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This roosting spot is at the top of a white oak tree overlooking Treasure Lake in the Cliffwood Beach section of Aberdeen, New Jersey. Osprey were often seen in this tree in 2015 but foliage obscured observation from the ground. In the summer of 2016, multiple visual and audible observations confirmed weeks of feeding and defense of the spot but no nesting activity.
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2016 - Barzillai
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2016 Nest Activity Report by Barzillai
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Incubation initiationNest failure
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09/24/2016 by Barzillai
One osprey was up in the top of this tree until Labor Day weekend. The leaf nest never seems to have played into the bird's life. The tree may have simply been a roosting spot. It was in the tree daily in August and early September, feeding and defending the spot. I've seen and heard an osprey since, roosting in other trees on the lake, as recently as this week. It seems the bird has no nest at this point. This same tree and the same one across the lake were used last year as well, likely by the same bird. Perhaps it is the survivor of the Whale Creek nesting platform a year or two ago? I expect the bird will return next year. Maybe it will finally raise a family on the lake?

08/22/2016 by Barzillai
I finally realized that the cluster of leaves at the top of the tree in my backyard is not a squirrels nest but an osprey nest. There's been considerable activity on the lake and in the top of the tree all season, but it seems at least one nestling is calling for food and the parents are obliging with fish from the lake. I've seen the osprey hovering over the lake then diving down and scooping up fish. Today I was able to see through the heavy canopy of leaves and see an osprey sitting on the branch next to the nest. See photograph. Note that this is the same place in the tree that osprey roosted last season but I never noticed a nest. It is possible that the birds abandoned the nearby Whale Creek osprey platform as unsuitable and have relocated to brackish Treasure Lake. The birds could also be the result of expansion from the successful nest overlooking Keyport harbor, also in Aberdeen. I'm delighted to have a nest in my backyard.