(28.1466, -80.7326)
Utility Pole
This is a nest presently under construction on a utility pole. It is located outside of the property at 6055 Lake Washington Road, Melbourne, FL. We have put in a call to the local power company to have them erect another platform like they did at 5980 Lake Washington Road. 5-5-14: This nest is still on the power pole and I have not observed any osprey there. 5-12-14: No activity observed here and no help from the utility company to get nest off power pole. 6-1-14: Have obtained the phone number of a contact at the power company and will call them tomorrow to see about having the nest placed on a platform. Have not observed any activity there. 6-21-14: I had reported this nest to the utility company around the first of the month. They went to site and removed nest. It wasn't active. 11-04-14: No signs of a new nest being built in this area. Will keep a watch to see if the ospreys try to rebuild there..
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2014 - Skye
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