Fish Haul/Alice Perry
(32.2452, -80.7005)
Utility Pole
Nest 7019 is located on the cell phone tower off Fish Haul Road. It can be viewed from Hickory Forest Drive and it is clearly visible when there are no leaves on the trees. Visibility from here will not be as good later as the trees come into full leaf. From outside of Hilton Head Plantation the nest is located near 5 Alice Perry and can be viewed from about 239 Fish Haul. Additional details: If you drive past the HF Parking area, (on your left) continue until you get to #47 Hickory Forest Drive. There is an area opposite that house that you can pull off as there is an undeveloped area. Behind #47 to the left you will see a cell phone tower and it is here that the osprey has started to build the nest.
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aAdult Arrival2/28/232/21/222/8/21
bEgg Laying4/7/18
bIncubation Initiation4/24/18
cClutch Hatching5/25/215/26/18
eFirst Chick Fledging
fChicks Last Observed7/2/18
xNest Failure
xReason For Nest Failureunknown reason

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Activity reports

2018 Nest Activity Report by CarolC
Adult arrivalNestlings1
Nest OccupiedYesFledglings1
Nest Active First chick fledging
Egg laying04/07/2018Chicks last observed07/02/2018
Incubation initiation04/24/2018Nest failure
Clutch hatching05/26/2018Reason for nest failure
2020 Nest Activity Report by CarolC
Adult arrivalNestlings
Nest OccupiedNoFledglings
Nest Active First chick fledging
Egg layingChicks last observed
Incubation initiationNest failure
Clutch hatchingReason for nest failure
2021 Nest Activity Report by CarolC
Adult arrival02/08/2021Nestlings1
Nest OccupiedYesFledglings1
Nest Active First chick fledging
Egg layingChicks last observed
Incubation initiationNest failure
Clutch hatching05/25/2021Reason for nest failure
2022 Nest Activity Report by CarolC
Adult arrival02/21/2022Nestlings
Nest OccupiedYesFledglings
Nest Active First chick fledging
Egg layingChicks last observed
Incubation initiationNest failure
Clutch hatchingReason for nest failureunknown reason
Nest Activity Report by CarolC
Adult arrival02/28/2023Nestlings
Nest OccupiedYesFledglings
Nest Active First chick fledging
Egg layingChicks last observed
Incubation initiationNest failure
Clutch hatchingReason for nest failure

Photos of this nest

Nesting Diaries

03/19/2023 by CarolC
NOTE: As mentioned previously, there was some confusion about these two nests and the possibility that only one pair of osprey was involved. However, this report from Chris K related to nest 7564 seems to support that there are two nests and two sets of osprey. This info is posted for both 7019 and 7564. An update from Chris K: I went up to check on the nest at 3:15 pm and saw there was an osprey sitting in Alan’s nest (7019). Halfway between 7567 and 7019 there was an osprey perched in a tall pine tree making all kinds of noise. I stayed to see what would happen. As I was observing another osprey flew over 7019 but didn’t stop. The osprey that was perched on the tree took off and circled back and landed in 7567! I looked back over at 7019 and the osprey was still perched on that nest. About 10 minutes later, ANOTHER osprey came in and landed in 7567 with the osprey that was already there. So I witnessed 2 osprey in nest 7567 and 1 in 7019. This update has been added to both this nest and 7019 for clarification.

03/18/2023 by CarolC
NOTE: There are two monitored nests in the same vicinity (7019 and 7567). While we do not understand exactly what is happening, there is an odd pattern. It seems a bit unusual that 7019 had chicks in 2018 and 2021, while 7567 had chicks in 2019, 2020, and 2022. Is it the same pair using a different nest each season or are there different pairs and it is just coincidence of the alternating success of each nest?

03/17/2023 by CarolC
Alan biggs shared two images of the osprey at the nest.

02/28/2023 by CarolC
Alan B reports: I watched for 20 minutes from 8:40 to 9:00 AM. There were birds in the nest; female in front, male in back. The female was lying down and initially appeared kind of flattened. Then she put her head up (as shown in the photo). Then she got up a flew away. The male looked like he might have been eating but did not offer any food to the female. The male eventually flew away, came back, and flew away again, leaving the nest empty. From this I conclude we are at the stage where the nest is occupied but there are no eggs and incubation hasn’t started. (3 photos added)

02/19/2023 by CarolC
Anne and Jim B report: We have seen on two occasions nesting material being collected off Hickory Forest Beach. On 2-10-23 one osprey was seen at the nest site. Two photos added showing the male at the nest site.

05/02/2022 by CarolC
Anne and Jim B report: We have been watching the tower through April and have not seen any more activity on the tower since the first week of April. In fact we have not seen any Osprey perched on the tower since April 3 and our visits have been daily except from 23rd - 28th as we were away. We have observed the tower from both the Hickory Forest Drive location as well as from the Fish Haul/Mitchelville area. We believe this to be inactive this year, but will continue to watch.

04/05/2022 by CarolC
Anne and Jim report: Nest 7019. April 5 2022 One Osprey was seen on the cell phone tower on 3/31 and again on 4/4. There appears to be more nesting material on the left side of the tower looking from Hickory Forest Drive. There is a pair that we have seen on Hickory Forest Beach , and we can only assume it is the pair from this location as the birds are carrying food and nesting material in the direction of the tower

03/26/2022 by CarolC
Anne and Jim B report: Still no sign of the birds on the tower other than the time I took the first photo, but there is definitely a pair of Ospreys fishing off shore and carting nesting material in that direction.

03/13/2022 by CarolC
Anne and Jim B report: We have observed this nest daily for the last week and have not seen any further activity on the nest, neither have we seen a bird on the tower. Yesterday (March 13th) we did observe an osprey fishing off Hickory Forest Beach, but it was not determined whether it was the bird associated with the nest.

02/21/2022 by CarolC

02/12/2022 by CarolC
Anne B reports: The nest has been located for the 2022 season. There are some sticks in place ready for the pair to return.

02/12/2022 by CarolC
Anne and Jim B report: While walking on Hickory Forest Beach we noticed a pair of Ospreys. Conditions were overcast . One was clearly fishing, the other swooped in front of us and picked up material off the beach and flew in the direction of NEST 7019. It is clear from the photograph that this was nesting material. (PHOTOGRAPH 1) The location of the nest is on the Cell phone tower, visible from Hickory Forest Drive. We observed for the first time this season an Osprey on the tower (PHOTOGRAPH 2) It is evident on the left of the tower that there is nesting material. We believe this to be either remnants of last years which is possibly being added to this year. There is no evidence of nesting material on other parts of the tower.

02/12/2022 by CarolC
Anne B reports: The nest has been located for the 2022 season. There are some sticks in place ready for the pair to return.

07/31/2021 by CarolC
Lynn M reports: Since I last reported July 20, I’ve seen the chick in the nest on July 22 and 30. NOTE: This chick probably has fledged and simply returns to the nest as is common practice. The recorded date of 7/14 is based on the report of the chick's activity on 7/14.

07/21/2021 by CarolC
Lynne M reports: I’ve spotted activity at nest 7019 sporadically since my last report July 12. Best sighting was 7/14 when chick was standing on one of the upright cell tower structures right next to nest. Lots of preening. Then a lot of wing calisthenics. Then outstretched wings, one flap, and up into the nest. No activity again until 7/17, when two visits rewarded me each time with views of the chick in the nest. No activity observed again until 7/19 when chick visible in nest. No observable activity yesterday, 7/20.

07/12/2021 by CarolC
Lynne M reports: Between 7/6-9, despite sometimes checking 2-3x/ day, no activity at nest. Then 7/10 at 7:15 am, nice view of chick on nest. Then no further sighting, despite 3 attempts yesterday, until this afternoon at 4:45, when chick visible and one adult also in nest (?). Couldn’t get good view but much darker than chick coloration.

07/09/2021 by CarolC
Lynne M reports: I have not seen any osprey in or near the nest I’m monitoring (7019) since the day BEFORE the storm. But I might have just missed seeing them there if the young has fledged and is going in and out. My first thought was that perhaps we miscalculated the hatching date??? But now I’m more concerned about storm effects. Nest looks forlorn without any activity, but intact.

06/24/2021 by CarolC
Lynne M reports: This update confirms that all’s well with the one chick observed since earlier this month. Between June 10 and today, observations have consistently been one or two birds in nest, and I did see a food drop a few days ago. I observed several wide wing spreads from inside the nest on 6/20 from chick, and one adult with chick enjoying a meal beforehand on the same day. No efforts to venture towards nest rim that I saw.

06/10/2021 by CarolC
Lynne M reports: Each of the past two days I’ve seen one bird standing in the nest and sweeping up from below the nest rim, the large, cream-colored wing of a different osprey. Is it the young down in the nest stretching a wing? And most probably an adult standing in the nest? Or another juvenile standing? (It is SO hard to make out colors and relative sizes on this nest!!!) The sweeping wing seen fleetingly is clearly much lighter than the nesting material… NOTE: We are guessing that it is at least one juvenile being seen and the standing osprey is probably the adult.

06/04/2021 by CarolC
Lynne M reports: June 4, one adult and a DEFINITE sighting of one chick. It didn’t look like a recent hatchling, as it’s size and position in nest suggested some sturdiness. I’ll let you know immediately if I see a second young’n. NOTE: Based on the last couple reports, we are guessing that the egg(s) hatched between May 20 and June 1. We are simply guessing the 25th.

06/01/2021 by CarolC
Lynne M reports: On June 1, I saw for the first time a single chick head and neck above the nest border, looking around, while an adult was upright in the nest. It is VERY hard to see clearly, but because there were two and the size difference was so marked, I’m confident it was a chick w/ adult. However yesterday (June 2), there was only one head looking around, very low in nest. As there was no scale of another bird in the nest for comparison, I think it was the chick. I watched for 35 minutes without seeing either of the pair return to the nest.

05/23/2021 by CarolC
Kay G reports for May: I have been saving up osprey reports, since they're nearly always the same. in the last few weeks - May 12, 15, 17, 22, 23 I've observed the nest with one bird clearly visible, just sitting there. On May 20th there were 2 birds. Since the nest is so high (on a cell tower) there's little else to see, although if I planted a chair I might see one bird bringing food or a parent arriving and one leaving.

03/05/2021 by CarolC
Kay G reports: 3/2 one bird on the nest 3/5 two osprey perching on the nest

02/27/2021 by CarolC
Kay G reports: 2/10 two osprey perching on the nest 2/15 one bird on the nest 2/27 one bird (#1) sat at the edge of the nest, another (#2) flying toward the nest. As #2 got closer, #1 flapped its wings as in fending off #2, who swooped up and away, but then came back again, with the same result. On the third round, #1 flew off the nest fiercely(?) toward #2. They both then began to circle, wider and higher. I gave up watching after a while, with no further contact looking likely. Not sure if this was one osprey defending it's nest, or some sort of interesting mating ritual.

02/08/2021 by CarolC
Kay and Phil report: Today I'm thrilled to report that not only is there a nest there, but an osprey sitting on it! While I watched, another osprey came in and... well, it seemed to me he tried to land on top of her and things didn't go well, so after flapping his wings a few times he flew off. Anyway, there's a somewhat precarious nest sitting on the very tippy top of the cell tower, not nestled a bit beneath the top as was the nest a couple of years ago. It looks as though a big wind would blow it right off, but let's hope they know what they're doing

04/06/2020 by CarolC
Kay G reports: after checking multiple times during March, there is no sign of any interest or activity at this nesting site. We have decided to call it inactive for this season.

03/03/2020 by CarolC
Carol R reports: Around 4pm on 3/3 I saw 2 osprey soaring in the vicinity near the nest.

02/29/2020 by CarolC
Kay G reports: Still no evidence of activity at our nest site on the cell tower.

02/06/2020 by CarolC
Carol R reported seeing two osprey in the vicinity of the nest. Kay G. also observed the nest but when she visited, there were no osprey nearby. Neither sees any signs of nest rebuilding yet.

07/21/2019 by CarolC
This nest was inactive this year.

03/04/2019 by CarolC
observer Carol R. reports: I saw an osprey flying overhead from my kitchen. It creates a shadow. So I went over to monitor the nest across the street but saw nothing for the better part of 15 minutes 2:30 – 2:45

03/04/2019 by CarolC
observers Kay and Phil report: We have stopped by to observe the nest twice - once last week and once yesterday. Neither time was there a bird present nor any evidence of activity.

02/18/2019 by CarolC
Observer Kay G. reports: one osprey on tower near nest location

07/14/2018 by CarolC
all 2018 observations by Kay G, Phil N, and Diane L

07/02/2018 by CarolC
observer reports that both chicks must have fledged since there has been no activity around the nest since the June 24th report.

06/24/2018 by CarolC
observer reports: An osprey was on the nest, and flew off after a few minutes. It flapped its wings a couple of times before take-off, and hopped onto a metal post before take-off. Not certain at this point whether it was an an already fledged chick or a parent. It circled, and soon another osprey appeared Eventually, one of the birds landed on the nest, possibly with food (unable to tell). The second flying bird didn't return to the nest at this point. If the bird who initially left was a newly fledged chick, I would have expected it to come swooping back at this point to get food. However, if the bird who landed was the same as the bird who took off initially, it was probably a chick giving it's wings some practice. As this bird landed, one large wing came flapping up - this time surely a chick who appeared from deeper in the nest. Anyway, clearly at least one chick.

06/20/2018 by CarolC
observer reports: June 20: 10 am No activity

06/15/2018 by CarolC
observer reports: June 15: 4 pm No activity

06/12/2018 by CarolC
observer reports: 9 am Chick in nest. Head pops up every few seconds…perhaps eating.

06/08/2018 by CarolC
observer reports: Saw 3 osprey soaring above just to the right of the nest around 1 pm. Nothing visible in nest.

06/06/2018 by CarolC
observer reports: Observed nest for about 15 minutes around 11 am. Did not see or hear any osprey.

06/02/2018 by CarolC
observer reported: From the time we arrived and even before, we could hear osprey "screams". We looked all over, and couldn't find an osprey in the air. And no parents on the nest. Turns out the screaming was coming from a chick, who eventually stuck it's head up when a parent flew nearby without food. The chick at times was almost full body visible, and did some wing flapping. Only one decent sized chick was ever in sight. We were hoping to watch a feeding to see if another chick popped up, but no parents appeared and the thunder ended our watch.

05/26/2018 by CarolC
observer reports: As I walked down the street, I heard, then saw one of the parents (probably the male) flying overhead and calling. As I arrived at my viewing point (a special spot where I can see thru the trees to the top of the cell tower) I saw the female. She was sitting on a post part of the cell tower, just next to the nest. I watched for a while, with her talking to the male, but saw no movement in the nest. Eventually she took off. As I continued to watch the nest, I saw the tail end of a bird, then saw a wing fly up as in part of a bird rearranging itself. Not a small bird, so the chick(s?) aren't newly hatched. I watched a while longer, but no new developments. I think we can confidently conclude that there is at least one chick on this nest!

05/14/2018 by CarolC
observer reports: We checked out our osprey nest yesterday. It appears she’s still brooding. She was there, but no sign of chicks yet.

05/04/2018 by CarolC

05/02/2018 by CarolC

04/28/2018 by CarolC
observer reports: Chicks! Not sure how many. Flapping their wings. Dad delivered a snake yesterday. NOTE: The hatching date of 4/27 is an estimate.

04/24/2018 by CarolC
observer reports: I’m happy to report that a “ tail end” view of an osprey was immediately viewable. At first I thought she might be rearranging eggs, but soon I realized she wasn’t wiggling. Looks like get new brooding position has her rear end sticking up into view! I watched for half an hour, hoping for more action, but the view didn’t change. I think we can happily presume she is still brooding and chicks are in our near future!

04/18/2018 by CarolC

04/17/2018 by CarolC

04/07/2018 by CarolC
observers report: Hi Carol, This afternoon, the osprey was on the nest. When we first arrived she (?) appeared to be standing and fussing with the nest (rolling eggs?). She was also looking around a lot (where is he!!!). After a while she settled down and seemed to be roosting.

03/28/2018 by CarolC

03/24/2018 by CarolC
This active nest was discovered by two other nest monitors about March 22. They determined the location and the fact that they had both found the same nest, but viewed it from different locations. There is a pair of osprey in the nest and they may be incubating eggs.

03/22/2018 by CarolC