(39.8366, -74.1499)
Osprey Nest Platform
Nest is in the wetland area at the bend on Sunrise after you enter THE SANCTUARY. Female who nests here has a green aux band on her left leg (E/37) from NY. 1
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aAdult Arrival3/23/234/11/14
bEgg Laying
bIncubation Initiation5/2/14
cClutch Hatching6/18/14
eFirst Chick Fledging8/11/227/28/19
fChicks Last Observed8/18/239/13/22
xNest Failure
xReason For Nest Failureadult abandonment

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Activity reports

2014 Nest Activity Report by Ditzzeechick
Adult arrival04/11/2014Nestlings2
Nest OccupiedYesFledglings
Nest Active First chick fledging
Egg layingChicks last observed
Incubation initiation05/02/2014Nest failure
Clutch hatching06/18/2014Reason for nest failure
2018 Nest Activity Report by Pictaker
Adult arrivalNestlings3
Nest OccupiedYesFledglings
Nest Active First chick fledging
Egg layingChicks last observed
Incubation initiationNest failure
Clutch hatchingReason for nest failure
2019 Nest Activity Report by Pictaker
Adult arrivalNestlings3
Nest OccupiedYesFledglings3
Nest Active First chick fledging07/28/2019
Egg layingChicks last observed
Incubation initiationNest failure
Clutch hatchingReason for nest failure
2020 Nest Activity Report by Ben Wurst
Adult arrivalNestlings
Nest OccupiedYesFledglings
Nest Active First chick fledging
Egg layingChicks last observed
Incubation initiationNest failure
Clutch hatchingReason for nest failure
2020 Nest Activity Report by Pictaker
Adult arrivalNestlings
Nest OccupiedNoFledglings
Nest Active First chick fledging
Egg layingChicks last observed
Incubation initiationNest failure
Clutch hatchingReason for nest failureadult abandonment
2022 Nest Activity Report by Ben Wurst
Adult arrivalNestlings2
Nest OccupiedYesFledglings
Nest Active First chick fledging
Egg layingChicks last observed
Incubation initiationNest failure
Clutch hatchingReason for nest failure
2022 Nest Activity Report by Pictaker
Adult arrivalNestlings2
Nest OccupiedNoFledglings1
Nest Active First chick fledging08/11/2022
Egg layingChicks last observed
Incubation initiationNest failure
Clutch hatchingReason for nest failure
2022 Nest Activity Report by Sandy
Adult arrivalNestlings
Nest OccupiedNoFledglings1
Nest Active First chick fledging
Egg layingChicks last observed09/13/2022
Incubation initiationNest failure
Clutch hatchingReason for nest failure
2023 Nest Activity Report by Ditzzeechick
Adult arrival03/23/2023Nestlings
Nest OccupiedYesFledglings
Nest Active First chick fledging
Egg layingChicks last observed
Incubation initiationNest failure
Clutch hatchingReason for nest failure
2023 Nest Activity Report by Pictaker
Adult arrivalNestlings2
Nest OccupiedYesFledglings1
Nest Active First chick fledging
Egg layingChicks last observed08/18/2023
Incubation initiationNest failure
Clutch hatchingReason for nest failure

Photos of this nest

Nesting Diaries

07/31/2023 by Ditzzeechick
Trying to fly

07/19/2023 by Pictaker
ONe chick in nest, appears very healthy, 7 weeks or so old.

06/29/2023 by Pictaker
Only one chick in nest, I guess the Northeast winds last week grounded the adults and they couldnt feed the chicks

06/27/2023 by Ditzzeechick

06/09/2023 by Pictaker
Two chicks for momma, lets hope they both survive

05/09/2023 by Ditzzeechick
She's been laying low in the stand for a week now, every now and again she'll poke her head up.

04/14/2023 by Ditzzeechick
They were mating yesterday. Today, he has brought more plastic back to the stand. The stand if full of plastic and junk. No idea how they'll manage to lay eggs considering this stand is undersized to begin with. Guess we'll find out!

04/07/2023 by Ditzzeechick
They're both off the stand today. One on the perch to the side of the stand the other appears to be perched on a tall stiff stick on the other side of the stand. From my window I can see a large flat piece of material, almost looks like a flattened cardboard box on top of the nesting material. Who KNOWS what he has managed to confiscate to keep them from the nesting material underneath. At this point, I'd say there isn't any way they can lay eggs in that stand.

03/27/2023 by Pictaker
Both male and female there today, female is the same as last year,green new york band E/37, assuming its the same male because he just sat in the nest as she squawked at him...they did try to mate but I think she threw him off

03/23/2023 by Ditzzeechick
Two osprey on this stand this morning!

08/12/2022 by Pictaker
so we have a fledgling, young one was happily making short flights around the nest last night

08/11/2022 by Ditzzeechick
For the past week, normally twice a day, we have had 6 osprey flying over our house, morning and then around 4pm. Two of them fly northwest when they leave the other 4 are from this stand and the next stand at Game Farm Road. They make a heck of a racket so we are able to watch and count them for up to 20 minutes at a time.

07/05/2022 by Ditzzeechick
Last night was absolute torture in the Sanctuary, thankfully the cops showed up to shut it down at 10pm but for over an hour the manical newbies shot off major FW right over the stands where the 4 adults have nestlings. The male disappeared last night but finally returned around 7am this morning and has bringing fish all morning.

07/03/2022 by Pictaker
Nest is down to one chick, I dont know what happened to the other one, trash is becoming a problem ,once again

06/29/2022 by Ditzzeechick
No idea where the male has been disappearing too but he has been there and is bringing fish and sometimes trash which is thankfully getting caught on the newly installed perch. She's been feeding chicks, thus far I've only seen one head but I hope there other chick is too low for me to see. I was worried they wouldn't produce but they have, as has the Game Farm stand. Can't tell how many are there from this distance, maybe in a couple of weeks

06/20/2022 by Pictaker
So,after all the worrying, we have twins.... an amazing accomplishment for her. Lets hope they make it

05/30/2022 by Pictaker
Female has been on nest for two days without the male, I am afraid he has had an accident or otherwise cant get back, she flew off to find a fish and was gone for over an hour,leaving the eggs that long leaves little hope of a hatching. I will keep an eye on it but Im afraid it will be a failed nest.

05/25/2022 by Pictaker
Mom on nest, she is banded E/37,green band, a New york bird,banded in 2019 in Jamaica bay.I believe she was the female in the nest to the south,last year. Dad brought a fish back and ate most of it before tossing her the tail.

05/25/2022 by Ben Wurst
Rich reported that observations that indicate that this nest failed to produce young this year.

05/09/2022 by Sandy
Mom appears to be incubating. Male on perch.

05/08/2022 by Sandy
Nest survived high wind storms this weekend. We could see one bird in the nest. Appears to be incubating posture.

05/01/2022 by Sandy
Mom on nest and dad on perch today!

04/22/2022 by Sandy
Two adults on the nest this afternoon!

03/24/2022 by Ditzzeechick
Two Osprey on the stand this morning so I'll assume for now that the female has returned.

03/22/2022 by Ditzzeechick
I'm assuming the one Osprey that returned is the male, she normally is days behind him. He's on the stand which is loaded with trash. Will their nearby neighbors at the game farm stand attempt to take over this nest bed?

03/22/2022 by Ditzzeechick
He's bringing more trash to the nest bed which is already overflowing. Hope they're able to manage this as the bed is already undersized and FULL

03/19/2022 by Ditzzeechick
Osprey is on the stand.

08/09/2021 by Ditzzeechick
The perch you installed just off the stand has been brilliant, they flapped their wings for 2 days and then realized Dad was eating fish on the perch and both took off to join him. Then they had to chase him back to the stand because they left him no room on the perch! Both are flying, awkwardly at times but have begun fishing, awkwardly.

06/13/2021 by Ditzzeechick
2 head sticking up outta the stand

05/13/2021 by Ditzzeechick
She's been low in the stand for over 2 weeks now. Most of the plastic has blown away. Let's hope they are more successful than last year.

04/23/2021 by Ditzzeechick
They have a lovely large black plastic trash bag or large piece of landscaping cloth on the top the stand towards the Sunrise Blvd side of the stand. She's been rather low and this morning they are up against one another as low as they can get. He has been making frequent use of the perch you installed. The wind is killer here again today.

04/23/2021 by Ditzzeechick
Pictaker, I'm glad you can see the bands I can't tell one from the other but we did return home few days ago with 3 osprey perched on top of phone poles and one in the stand. The two osprey at Game Farm Road keep disappearing so not certain what birds belong where at this point. Fingers crossed the stand provides offspring this year!

04/07/2021 by Pictaker
so went back today, new female on nest,he is trying to woo her,we will see if she sticks around, three strikes and he is out..

04/06/2021 by Pictaker
Male on nest,NO sign of a female, spent three hours watching and nothing showed up, male had half a fish in his talons the whole time. I am afraid the new female either pushed out the old one and moved on or they had a fight and both are unable to return.There is still time for him to find a mate so I dont want to label this failed just yet, hopefully something will happen in the next few days..

04/04/2021 by Pictaker
Dont know whats goin on, male was on nest and new female showed up,she is double banded, did not see the other female.

03/30/2021 by Ditzzeechick
First addtions to the stand.....plastic bags, flying in the wind..

03/29/2021 by Pictaker
Both Mom and Dad present,he brought her a fish,some mating goin on already, getting busy fast.

03/28/2021 by Ditzzeechick
Osprey on the stand, eating a fish in the wind this morning.

03/28/2021 by Ditzzeechick
They are both there now! It appears she's spreading nesting material around and he just landed on the side of the stand with a fish.

03/16/2021 by Ditzzeechick
Thank you, BEN!!

03/03/2021 by Ditzzeechick
This stand is now at a precarious angle

02/22/2021 by Ditzzeechick
Four juvenile eagles have been hanging around, this morning this guy seemed in no hurry to fly away. He finally did after 30 minutes and is now sitting on the stand at Garm Farm Road in Forked River.

01/20/2021 by Ditzzeechick

06/24/2020 by Ditzzeechick
Thanks for the education yesterday, Pictaker, this just sucks. They have been productive so all we can do now is hope for another shot next spring.

06/19/2020 by Pictaker
I think they are not goin to have hatchlings this year, I have witnessed no feedings at all and she seems to want to leave. I am assuming the eggs arent viable now,been over 6 weeks and they should have hatched already,not goin to call it yet but I think we have a failed nest : (

06/08/2020 by Ditzzeechick
I think from her movements we have hatchlings. Can't tell how many yet Pictaker, you have better luck than I counting the newbies. Let us know if you see anything!

05/22/2020 by Ditzzeechick
She's been laying low for a couple of weeks now. These two are pros. You can't tell she's in the stand. There was a 3 osprey stand off this past week, I"m seeing an osprey that is coming from the north to sunrise beach. I suspect maybe he is from the stand that Ben pointed out was built near a home

05/10/2020 by Ditzzeechick
The wind, rain & cold have been tough but these two seem to have it down to a science. He stays on the ground just off the stand. We saw him take her place a few days ago. She flew around for a few, came back sat on the perch on the stand for a few and then they swapped places. They do endure this mad weather very well, I'm on the 3rd floor looking down the street or I wouldn't be able to see her.

04/23/2020 by Ditzzeechick
They're hanging in there, he has brought something large and rectangular to the stand, no clue what it is.

04/21/2020 by Ditzzeechick
This stand is no longer listing but is leaning. She is up towards the one side staying very low, at this point I'd say she has eggs as she hasn't been on either perch for 2 days. He is about 15 ft away on the ground. Mad, wicked wind here today

04/14/2020 by Ditzzeechick
Stand is listing towards Sunrise now. Pair appear to be in good shape

04/14/2020 by Ditzzeechick
Stand is listing towards Sunrise now. Pair appear to be in good shape

03/28/2020 by Ditzzeechick
Eagles buzzed by, Peregrine falcon landed on the street light in front of our house last night but all have disappeared. We had 3 red tail hawks, one is still haunting the hood but they tend to disappear once the osprey return.

03/27/2020 by Pictaker
Both of them there now, nest building and copulation seems to be the order of the day

03/19/2020 by Ditzzeechick
Osprey is on the stand as of NOW

01/31/2020 by Ditzzeechick
Any chance we can get this stand cleaned out prior to the return of the osprey? From the ground it appears to have plenty of trash/plastic in it. Thank you!

09/18/2019 by Ditzzeechick
They've all flown the coop....until next years, fingers crossed they make it back!

09/15/2019 by Ditzzeechick
We still have two of the young 'uns hanging about but they return to the stand infrequently. Perching on the Wildlife signs posted in the wetlands.

09/03/2019 by Ditzzeechick
I think Dad has headed south. Didn't get to watch as many nests as we usually do because of a broken ankle. Happy the two stands closest to us saw an additional 5 fledges added to the population.

07/28/2019 by Pictaker
WE have liftoff,two of the three have fledged. Hoping the last one isnt far behind

07/28/2019 by Ditzzeechick
They are all flying now! Parents are sitting just far enough away to keep an eye on them. They are awkward but seem to be enjoying it....

07/22/2019 by Ditzzeechick
They were all standing up on the side of the stand AFTER I left this morning. They survived the latest heat wave, hopefully they are able to withstand the upcoming storms.

07/20/2019 by Ditzzeechick
Today was a monster. We had freakish very heavy downpours for about an hour. When I picked up the binoculars and looked down Sunrise toward the stand, ALL 3 of them were up sitting on the side of the stand taking turns spreading their wings. I'm sure the rain had to be a thankful break from the sun roasting them all day.

07/18/2019 by Ditzzeechick
YES! Pictaker confirmed what we thought and were able to see, 3! They are all beginning to take turns lifting their wings. Dad stays nearby while Mom moves to outer perch.

07/11/2019 by Pictaker
Mom and dad on nest with triplets, they seem to be past sibling rivalry so hoping we get three to fledge.

06/25/2019 by Ditzzeechick
She flew away to bring DRIFTWOOD???? back to the stand and lo & behold THREE heads popped up flapping their wings. There are 3 and from what I could see they all appear to be about the same size

06/14/2019 by Ditzzeechick
I spied TWO heads today....

05/31/2019 by Ditzzeechick
They definitely are feeding chicks...just can't tell how many yet. The way they are moving, I'd say two....more to come. Maybe somebody with better eyes will post if they can tell! :)

05/28/2019 by Ditzzeechick
She's still low and rarely arises to stretch her wings. Haven't seen little heads yet, but that doesn't mean anything, they have a nicely padded nest in the stand and we have old eyes!

04/28/2019 by Ditzzeechick
Male has freed himself of the bag. She has been very very low for the past 3 days and didn't pop up yesterday after he disappeared with the bag around his legs, thankfully he was back this morning and we could see her eating but just barely. One bag and it appears a rigid piece of a crab pot are still attached to their stand.

04/27/2019 by Ditzzeechick
The male is flying madly around this morning with a plastic bag wrapped around his legs. There is so much trash in their stand. He's struggling badly.

04/24/2019 by Ditzzeechick
One plastic bag blew out but it appears he put it put it back yesterday. Today both eagles were sitting side by side at the edge of the wetlands in front of our house. When they took flight, the male osprey from this stand dive bombed them for about 5 minutes driving them out over the bay. These two currently nest on the ForkedRiver as you head west towards the Capts Inn. These 2 normally avoid the wetlands until fall, we'll see how it plays out this year. As of today the female is not staying in the nest so I'm assuming no eggs yet.

04/19/2019 by Ditzzeechick
They have added to the nest in the stand including some plastic bags flapping on top of the nest. It appears they also have added a rigid piece of a crab pot hanging down one side. Yep, they are cleaning up the wetlands on Barnegat Bay

03/29/2019 by Ditzzeechick
She's back and he is fishing! Let's hope he doesn't get any bags wrapped around his neck this year.

03/28/2019 by Ditzzeechick
He's back........lets see if she returns....

03/19/2019 by Ditzzeechick
Nothing yet............

09/13/2018 by Ditzzeechick
they left about 2 weeks ago, today, there is an osprey on the stand

08/02/2018 by Pictaker
watched fledgling take fish from mom and fly away to eat on ground

07/22/2018 by Ditzzeechick
All is well, JR was on side of nest stretching his wings this morning. Seagulls were busy killing clapper rails....uggghhhh....

07/21/2018 by Ditzzeechick
All three were on stand this morning, for past 3 hours the stand is empty, doesn't appear the chick is in the stand either yet it wasn't able to fly as of yesterday. Adult sitting on posts, can't make out if chick is in nest.

06/25/2018 by Pictaker
And then there was one, looks like the biggest chick has either pushed out or killed the other two, survival of the fittest I guess...

06/13/2018 by Pictaker
Mom feeding the triplets with fish Dad brought back, all three seem healthy,hopefully sibling rivalry wont be as fierce as last year(will post pic)

06/12/2018 by Ditzzeechick
TWO heads popped up today. Dad is still feathering the nest brought back big sticks. He also as some point festooned the stand with a hanging bag of doggie doo.........

06/08/2018 by Pictaker
Triplets again this year!! Hopefully all three will survive,unlike last year. have pic will post later

05/30/2018 by Ditzzeechick
Approximately 3 days ago she raised up out of the nest. Dad now sits next to her on the side of the stand ripping apart fish and they are obviously feeding a chick, no clue yet how many hatched, more to come...

04/25/2018 by Ditzzeechick
She has been lying very low in the nest for 2 days. Can barely see her head!

04/01/2018 by Ditzzeechick
he has bag around his wing!

04/01/2018 by Ditzzeechick
Plastic bag either around wing or neck...

03/30/2018 by Ditzzeechick

03/30/2018 by Ditzzeechick
One returnee on the stand today. Think we saw him/her fishing out front yesterday but never on the stand. Fingers crossed the mate shows up soon.

03/30/2018 by Ditzzeechick
BINGO!!!! We have a pair! She's tearing at the nest in the stand and he just went fishing. I'm so glad to see this pair again!

07/27/2017 by Ditzzeechick
Junior is laying in nest lifting one wing at a time. Mom & Dad spend lots of time on the perches allowing the young one to walk around the edge of the stand haven't seen him flapping both wings in an attempt to lift off...YET.

07/14/2017 by Pictaker
Posted phote from a month ago with triplets in nest,two have been lost to predators or sibling rivalry

07/14/2017 by Pictaker
Posted Photo from the 7/12/17 of Mom bringing in dinner

07/13/2017 by Ditzzeechick
ONLY ONE CHICK appearing now...I think the other chick disappeared/died approx 10 days back.

07/08/2017 by Ditzzeechick
Parents are hanging off on the perches & sides of the stand as these two chicks are growing rapidly.

06/20/2017 by Ditzzeechick
TWO! We have two in this one!

06/01/2017 by Ditzzeechick
At least ONE chick hatched in this stand in the past 3 days. More to come!

04/24/2017 by Ditzzeechick
As of today, she appears to be staying low in the nest.No perch, no side of stand.

04/09/2017 by Ditzzeechick
4/8/17 they were on the perch mating yesterday evening. Fingers crossed!

03/30/2017 by Ditzzeechick
Both birds are cleaning, filling & eating like mad. They've fought off the Eagles & Blackbirds without too much effort. I swear they recognized me this morning when I was grabbing some pictures. Game Farm stand is still empty :(

03/29/2017 by Ditzzeechick
They're BACK!

09/11/2016 by Ditzzeechick
Two males have been around for the past month, one departed last week the day after the storm and the last one hasn't been seen now for 24 hours.

08/18/2016 by Ditzzeechick
The fledge has been getting fishing lessons which have been really interesting to watch. Dad stays nearby and then flies along with him as he wonkily heads back to the stand with his catch. All 3 are on the stand this morning.

08/09/2016 by Ditzzeechick
Lift off occurred and within 24 hours he was flying around, not very well but this guy has been faster than the previous fledges taking off and staying off the nest. Both parents are still around but one of them tends to disappear for almost the entire day each day (Mom?)

07/28/2016 by Ditzzeechick
Parents have been making lots of room for the young un to flap those wings, he hasn't lifted off yet.

07/20/2016 by Ditzzeechick
Banded by Ben with #55G band, this guy is ready to fly!

06/22/2016 by Ditzzeechick
One small head is not appearing regularly. Mom & Dad are feeding him non stop!

06/01/2016 by Ditzzeechick
Appears Dad arrived with a fish and mom arose to feed, we think there are two chicks, definitely ONE chick but maybe two. we'll get back to you!

05/14/2016 by Ditzzeechick
Hopefully I'll grab some shots this week but they have continued to feather the nest but mom hasn't been out of the stand in over a week. Dad shows up regularly with fish & spends time sitting within 10 feet of the stand on the ground. I've seen them switch places in the nest so mom can spread her wings.

04/21/2016 by Ditzzeechick
They spent last week mating and as of today, she's not left the nest for two days. She's sitting low in the bowl, just her head is peeking out. Dad is sitting on the ground about 10 feet away, it's extremly windy today

04/02/2016 by Ditzzeechick
Adding nest material, appeared to be mating this morning.

03/31/2016 by Ditzzeechick
Ben & his compatriots from Lacey Middle School pulled the stand upright and added braces. The pair are making good use of the perches now that they don't have to worry about sliding off. Thanks, Ben!

03/30/2016 by Ditzzeechick
Two Osprey on the stand as of this morning.

03/27/2016 by Ditzzeechick
Happy Easter! Woke up this morning to find an Osprey perched on the side of the stand. While outside with the dogs he swooped down the lagoon. Will watch this week to see which of the 3 stands in the area he chooses.

03/26/2016 by Ditzzeechick's me...where are you guys?

07/23/2015 by Ditzzeechick
Ben was here today, removing trash and balls?! Said the lone chick appears to be 3 weeks old. Thanks, Ben!!

07/21/2015 by Ditzzeechick
Today the lone chick has raised up and has begun stretching those wings while clearly wobbling around in the nest. More to come soon!

07/08/2015 by Ditzzeechick
Saw one VERY small head pop up from the nest today. I figure these two laid their eggs at least 10-14 days behind the Osprey Cam pair. This nest produced two young last year. The one chick I did appear to my novice eyes to be very small. Mom was moving nest material around the nest while the chick kept raising up and stretching. Dad took off to find fish at this time.

06/17/2015 by Ditzzeechick
Mom is raising herself higher in the nest and both parents have been seen in the nest appearing to feed the young. At this time, it appears there are two small heads but it's still too early to tell. They appear to be doing well.

06/06/2015 by Ditzzeechick
Based on her posture in the stand I believe she's hatched her eggs. No idea how many at this point. More to come as they grow! The eagle has been around very sporadically but it's haunted by every bird in the wetlands. They always manage to chase him off. Hope he has plenty food in the Game Reserve where I believe he lives. Maybe that's why Nest# 3356 is never occupied by Osprey?

05/17/2015 by Ditzzeechick
Mom continues to lie low in the nest. A goodly amount of the trash they brought to the nest has blown away. Dad has many perches along the waters edge for fishing and spends a good part of his day flying back and forth to the nest with food for her. All is well thus far!

05/12/2015 by Ditzzeechick
All appears well. She's so low in the nest it's difficult to discern her presence some days. Dad if fishing up a storm and fighting off multiple birds for his fish. Today, we had a huge bald eagle in the wetlands. He grabbed a gull midair. Settled down to eat far from the Osprey stand but Dad O did do a flyby to let Baldy know he was being watched. Blackbirds terrorized Baldy until he finally departed. Still lots of junk swinging from the stand but for now it appears the worst is hanging below the stand.

05/03/2015 by Ditzzeechick
She remained low in the nest the majority of the day today. No clue how many eggs she might have, but the watch continues

05/02/2015 by Ditzzeechick
She's so low in the nest today you can't even tell she's in there. I'll venture a guess and make today her 1st day of incubation. She's no longer sitting on the perch and calling him for food. The wait begins!

05/01/2015 by Ditzzeechick
She's staying on the stand but not lying low in the nest yet. Most of the trash has blown off the stand. They have added more organic material to the nest as the sides appear to have a bit more height

04/26/2015 by Ditzzeechick
Some of the trash was dislodged by the wind. She's staying near the nest but not staying low yet. We'll see what this week brings.

04/21/2015 by Ditzzeechick
Even more trash added to the nest. I wish I had a magic wand to make it all disappear. There is all matter of trash blowing in the wind off of the stand/nest. It was very windy this afternoon, he attempted to mate, she wasn't having it!

04/20/2015 by Ditzzeechick
Appears they've collected more trash for their nest. Not much we can do about it. They were mating again yesterday, she's still leaving the nest so we're assuming no eggs yet. They arrived about 7-10 days after the Osprey Cam pair.

04/19/2015 by Ditzzeechick
Bunch of junk is hanging off the stand today, can't determine how much is still in the nest itself. Dad has been dropping sticks. Hope the fierce wind off the bay today carries a lot of the trash away.

04/18/2015 by Ditzzeechick
I don't think they have laid eggs yet, but this morning we noticed there appears to be a minnow trap and some plastic bags/jugs in the nest. I do not have the wherewithal to climb the stand and pull the junk out of the nest, they are staying near the stand but are not in the stand today :(

04/16/2015 by Ditzzeechick
Overnight they've added new nesting material. I've seen them mating one time in the past several days. Hoping to get out in the boat on Saturday to check this nest and the other two nearby stands.

04/01/2015 by Ditzzeechick
He's baaaaccccckk! He was on the stand this morning at 7:30am when I left the house. He's sitting on the perch this afternoon. Don't see his mate yet....So excited to see them return, fingers crossed the missus shows up soon!

04/01/2015 by Ditzzeechick
Appears Ospry # 2 is on the stand too! They made it...I'm assuming this is the pair from last year :)

09/14/2014 by Ditzzeechick
I have not seen them all day. It appears, they have flown away. We're going to miss them!

09/10/2014 by Ditzzeechick
Mom, Dad and the two kids are still hanging out on the stand and fishing on the edge of the wetlands. We're watching, anticipating but dreading their migration. It's been a blast watching them all summer. The entire neighborhood is going to miss them but with the stand in our neighborhood, we're hoping this will be a yearly event for us. I'll post when they finally depart for warmer climes.

08/01/2014 by Ditzzeechick
Appears the young'uns are attempting to take flight from the nest. They sit up on the sides and flap their wings, they appear to be able to use their wings to hop around at this point but not much else. Alot of wing flapping but no lift off yet!

07/16/2014 by Ditzzeechick
Checked on these two after hearing about a nestling falling or being washed out of its' nest after last nights foul weather. Both nestlings are up and about stretching their wings and looking for mom who appears to be sitting on the wildlife sign at the edge of the wetlands watching them.

07/15/2014 by Ditzzeechick
Was little frightened today when only one nestling appeared to be in the nest but after a 10 minute watch, what I thought was trash ended up being nestling #2 stretching it's wings in the lower portion of the nest. It popped it's funny head up and stretched it's wings while trying not to fall over. Appears all is good in Sunrise Beach nest!

07/12/2014 by Ditzzeechick
They are growing like weeds! They are more and more noticeable during daylight hours. Mom is almost always on the side of the nests and the chicks spend a lot of time attempting to stand and look out over the top of the nest.

07/09/2014 by Ditzzeechick
The two nestlings are moving around in the nest and sitting up higher in the nest with each passing day. You can see them stretching their wings thru out the day before Mom has them settle back down inside the nest. Dad is fishing like mad these days.

06/27/2014 by Ditzzeechick
Sat on my bike with my binoculars for 20 minutes and FINALLY, two small heads popped up looking around! I watched for a third but after 15 minutes I'll confirm 2 and update if that changes. Very exciting stuff here in our neighborhood!

06/25/2014 by Ditzzeechick
I was able to spot 2 small heads poking up at Mom for food this morning. This new stand was productive this year considering the wind was pretty vicious here this spring.

06/23/2014 by Ditzzeechick
Dad was sitting at the edge of the wetlands but still in sight of his stand today. The female was sitting on the side of the nest watching her nestlings. Still unable to determine how many she might have.

06/18/2014 by Ditzzeechick
This morning fish were being brought to and from the nest. Around lunch time it appears a small head was reaching upwards to Mom who was sitting up on the side of the nest. No idea how many have hatched but from their movements it appears at least ONE has hatched.

06/16/2014 by Ditzzeechick
We're paying closer attention but as of this morning she still seems to be very low in the nest with the male coming and going thru out the day. He's gone most of the afternoon though so I our best guess is that none of the eggs have hatched yet.

06/07/2014 by Ditzzeechick
She still seems low in the nest without too much movement. Don't think they've hatched yet, but it's gotta be soon! Best thing happened with the last rain storm, the plastic bag that was blown up on the far side finally blew away.

06/01/2014 by Ditzzeechick
No changes as of today. Dad is still showing up to allow Mom to stretch her wings. She's still lying low in the nest.

05/26/2014 by Ditzzeechick
The female is still lying low in the nest. The male is still bringing nest materials to the nest. There is no way for us to know how many eggs she may have but we'll keep a close eye on her movements over the next two weeks. The male is guarding their home, he appears to remain close to the nest circling the immediate area as deems necessary. Last week I did see him flying around the area with two other Osprey who seemed to have moved on as I haven't seen them in the past 7 days.

05/02/2014 by Ditzzeechick
It appears the female is lying low in the nest and not venturing out of the nest. The male has been standing outside on the perch. Her posture leads us to believe she is sitting upon eggs.

04/27/2014 by Ditzzeechick
Our friends at Lakeview Aerial flew over the next this morning and posted this pic to their FB page. Thank you, Lakeview!

04/19/2014 by Ditzzeechick
As of yesterday, it does appear the pair is building a next in this stand having vacated #3355.

04/11/2014 by Ditzzeechick
I have two stands rather close to one another. #3355 & #4808. As of yesterday, I believe I saw THREE osprey where two on 4808 attempted to run the third bird away. As of today at 3:15pm, I see one osprey sitting on each stand. Earlier today, the osprey perched on 4808 appeared to be calling for about 15 minutes before a second osprey approached and appeared to have fish in it's talons. He dropped some into the stand (4808) which fell to the ground, the calling osprey dropped down, grabbed whatever was dropped and they flew off together, it was obvious that the osprey that had flown in had a large fish in it's talons. I'll have to keep an eye on both stands over the next few days to determine if we have two nests being built or two osprey hogging up the local housing market!