(40.8681, -74.0008)
Cell Phone Tower
Overpeck Nest on Degraw Ave. in Teaneck on the Leonia border just on the east side of 95
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Activity reports

2014 Nest Activity Report by jmac
Adult arrival03/30/2014Nestlings
Nest OccupiedYesFledglings
Nest Active First chick fledging
Egg layingChicks last observed
Incubation initiationNest failure06/14/2014
Clutch hatching06/02/2014Reason for nest failurelighting strike
2015 Nest Activity Report by jmac
Adult arrival03/23/2015Nestlings
Nest OccupiedYesFledglings1
Nest Active First chick fledging07/19/2015
Egg laying04/06/2015Chicks last observed08/10/2015
Incubation initiation04/08/2015Nest failure
Clutch hatching05/18/2015Reason for nest failure
2016 Nest Activity Report by jmac
Adult arrival03/27/2016Nestlings2
Nest OccupiedYesFledglings2
Nest Active First chick fledging07/17/2016
Egg laying04/20/2016Chicks last observed08/22/2016
Incubation initiation04/20/2016Nest failure
Clutch hatching05/30/2016Reason for nest failure
2017 Nest Activity Report by jmac
Adult arrival03/26/2017Nestlings2
Nest OccupiedYesFledglings2
Nest Active First chick fledging08/05/2017
Egg layingChicks last observed09/02/2017
Incubation initiation04/11/2017Nest failure
Clutch hatching05/22/2017Reason for nest failure
2018 Nest Activity Report by jmac
Adult arrival03/24/2018Nestlings2
Nest OccupiedNoFledglings2
Nest Active First chick fledging07/18/2018
Egg laying04/26/2018Chicks last observed
Incubation initiation04/28/2018Nest failure
Clutch hatchingReason for nest failure
2019 Nest Activity Report by jmac
Adult arrival03/15/2018Nestlings1
Nest OccupiedYesFledglings1
Nest Active First chick fledging07/09/2019
Egg layingChicks last observed08/23/2019
Incubation initiation04/20/2019Nest failure
Clutch hatching05/26/2019Reason for nest failure
2020 Nest Activity Report by jmac
Adult arrival03/21/2020Nestlings2
Nest OccupiedYesFledglings2
Nest Active First chick fledging07/17/2020
Egg laying04/28/2018Chicks last observed
Incubation initiation04/29/2020Nest failure
Clutch hatching05/26/2020Reason for nest failure
2013 Nest Activity Report by jmac
Adult arrivalNestlings1
Nest OccupiedNoFledglings1
Nest Active First chick fledging07/26/2021
Egg layingChicks last observed
Incubation initiationNest failure
Clutch hatchingReason for nest failure
2021 Nest Activity Report by jmac
Adult arrival03/29/2021Nestlings1
Nest OccupiedYesFledglings1
Nest Active First chick fledging07/26/2021
Egg laying04/22/2021Chicks last observed09/01/2021
Incubation initiation04/22/2021Nest failure
Clutch hatching05/29/2021Reason for nest failure
2022 Nest Activity Report by jmac
Adult arrival03/20/2022Nestlings
Nest OccupiedYesFledglings
Nest Active First chick fledging
Egg laying04/27/2022Chicks last observed
Incubation initiationNest failure05/12/2022
Clutch hatchingReason for nest failureinjured wing on male

Photos of this nest

Nesting Diaries

03/20/2023 by jmac
First Osprey at the nest site today. The nest had been removed last month

05/14/2022 by jmac
I noticed the other day when the female got off the nest to chase an immature eagle that she didn't look healthy and now the last two days she is off the nest so it's safe to say it has failed. I do believe it is because of the male's hanging wing.

05/10/2022 by jmac
observered the male bring a fish to the tower and he was followed by an immature eagle. the female got off the nest and chased the eagle away. She came back and perched on the tower for a few minutes and went back on the nest

04/25/2022 by jmac
Things seem a little better today. The wing is hanging less and the female ( if she is still in the nest) is quiet. I watched the male go into the nest without a fish and things seemed calm. He flew around me a few times to investigate and then when back to the nest. This is a new male; he is banded with a federal band only and I've never had a banded bird here before. He may be young and inexperienced.

04/21/2022 by jmac
Not good news for this nest. the male has an injured, hanging wing and the female is constantly complaining. He did catch a fish yesterday, but I have my doubts that he will be able to perform is fatherly duties if his wing doesn't improve.

04/02/2022 by jmac
Pair working on the nest. One of the nearby nesting Ravens landed on the towre and was quickly chased by the male. There are Fish Crows who also nest nearby, always on the tower but are ignored by the Ospreys.

03/20/2022 by jmac
The pair at the nest together today

03/06/2022 by jmac
The first Osprey of the season has appeared at the nest tower. It may be a female, so I don't know if it's one of last year's pair or not.

08/12/2021 by jmac
Fledgling remains at the nest with the male. He had a fish today but I'm not sure that he caught it. The male is banded, just a silver metal band on his right leg. No colored band on the left.

08/09/2021 by jmac
Fledgling at the nest with the male; flew out of the nest with a fish making a lot of noise.

08/05/2021 by jmac
The fledgling continues to hang around the nest with the male

07/20/2021 by jmac
Only seeing one chick who is not too far from fledging. Not sure if that is all there is now. Both parents at the nest

07/10/2021 by jmac
Can clearly see two chicks in the nest, quite large

07/06/2021 by jmac
Could see at least one chick exercising it's wings today; possibly two

06/20/2021 by jmac
parents feeding young but I can't get a count yet.

06/19/2021 by jmac
female caring for young, but I still can't see how many

06/05/2021 by jmac
nest is active, adults feeding the young.

05/20/2021 by jmac
Female incubating, male nearby. He got off his perch to chase a cormorant that got too close

04/22/2021 by jmac
Nest has survived the windy weather. Ospreys on the nest this morning. I believe the female is incubating.

04/04/2021 by jmac
The nest was removed over the winter but the pair is actually building a nest

08/06/2020 by jmac
we had a bad wind event from a tropical storm two days ago and today the male was adding sticks to the nest, despite the fledging of the young more than a week ago. interesting

08/02/2020 by jmac
Fledglings remain at the site, one with a shad and the other begging the male for his shad

07/17/2020 by jmac
The nestlings were out trying their wings today. A little rough on landing but flying really well. Both parents present watching.

07/10/2020 by jmac
could clearly see two nestlings today; one sitting on the edge of the nest and the other exercising it's wings.

07/05/2020 by jmac
Finally could see some fledglings in the nest. It appears that there are two of them

06/22/2020 by jmac
female shading and feeding chick/chicks

06/17/2020 by jmac
watch the male bring fish to the nest and the female feeds young, but still cant see how many

06/03/2020 by jmac
I've observed feeding young for at least a week now

05/25/2020 by jmac
male bringing fish to the nest

05/04/2020 by jmac
although female not visible, male continues to bring fish to the nest and is never far away

04/01/2020 by jmac
Interesting how large the nest has become in just a couple of days. I hope the workers don't dismantle it again

03/30/2020 by jmac
The pair has started to rebuild their nest. The new nest in considerably lower than the old one. There is no stucture up where the old nest was

03/21/2020 by jmac
The pair returned to the cell tower today and were quite vocal about not finding their nest. Hopefully they will rebuild and not be disturbed

03/20/2020 by jmac
the nest and the structure that it was built on was removed in early March.

08/23/2019 by jmac
The chick continues on the nest (see pic)

08/18/2019 by jmac
Despite the fact that this chick fledged more than a month ago, it continues to return to the nest and beg for food. This morning the male brought it a fish at the nest.

08/05/2019 by jmac
last day that I saw the male and fledgling on the tower

07/31/2019 by jmac
The fledgling remains at the tower with the male and a second male was also at the tower today and tolerated

07/13/2019 by jmac
The male has been training the chick flying around the lake, fishing and returning to the tower

07/09/2019 by jmac
The fledgling was out of the nest today, sitting on a portion of the cell tower away from the nest. Both parents were near by, but no other fledgling visible

07/05/2019 by jmac
Both parents and a good size youngster visible in the nest today. The baby is as large as its mother

06/22/2019 by jmac
Both parents at the nest for the forty minutes that i watched before one baby got up to stretch it's wings. this is a big, high (200ft) nest so it's difficult to see what is going on, even with a scope

06/15/2019 by jmac
Watched for quite a while with a scope before I could see a fairly large chick in the nest and there could be others. This nest has been harrassed by Bald Eagles that have a nest and two recently fledged chicks less than a mile away.

06/02/2019 by jmac
feeding chick/chicks

05/19/2019 by jmac
Still a rouge pair challenging the nesting pair, but they seem like they are OK; still incubating

05/10/2019 by jmac
a lot of drama at this nest lately. Yesterday four osperys flying around the nest calling. I'm not sure what is going on, but the last time there was this much drama around the nest, it failed. Today the male is perched alongside the nest and I assume the female is incubating.

05/03/2019 by jmac
male brought a fish to the nest and left

04/29/2019 by jmac
Eagle harrassing the nest again today

04/20/2019 by jmac
Male going back and forth to the nest site and the female is no longer seen which would indicate that she is sitting down in the nest incubating. The male defended the nest yesterday from an adult Bald Eagle. Eagles are nesting about a mile away.

03/27/2019 by jmac
Pair working on the nest

03/15/2019 by jmac
A pair of Ospreys on the tower today. Also at least one other feeding in the lake. This may be the earliest I've ever had them come back. it was 70 degrees with a strong south wind

08/22/2018 by jmac
two Osprey continue at the nest on a regular basis, at least one is an immature. A couple of weeks ago there were two immature at nest and an adult kept chasing one off the site. I don't know for sure what that was about.

08/05/2018 by jmac
only two adult birds on the tower today but not near the nest. Observed an adult with two fledglings about a mile south of the nest, it could be this family because there are no other nests that I know of in the area

07/29/2018 by jmac
watched the nest for about a half an hour; the female was perched next to the nest. The male came with a fish, put it in the nest for a few minutes and then took it to the tower to eat himself. I couldn't see either fledgling although this is a big, high nest. Or maybe they were down perched along the river. Don't know

07/18/2018 by jmac
at least one chick has fledged.

07/09/2018 by jmac
At least two good size chicks at this nest

06/30/2018 by jmac
checked the nest out today with a scope and can see two nearly fledged chicks. there could be more because this nest is really hard to see into but there are at least two

06/18/2018 by jmac
Male brought a fish to the nest while I watched and then took off to hunt some more. The female could be seen feeding chick/chicks

05/29/2018 by jmac
Hot day today, Osprey in the nest in a position as if shading chick/chicks. I will say that eggs have hatched.

05/20/2018 by jmac
Osprey came to the nest and took over incubating while the other flew off. Should have a chick soon

05/05/2018 by jmac
All seems well with this nest

04/28/2018 by jmac
Ospreys continue to incubate

04/15/2018 by jmac
the female has been deep in the nest for the last couple of observation days. I think she is incubating. The weather has been variable, with some warm windy days and some abnormally cold ones. Thunder storms predicted for later in the week

04/06/2018 by jmac
two Osprey continue to work on the nest

04/01/2018 by jmac
two birds at the nest this afternoon. the male was bringing sticks while the female ate a fish.

03/24/2018 by jmac
the one bird continues at the nest. no sign of a female yet

03/19/2018 by jmac
first observation of an Osprey; appears to be a male

09/02/2017 by jmac
at least one fledgling still hanging out near the nest, maybe both

08/05/2017 by jmac
The fledglings continue to come to the nest. this morning the male brought a fish to the nest and one of the fledglings went up and took it.

07/26/2017 by jmac
One of the fledglings with the male getting flying lessons. Still kind of clumbsy on landing. I didn't see the other one.

07/23/2017 by jmac
Fledglings at the nest today, hanging out

07/21/2017 by jmac
the fledglings were on the nest this morning when a parent (male I assume) came to the nest with a fish and enticed the youngsters to follow him as he flew around the nest and they followed, hollering for the fish. Eventually all three disappeared by the creek.

07/20/2017 by jmac
Both chicks may have left the nest for good. I did see one in a tree along the creek, hollering for food ( I assume)

07/15/2017 by jmac
visited the nest after work, 7pm. Both parents and both chicks were at the nest. The chicks would fly around the nest and come back to it while the parents watched. Then another male Osprey showed up and created havoc. He tried to land on ( copulate?) with one of the fledglings. The other fledgling flew into the nest with one of the adults. The other adult just flapped his wings and called wildly. The attacker flew around the nest and disturbed the family for quite a while. Then he left and returned wiht another Osprey and they flew around the nest creating anxiety for five minutes or so and then they left. One of the fledglings flew around the nest and then went into it with the other before dark.

07/11/2017 by jmac
had some drama with this nest tonight. a worker was way to close to the nest on the cell tower. I threatened to call the police, he came down. That is the very short version of the happenings. After a while the pair calmed down and came back to the nest. Eventually the male went fishing and brought back a fish to the nest. this is the first time I could clearly see two fledglings.

07/06/2017 by jmac
The chick was clearly visible today, practice flying, hovering over the nest. Should fledge soon.

07/05/2017 by jmac
Male and female next to nest, some movement in the nest but I still can't tell if it's more than one chick

06/26/2017 by jmac
Can see one chick in the nest, but it is so high it's hard to tell if that's all. Later I will try to get the scope out there

06/15/2017 by jmac
could clearly see one chick head, possibly two

06/13/2017 by jmac
Observed the birds for a while. It is very hot here today (97F) and the female was shading the chick/chicks while the male was perched nearby. After a while he left, probably to get some food

06/03/2017 by jmac
I haven't seen the male around much and was starting to think that he may be absent when after a half hour he showed up with a fish. He left it in the nest and then took off. He didn't return while I was there

05/29/2017 by jmac
watched the male bring a fish to the nest and after fifteen minutes take it back, eat some, and then bring it back. At one point he seemed to be helping feed the young. then he brought a stick to the nest which was apparently rejected and thrown out of the nest.

05/23/2017 by jmac
spent a good 45 minutes during the day observeing the nest. it is very high and impossible to know exactly what is happening, but from the pairs actions ( bringing food, appearing to feed young) I think it is safe to say that chick/chicks have hatched

05/10/2017 by jmac
female incubating and male being very attentive

04/14/2017 by jmac
male brought a fish up to the nest, let the female eat, then took what was left. female got up off the nest for a few minutes and got back on the nest.

04/11/2017 by jmac
Female sitting on nest for two days now, I would say that she has initiated incubation. Male perched nearby

04/05/2017 by jmac
Both working on the nest today. I don't think any eggs yet

03/26/2017 by jmac
Both birds arrived yesterday or today. already working on the nest

08/07/2016 by jmac
Have been observing the fledglings out flying with one of the adults. This morning while an adult and a fledgling were perched on the tower a Peregrine came in with a recent kill and the fledgling took off and the adult tried to chase it off the tower to no avail. Eventually the adult left and came back shortly with a fish and the two of them dined on the tower

08/03/2016 by jmac
The male had the two fledglings out for flying practice today. They were very vocal the whole time. photo of one of the youngsters attached.

07/28/2016 by jmac
Fledglings coming and going from the nest. One of the parents flying around them with a fish, but didn't give it to them while I was there. they were vocal about that

07/22/2016 by jmac
one chick and the male in the nest. The female and the fledged chick were no where to be seen. Probably down by the lake

07/17/2016 by jmac
checked on the nest this morning and the larger chick was perched on the tower with the male. The other chick is considerably smaller and was on the side of the nest with the female.

07/14/2016 by jmac
Watched the nest for more than a half hour today with the scope and could clearly see a second chick. Both chicks were at the edge of the nest, the mother bird on the opposite side and the male nearby. It is concievable that there is a third, but two for sure.

07/07/2016 by jmac
watched the nest for a while this morning with a 60x scope. the nest is so high, and so deep that it is difficult to see any birds but eventulally the male brought a fish and the female came to the edge of the nest and appeared to be feeding a chick. On the opposite side of the nest a large nestling came to the edge to releive himself at the same time that the female appeared to be feeding, so I think there is more than one nestling, but one for sure.

07/02/2016 by jmac
Observed for the first time in a week.Horrendous storms last night so I was concerned. But all seems well. the female was perched on the edge of the nest and the male brought a fish which she proceeded to feed to the chick/chicks

06/12/2016 by jmac
Observed the nest this morning with the help of a spotting scope lent to me by the Bergen County Audubon Society. While I couldn't see any little heads, I could clearly see the female tearing off pieces of fish and feeding the chicks. Can't say how many there are.

06/02/2016 by jmac
So far so good with this nest.

05/30/2016 by jmac
observed male bringing fish up to the nest and acting as if feeding a chick or chicks

05/27/2016 by jmac
Things seem fine, but no real sign of chick feeding yet. It should be soon

05/21/2016 by jmac
All is well with this nest as the male continues to bring fish up to the nest. I expect hatchlings next week

05/17/2016 by jmac
Watched the nest for a while today. The male brought a fish to the nest while I was there. I think it's a little too soon for young, so I guess he's being a good mate

04/20/2016 by jmac
an Osprey has consistently been on the nest for several days now. I would say they are incubating. The male brought a fish to the female the other day

04/17/2016 by jmac
Checked on the nest this morning and the female was eating a fish next to the nest. After a while the male, who had been sitting on the nest got up and perched below the nest and the female got on. I think they may be incubating. a couple hours later when I came by they were being harassed by another Osprey

04/16/2016 by jmac
This pair is actively building and copulating. Should be eggs soon.

04/06/2016 by jmac
The female is spending more time in the nest. Today the male brought her a fish. But she doesn't stay on the nest all day so if there are eggs, she's not incubating yet

03/27/2016 by jmac
Today is the first day I've seen this pair. Both birds working on the nest

08/14/2015 by jmac
Adult Ospreys are still around the nest most of the time, but so is an adult Peregrine Falcon that is usually perched right next to the nest. There has been a situation where a pair of Peregrines took over an Osprey nest near by, and this one may be thinking about it.

08/10/2015 by jmac
So just like last year, there is a lot of drama at this nest now. A pair has started two nest on the tower about 30 or 40 feet below the original. There are often 3 or 4 birds chasing each other around the tower. The fledgling is usually perched about a half mile away at an inaccessible part of the lake and I've seen him eating fish, so I guess all is well.

08/08/2015 by jmac
All three birds on the tower today. The male was eating a fish and the fledgling was begging for some, which was not forthcoming. Eventually the youngster left and the female followed. An adult peregrine falcon has moved in and can be seen perching under the nest for most of the last week.

08/02/2015 by jmac
Saw the fledgling eating a fish on a mud island at the head of the lake when a mature bald eagle came by and landed a short distance from the fledgling. The osprey freaked out, calling loudly and flying around in circles but not dropping the fish. Eventually landed in a tree. After 20 minutes of calling, a parent osprey showed up and harassed the eagle until it flew off.

07/30/2015 by jmac
A pair of Ospreys are building a nest on the cell tower, but much lower than the existing nest. The same thing happened last year. I can't tell if it's the same pair that just fledged a chick or a different pair. I'll attach a couple of pics

07/21/2015 by jmac
Empty nest today. Tomorrow I'll check around the lake to see if I spot the adults or fledgling.

07/19/2015 by jmac
It's hard to tell which is the chick at this point, but 3 Ospreys at the nest this morning, all three left for a while and then came back. Apparently the chick has fledged enough to leave the nest and return.

07/16/2015 by jmac
Fledgling still in the nest, strengthening his wings,

07/14/2015 by jmac
Female feeding the fledgling today still in the nest. The male was perched nearby. Thunderstorms predicted for the next 2 days, which always make me nervous.

07/11/2015 by jmac
Finally got a good picture of the fledgling (pic 8). I am fairly certain that there is only one. With the no storms forcast for the next five days, I'm feeling pretty good about his chances of fledging.

07/08/2015 by jmac
Finally got a decent pic of Jr. stretching his wings while mom looks on (pic #7). He is pretty big, but he is seven weeks old. A little concerned that I haven't seen the male in a while. Hopefully he has just been out fishing.

07/04/2015 by jmac
Tried to get a pic of the fledgling today, but no luck. I did see him/them flap his wings a couple of times but only for a sec. The male brought a big goldfish (golden carp?) to the nest while I was there. He brings these often. I'm not sure if it's because they are easy to spot in the lake or if he's hitting someone's koi pond. ( see pic #12). As usual he brought the fish to the nest and sits on the side until the female is done feeding herself and the chick and then he takes the fish to the stucture and eats his fill. He is a good dad.

06/29/2015 by jmac
Finally saw a fledgling today exercising his wings. First time that I actually saw a chick. The crows are becoming increasingly agressive probably because their own chicks are fledging. But they only seem to harass the female, who was quite aggressive herself today.

06/27/2015 by jmac
Still can't see the chicks, but I am sure they are there because the male continues to bring fish to the nest frequently. Both birds also continue to bring nesting material. Usually the female goes for that while the male perches next to the nest. Today she was attacked by a pair of fish crows that are nesting nearby and they were quited violent, pulling her wing feathers a couple of times. She headed back to the nest and when they followed her within a few feet of the nest she resorted to being offensive and nearly grabbed one of the crows. They quickly retreated.

06/15/2015 by jmac
I noticed an interesting observation with this pair: the male will bring a fish to the nest and the female will proceed to feed the chicks. Then right in the middle of it he will snatch the fish away and fly to a perch away from the nest and eat his fill. When he is done he will bring the fish back to the nest and once again she will feed the chicks. I guess he needs plenty of fuel to keep hunting, but he makes sure the chicks get some. Lots of thunderstorms in the forcast, keeping my fingers crossed.

06/11/2015 by jmac
Watched for a while today, got a pic of the male bringing a fish to the nest. You can see how huge this nest is which is why I probably wont see the chicks until they nearly fledged

06/08/2015 by jmac
Even though the chicks are three weeks old now, I see the female continues to want to add "stuff" to the nest. Today I saw her bring a long piece of plastic sheeting twice her lenth up to the nest and work it in. The male stands guard while she goes out shopping. Interesting.

06/07/2015 by jmac
Watched for a few minutes today. The female left the nest briefly to poop and stretch her wings a little while the male stood guard. When she didn't return right away he started to call loudly and left to go get her. Both returned a few minutes later and she got back in the nest and he back to his perch. I think things are good. The nest is so high and so deep I can't see the chicks.

06/04/2015 by jmac
Checked the nest out for a while this morning. The male did his usual thing: brought a fish up to the nest , perhaps to show the female. Then he flies to the structure and eats for a while and then brings it to the nest and she feeds the chicks. At one point she got off the nest, left, and then came back with a stick for the nest while the male kept guard. I haven't seen her in a long time because she has been on the nest and it is interesting how beat up she looks. I'll post a pic.

05/28/2015 by jmac
watched the parents feed chick/chicks today. The male would bring a fish to the nest, both would feed and then he would take what was left and feed himself. He would then bring what was left to the nest again. I can't really see what is going on in the nest because it is so high (at least 200 ft) and it is a very large, deep nest. I think the young will have to be quite large before I will be able to see them.

05/25/2015 by jmac
Watched the nest for a half hour at 6:20 pm. It was quite windy which has been the norm lately and when I got there the male was out hunting. In a few minutes he returned with a really small fish which he brought up to the nest and left it there. This is about the third or fourth time I have seen him return with a tiny fish. It has been one of the driest springs on record and I wonder if that has affected the fishing. After fifteen minutes or so he went hunting again and this time returned with a much bigger fish. That was a relief. He brought it to the nest, and after a few minutes one of them left the nest with the fish and perched near by to eat. Hopefully it brought the fish back up to the nest, but I didn't wait around.

05/18/2015 by jmac
Parked out by the nest after work today for about 45 minutes. I'm a little concerned because the one bird, probably the male, has been having trouble catching and holding on to fish. He may have a foot injury. But tonight he brought back a small fish and the two of them appeared to be feeding young. This is about 40 days since they started incubating, so that would make sense.

05/14/2015 by jmac
Both birds chased off a Red Tail while I was watching. No sign of chicks yet

05/10/2015 by jmac
Despite the fact that eggs are due to hatch any day now, there was nest building activity today. Perhaps they do this to reinforce the nest, even though this nest is quite sturdy.

05/04/2015 by jmac
Things are going well with this nest as far as I can tell. The male seems to spend more time than most on the nest, but I have noticed the female seems to favor the right foot so she may have an injury. Today when I got there she was perched on the cell tower and after about 15 minutes she flew up to the nest and they switched places.

04/29/2015 by jmac
Watched one of the birds hunt, apparently unsuccessful. At one point I wasn't sure there was a bird in the nest because I saw the second bird leave while the first was hunting.

04/27/2015 by jmac
So far so good with this nest. late yesterday watched the male bring his left over fish to the female in the nest and then went hunting again. Hope things work out better this year. The fish crows are rebuilding their nest on a light pole near by. They were a constant annoyance to the pair last year.

04/18/2015 by jmac
Checked in during late afternoon just in time to see the changing of the guard. One bird got off the nest to hunt, the other settled in. The hunting bird was back in less than 5 minutes with a Gizzard Shad. Amazing what efficent hunters they are!

04/16/2015 by jmac
Stopped by the nest a couple of times before work and the male was no where to be seen, even though a trio of fish crows were harassing the incubating female. She got off the nest several times to chase them. After work I took another look and saw the female return from where ever and relieve the male who was on the nest. I guess everything is OK

04/09/2015 by jmac
Stopped by for a few minutes today just in time to see an immature bald eagle take a swipe at the incubating adult osprey in the nest. The male bird violently attacked the eagle chasing it away, at least for now.

04/08/2015 by jmac
Despite all the drama, the one or both of the pair has been low on the nest as if incubating, so I will say they have an egg/eggs. I did see another pair carrying nesting material about a half of a mile a way in a very developed area, but I haven't been able to find the nest.

04/06/2015 by jmac
Drama just like last year; a second pair is trying to get the nest. The original female has been on the nest the last couple of days and the male brings fish and nesting material. I guess this fighting over prime nesting sites is common, because this was the case all of last year. So far the origial pair seems to be fending off intruders.

04/03/2015 by jmac
There were workers on the cell tower yesterday, but the birds stayed on or around the nest while they worked. Later towards evening one bird perched on the side of the nest until the other brought and shared a fish. Then one bird got down on the nest.

03/30/2015 by jmac
The birds were in the nest today

03/29/2015 by jmac
Just the female was on the tower today while the male hunted. I was able to get a pretty good picture of him returning with a shad, but noticed a bloody spot on his left side and another one on his left wing. I wonder if it was from the battles for the nest yesterday. (see the pic )

03/28/2015 by jmac
Drama already. 2 pair vying for the nest today. Lots of anxiety and calling

03/23/2015 by jmac
First day the pair is observed at the nest. Really cold; 23 F.

09/05/2014 by jmac
Well I haven't seen the pair in a week or more, so I guess they have begun their trip south. The last 2 times I saw the male he was alone and calling loudly. I suppose he was looking for his mate who must have left. I learned an awful lot about these birds this last season: They attend to a nest even after brood failure; fish theft is common from outsiders; there is serious often violent competiton for prime nests and it is neccessary to protect the nest from "human" preditors that may work for the cell phone tower companies and see these birds as a problem. Hopefully the nest won't be taken down over the winter and we'll get another chance for a successful nest.

08/27/2014 by Ben Wurst
Updated the nest name to reflect our names in our database.

08/21/2014 by jmac
The pair seems to be around the nest less lately, but today they were both there. The female was sitting next to the nest (pic #14) and the male was below her on the structure, eating a shad.

08/12/2014 by jmac
two other osprey at the tower today, one eating and one flying around. The resident female was freaking out, calling a loud distress call the whole time I was there, but the resident male who was next to her didn't seem to care. Neither visitor went near the nest.

08/08/2014 by jmac
The pair is still at the nest daily, even though there doesn't seem to be any brood rearing in the nest it self. Today both were eating fish on the tower below the nest; the female had a shade and the male a nice sized goldfish

08/04/2014 by jmac
The pair is still around the nest every day, sometimes in it, sometimes on the structure just below it. They continue to add sticks to both the big original nest as well as the little nest below it. The smaller nest keeps getting blown down and they keep rebuilding it. I noticed they have added some grass to it and the male was actually sitting in it yesterday. Go figure.

07/27/2014 by jmac
Things back to normal. The female caught a shad as big as her (picture 10) and the maurading female tried to steal it. The male was still chasing her when I left.

07/26/2014 by jmac
so some workmen came to do construction on the cell phone tower. they were aware that there is an active Osprey nest there because I had spoken to a couple of them the day before when they came to scope out the job. I told them that I am with Osprey Watch and they are not to disturb the nest. They said they wouldn't. I took a couple of pictures and they got on their cell phones and shortly there after packed up their equiptment and left.

07/24/2014 by jmac
Noticed last week a second flimsy nest about 50 feet below the big nest ( pic#7). The pair continues to bring sticks to the big nest, but also this little one.

07/22/2014 by jmac
Big fight today with another pair. The female stayed in the nest and defended it and the male took to the air and attempted to chase the other pair away. The female of the attacking pair left quickly, but the other male was still trying to chase the female off the nest when I left after a half an hour

07/18/2014 by jmac
The pair has been in and around the nest everyday, bringing in material, eating shad and carp. But not incubating or feeding any chicks. But they are there every day, defending the nest from all other Ospreys.

07/13/2014 by jmac
The pair was beside the nest this morning when the female left and shorly brought back a fish which she put in the nest but returned next to the male and began to call loudly. That always means another osprey is around or the marauding crows. A few minutes later a female ( the rouge female?) showed up and the pair's female went to the nest and took the fish in the air to keep the thief from getting it. The male chased the marauder (picture #3) and she (the thief) continued to chase the other female with the fish. The thief has very beat up plumage ( pic #5). The pair's female went out of sight with the fish and the thief followed. The male went back to the nest.

07/11/2014 by jmac
Didn't see anybody at the nest this morning and then the male showed up with a fish that he brought to the nest. The female had been in the nest very low as in an incubation posture. Maybe ?

07/10/2014 by jmac
Pair of birds sitting side by side next to the nest , see picture #6

07/09/2014 by jmac
Watched the nest for a while this afternoom. The pair continues to bring sticks to the nest and continues to copulate. Maybe they will try another clutch.

07/07/2014 by jmac
haven't seen the third bird in a while, but the pair seems content just hanging around on the cell phone tower and building the nest. No sign of life in the nest.

07/04/2014 by jmac
So the pair is still aroung the nest when ever I go to check them out, but not usually on it unless they are adding material to it. I was hoping for the possibiliy of a second attempt at a brood, but it doesn't look that way.

06/21/2014 by jmac
all calm at the nest today. The pair was observed copulating and did quite a bit of nest building today. Not sure if it's still the original pair.

06/20/2014 by jmac
A forth bird at the nest tonight. There was some quite violent battles at the nest. Eventually one of the bird was driven off and the three others took turns chasing each other off the nest. I have no idea what they were doing. It would be a miracle if any chicks ever survive in this nest

06/19/2014 by jmac
Interesting observation this morning. The pair was at the nest, quite active. One bird was bringing in fresh nesting material and the other bird brought a shad to the nest. After a little while the third bird showed up and went right to the nest. After much wing flapping and calling, the third bird grabbed the fish and took off. The pair stayed at the nest for a few minutes and then the male took off in the direction of the thief. The female followed shortly afterwards. I stayed another half hour and none returned. Perhaps this second female can't hunt for some reason and she is just hanging around all the time to get a free meal. At any rate she is causing much stress at this nest.

06/18/2014 by jmac
all three birds are still around the nest. today was the first time in days that I saw activity actually in the nest. The female was moving around in the nest and the male did bring her a fish. The second female just comes and goes. So the nest is still active in some unknown (to me) capacity

06/15/2014 by jmac
Not too optimistic about this nest right now. We had a bad electrical storm on Friday ( the 13th) and I checked on the nest on my way home from work. There was no sign of the birds and a technitian from the cell phone company was on the site. I spoke to him and he said a sensor had alerted them that there was a power surge. It could have been from a direct lightning strike. I checked on the nest a couple of times on Saturday and spoke to another technitian who concurred with the first and again saw no sign of the birds. I went to the nest again this morning and the male and female #1 were on the structure near the nest. At one point the male flew up and mounted the female but they didn't mate (I was directly under them with good binocs.) and then they both flew off. A fish crow that is nesting near by went up to the nest and took a piece of fish (?) to it's own nest unchallanged. I came back about an hour later and the crows were there again. Eventually the female came back and chased them, followed by the male and then they both flew off. The crows returned, although they never went directly into the nest.

06/13/2014 by jmac
So my "menage a trois" continues at the nest, but things do seem calmer now then they were. I see activity in the nest with the male and the original female which I am hoping means chicks and the second female is still often perched on the structure near the nest. As long as she doesn't attempt to get in the nest they tolerate her, but I still do see the male try to "shoo" her away off the structure, but she just doesn't want to leave. So now he gives up after just a couple of tries. Much less calling going on now as well.

06/10/2014 by jmac
I'm not really sure what is going on with my nest, but it is still active. I often see both parents off the nest and haven't seen them bring fish to it lately. Today they were both off eating fish on parts of the structure below the nest. Then the male flew off and quickly returned with new nesting material which he brougth to the nest and then stayed on the nest for the remainder of time that I was there, about 1/2 hour. The female flew up and was perched next to it.

06/10/2014 by jmac
Well I am finally figuring out what is going on with this nest. It appears that the rouge female that I mentioned before has become a fixture at the nest. I think when I thought I was seeing both parents away from the nest it is one parent and the other female. Tonight I stopped at the nest on my way home and the female of the pair, who I will call female #1 was eating a carp near the nest. The male was on the nest. I watched for quite a while when female #2 showed up causing much stress for #1. F #2 landed right next to the nest and the male ignored her for quite a while. After F#1 called loudly for several minutes, the male got off the nest and attempted to chase #2 with no luck. Then F#1 took her fish and went to the nest. The good thing is that she appeared to feed chick/chicks while the male was perched next to F#2. Then it got really interesting. The male went to the nest and took the carp and flew right in front of the rouge female, #2, and tried to lure her away with the fish. He tried several times, even hitting her head from above wiith the carp. She refused to budge. Eventually he gave up and landed on the structure with the fish and began to eat. All this time F#1 was on the nest and was moving around ( caring for chicks?). As it got dark, all three were at the nest: F#1 in the nest, F#2 next to it on the left, and the male under the nest on the structure. I can now differentiate between the two females. The rouge, #2 has a heavy necklace, the original female a light necklace and the male's chest is mostly white. I'm hoping all this drama doesn't doom the nest.

06/07/2014 by jmac
Observed the nest for more than an hour this morning. As usual, the female was off the nest and returned while I was there. Eventually the male got off the nest and the female went on. The male hung around for a half hour or so and then flew off to hunt. He was back in exactly 4 minutes with a fish which he brought to the nest. The female got off the nest and flew off. she didn't return for the rest of the time I was there (1/2 hour). It appears to me that the male is the more attentive parent. Maybe the female is new at this.

06/05/2014 by jmac
When I checked the nest this morning it was raining lightly and neither parent was on or near the nest which I thought odd considering the nesting crows near by. About 15 minutes later the female arrived and landed on the structure near the nest. Then the male came and mounted her and they mated. The male then went on the nest. A little while later the female went on the nest and the male left. He came back shortly with a fish, left it at the nest and left.

06/04/2014 by jmac
Today's drama was a pair of crows ( that are nesting near by and robbing the nests of some local orioles and other song birds) that decided to harass the pair at the nest. They circled several times with the male osprey at the side of the nest and the female in it. They seemed to ignore the crows until one nearly landed on the nest which was met with both osprey flapping their wings and protesting loudly. The crows flew off. I continue to see the birds bring fish to the nest. I would say there are chicks.

06/02/2014 by jmac
3 adult birds at the nest today, one bird in the nest and a male trying to keep a third bird off the nest. The third bird appeared to be a female and the male would chase it every time it landed on the nest. Eventually that bird was chased off all together. Not sure what was going on, but the one who appeared to be a female really wanted to be on the nest ( there already was an adult on the nest). I hope the origianl pair didn't get chased off.

05/31/2014 by jmac
The male is regularly bringing fish to the nest now and I am hopeful that it means a chick. Today after the male landed in the nest with a fish the female left with a bunch of small sticks and grass from the nest. House cleaning? That's the first time I observed that

05/30/2014 by jmac
For the first time I witnessed the male bring a shad to the nest. I was hoping that this could be a sign of a chick, but a few minutes later the female left the nest with the fish to feed on the steel structure. Even so, I've never seen him bring her a fish before. That has to be a good sign.

05/28/2014 by jmac
Drama at the nest this morning: around 8:30 am both birds appeared to be off the nest and one was calling loudly. Eventually one bird flew off but the other did not go on the nest. I checked the nest agian around noon and again one bird was perched near the nest calling loudly and another bird was flying around the nest. Then I noticed a third bird in the nest. The perched bird was flying around the third bird and the one in the nest was flapping it's wings until the third bird flew off. I noticed a third bird yesterday but it was very high above the nest. It seems this other bird wants this nest site.

05/27/2014 by jmac
Haven't seem the male in a couple of days, but did see the female get off the nest with a small fish and eat it. She sat near the nest on the tower for the 20 minutes that I observered but didn't get back on. I assume the male was incubating.

05/23/2014 by jmac
Stopped by the nest today in time to see the female return from a break and relieved the male who was on the nest. Also noted that the large piece of wood that was tossed out of the nest a while ago was missing from where it landed. I guess the male decided it really need to be up there after all.

05/22/2014 by jmac
although I haven't seen the male bring food to the nest yet, I did see him relieve her from her brooding duty. I did see the female reject a large piece of wood that the male worked so hard to gain elevation and bring to the nest. As soon as he left she tossed it over the side. I guess it didn't go with her color scheme.

05/19/2014 by jmac
Interesting observations at the nest today. The male was eating a large fish which appears to be a shad (see picture) . A Redtail Hawk harrassed him for a while which he loudly protested to, perhaps warning the female in the nest above. At that point he hid the fish in the steel structure and left, returning shortly with sticks for the nest. The female got up and they copulated. Not sure if this means she is still laying eggs.

05/18/2014 by jmac
I have been monitoring the nest quite a bit lately. The male is almost always near by but I haven't seen him bring any food to the nest yet. I did see the head of the female breifly yesterday. If there are eggs they should hatch soon. It has been more than 40 days since I first observerd birds at the nest site.

05/09/2014 by jmac
Watched a parent return to the nest quite wet. I guess it was out hunting.

05/04/2014 by jmac
Watched one bird bring sticks to the nest at 7:45 this morning. Only see one bird at a time, I'm not sure there is a pair

05/01/2014 by jmac
This is apparently the second year for this nest. I first noticed it on 3/30/14 with an adult bird beside it. Since then I have seen both parents near the nest but because it is so high up I haven't been able to tell what's going on up there. There may well be eggs.

04/29/2014 by jmac
Bergen County Audubon found this nest last year (2013) and this is apparently the second year. I am just starting to monitor it