/2023 by Candy
5/19/2023 I frequently visit the shopping center but not always with the camera. I have seen one on the tower, and have heard the other chirping. It must be deep in the nest because I can't even see its head!

04/05/2023 by Candy
4/5/2023 Finally glimpsed their heads sticking out of the nest! Very foggy day.

04/04/2023 by Candy
As of 4/4/2023 I have seen no osprey here.

07/17/2022 by Candy
I happened to spot one juvenile wing stretch as a parent was on a part of the tower! and it looked like they were tearing fish ! The staff at the recycling center there tell me there's been a lot of comings and goings plus chirping! I'm thinking there's one chick.

07/10/2022 by Candy
I happened to see Lois land in the nest with a fish just as I got to the plaza. I waited for a bit, decided to run into the store and watch again when I was done. Don't you know as soon as I put my camera in the car and locked it, she flew off! Clark sat on the tower and watched too. I am thinking there's chicks since he is not sitting on top of the nest. They or it may be too big now but not big enough to see from the ground.

07/05/2022 by Candy
I still can't tell for sure if eggs hatched bc every time I am at the plaza I can spot only an adult in the nest. Today though it did look like it was fussing about from the tiny bit that I could see.

06/19/2022 by Candy
Lately I have seen osprey flying around the tower when I am in the area. I stopped one morning with my camera and caught Lois (I think) fussing about in the nest so perhaps there's chicks! I will increase my checks.

06/09/2022 by Candy
Every time I stop at the plaza I haven't seen any sign of the osprey but the nest is huge! The guys at the recycling center though tell me they see one or the other flying in with fish. I am expecting to see an increase in activity because from my observations of other nests in the area the eggs are beginning to hatch.

04/03/2022 by Candy
I saw Clark perched on the tower but I can't tell if Lois is in the nest because it's so high up. I hope to visit this weekend to get more info.

03/25/2022 by Candy
I spotted someone on the tower last Wednesday, March 23rd. Today as I was checking it, I saw Clark heading onto the nest with a fish and Lois was flying wirh him. Suddenly another male appeared and tried to interfere but Lois chased him off and Clark went on the nest.

07/05/2021 by Candy
There's definitely chicks for Lois and Clark bc they fuss on the nest. I still can't see the chicks but hopefully soon.

06/20/2021 by Candy
When I got to their nest, Lois was perched on a tower pole but I didn't see Clark. Lois flew off for a bit and returned with a branch. She placed it in the nest. I stayed for a little while. Lois remained in deep in the nest and I saw neither Clark or any hatchlings.

06/13/2021 by Candy
I went specifically to the shopping plaza to check the nest. I saw no one; I was a little concerned. Then I spotted a crow, craftily making his way up the tower. When he reached the level of the nest's location, I heard one of the osprey screaming its head off! That gave me relief. I can't wait to return to check on the nest this week.

06/07/2021 by Candy
It seems to me that there's a hatchling (s). I observed Lois acting as a "mombrella"; she is using her wings to shade someone!

05/23/2021 by Candy
I had to go to the plaza so I checked on the nest - there was Lois, sitting on a perch of the tower. I didn't see Clark - I stayed for a little bit - it was a super hot weekend especially today.

05/14/2021 by Candy
Clark was perched on one of the tower posts. I couldn't see Lois - she's deep in the nest.

05/12/2021 by Candy
I've visited Lois and Clark a few times at the shopping plaza. I hadn't seen anyone for a week (I just popped in for a few groceries) but yesterday I did see one of them on the nest so I am thinking there's eggs.

04/21/2021 by Candy
It seems that Lois and Clark have eggs - the last 2 times I visited, I have only seen Clark so I am thinking she is deep in their formidable nest.

04/11/2021 by Candy
I had been visiting the nest site regularly for the first 2 weeks of April with no success. However yesterday, not only had Lois and Clark returned, there was another pair fighting with them over the nest site! They successfully defended their nest, and celebrated by making baby ospreys. An employee of the recycling center told me they had returned perhaps mid week, and have been fighting off other ospreys for the rights to that nest. One thing I have noticed this year is that in 2 out of 4 nests there has been vigorous disputes over nest sites.

03/31/2021 by Candy
I've been checking on this nest all dur8ng March, 2021 but I have not seen any activity yet.

11/19/2020 by Ben Wurst
Nest is reported as not occupied but diary and photos say otherwise. Will be updated as occupied with at least one young produced here.

11/19/2020 by Ben Wurst
This is a duplicate of 6316

07/19/2020 by Candy
A typical steamy summer day in NJ. I'm thrilled to say I saw a juvenile fly. Today the two adults were flying overhead, chirping while circling, and the fledgling took flight. Finally I was able to catch a clear photo of the juvenile perched on the tower, and a good shot of him taking off.

07/06/2020 by Candy
This is the first day I saw Lois actually in the nest; I'm assuming it was her. Two ospreys were flying high overhead. She took off, and all disappeared out of my range. I will check on them tomorrow

06/25/2020 by Candy
Today there were 3 osprey circling overhead; one landed on the cell tower while the other two circled each other until one flew away. Then the one on the tower flew off with the other.

06/14/2020 by Candy
When I got to the site this morning, I saw Lois flying overhead. I didn't see Clark until I began taking photos of the nest. He then flew off towards the direction of Lois.

06/07/2020 by Candy
Early morning - Lois was standing on a pole of the cell phone tower holding a fish in her talons, chirping, then jumped onto/into the nest.

05/31/2020 by Candy
Saw one fly off nest at 9:15 AM

05/28/2020 by Candy
Nest still intact, no activity observed

05/17/2020 by Candy
At the plaza 8 am, spotted osprey sitting on top of one of the poles. After a few minutes, it flew off. Weather was sunny, a bit cool.

05/09/2020 by Candy
I was standing taking nest photos when I heard chirping. There it was, flying to the nest! I can't see into the nest because it's way up high but I did get some good photos.

05/04/2020 by Candy
On 5/4/2020 I went to visit the newly found nest. I went around to the back of the parking lot to see if I could spot any on the nest but I couldn't. I stayed for a half hour but none flew over.

05/03/2020 by Candy
Before I went to observe the other 2 nests, I had to stop at the shopping plaza. As I went back to my car, I wondered if the nest on top of the cell phone tower was occupied this year (last year no but was the year before). Much to my delight, it was rebuilt. I waited for a bit to see if there was any activity ( I couldn't tell if there was anyone on the nest) and one came flying to the nest! I plan to check on this one first thing in the morning.