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Nest is now gone and had not been used for a few years.
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aAdult Arrival3/25/223/13/202/28/163/8/153/2/14
bEgg Laying4/6/14
bIncubation Initiation4/6/14
cClutch Hatching6/1/14
eFirst Chick Fledging7/19/14
fChicks Last Observed9/1/14
xNest Failure
xReason For Nest Failureunknown reasonunknown reason

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Activity reports

2014 Nest Activity Report by francie
Adult arrival03/02/2014Nestlings3
Nest OccupiedYesFledglings2
Nest Active First chick fledging07/19/2014
Egg laying04/06/2014Chicks last observed09/01/2014
Incubation initiation04/06/2014Nest failure
Clutch hatching06/01/2014Reason for nest failure
2015 Nest Activity Report by francie
Adult arrival03/08/2015Nestlings
Nest OccupiedYesFledglings
Nest Active First chick fledging
Egg layingChicks last observed
Incubation initiationNest failure
Clutch hatchingReason for nest failure
2016 Nest Activity Report by francie
Adult arrival02/28/2016Nestlings
Nest OccupiedNoFledglings
Nest Active First chick fledging
Egg layingChicks last observed
Incubation initiationNest failure
Clutch hatchingReason for nest failureunknown reason
2020 Nest Activity Report by francie
Adult arrival03/13/2020Nestlings
Nest OccupiedNoFledglings
Nest Active First chick fledging
Egg layingChicks last observed
Incubation initiationNest failure
Clutch hatchingReason for nest failureunknown reason
2022 Nest Activity Report by francie
Adult arrival03/25/2022Nestlings
Nest OccupiedYesFledglings
Nest Active First chick fledging
Egg layingChicks last observed
Incubation initiationNest failure
Clutch hatchingReason for nest failure

Photos of this nest

Nesting Diaries

07/07/2022 by francie
One chick was hunkered down in the heat yesterday, 7/6/2022.

06/06/2022 by francie
One chick that I can see!! It's already growing quick!!

04/15/2022 by francie
Both osprey were in the nest today and then one flew off, over to a pole to eat. Hopefully, the other stayed on to incubate.

04/09/2022 by francie
This pair may already be incubating!

03/25/2022 by francie
Both ospreys have been seen separately and together at this nest for the last few days.

04/21/2020 by francie
Evidently, this pair has gone elsewhere. They started to rebuild on the light pole where they were last year, but with the many windy days we've had lately, it wasn't working. There are no signs of a nest for this pair at Williams Pond. There is still the other pair that build on the osprey platform here, however.

03/16/2020 by francie
Both ospreys are near the pole where the nest was last year. It will be interesting to see where they build this year.

03/02/2020 by francie
The pole the nest had been on was taken down last year, 2019. A pair of osprey built a nest on a light pole last year, possibly the same pair. The nest, as vicarious as it was placed, was successful with 3 chicks!

03/11/2018 by francie
So far, no activity. This is another nest that will be interesting to watch, as it was torn down (again) over the Winter, along with the light pole it was built on. If the pair returns, they will have rebuild from scratch in a new location.

06/03/2016 by francie
One bird came back to this nest on February 28, 2016. The second one was seen on March 8. There seemed to be incubation going on for awhile. However, the last 3 times we rode by, there were no birds anywhere around or in this nest. We're starting to believe something happened to any eggs that were laid. We have had a bad Spring with weather and there was also an eagle seen hanging around the area in late Winter. The second nest in this park seems to be fine, so far.

05/17/2015 by francie
This pair has been incubating for some time, not long after they arrived. There was quick nest fixing and mating.

03/16/2015 by francie
Today, the pair was sitting on one of the highest lighting fixtures in the ballpark where this nest and nest 2 is located.

03/16/2015 by francie
This pair has been back for about a week or so. Yesterday, 3/15/15, we saw one sitting on the nest and one was in a tree eating a large fish. The one on the nest swooped over to the one eating, got fussed at, and then went over to the nearby river and started hunting for food. It was still swooping back and forth over the river when we left.

03/08/2015 by francie
March 8. 2015 Been checking all of the nests from last season and today, this one because active! There is an adult pair sitting proudly on the nest!!

09/19/2014 by francie
We continued to check this nest for awhile. The last fledging to be seen was sitting quietly in a tree near the river on 9/1/2014.

08/15/2014 by francie
Our last 3 or 4 drives, through this park, showed no activity. No sounds, no calls, no diving near by....... We are still checking, as this is so close to the river that we're hoping they are still nearby.

08/02/2014 by francie
A lot of activity at this nest today. One parent was sitting on a nearby light pole and one chick was in the nest. We kept hearing Osprey calls, so we waited a bit and the other chick came flying in. Then, not long after, the other parent came in with a fish. The chicks were fighting over the fish, the parent (Dad?) left, and the chicks kept fussing at each other. Meanwhile, a chick flew into the nearby nest (#4755) and stayed for the rest of the time we were there. The chicks in this nest decided to fight over the fish and one chick grabbed it and flew into a nearby tree. Dad was also in another nearby tree. Mom was on the light pole and she decided she'd had enough of this sibling squabbling, so she flew off. When we left, the one chick was sitting in the nest, looking as though the whole world had turned against him and the other chick was in the tree feeding!

07/27/2014 by francie
These 2 chicks have grown and fledged in what seems like overnight!! They were hanging around in the nest on 7/5, but are now fledged. They are usually sitting nearby or one is nearby and one is still in the nest. They have had a few battles over food, as one comes in with a fish and the other chases it trying to take it away. I will really miss this pair of chicks when they leave. We rarely see the adults. Once in awhile, there are several ospreys flying around, from this nest and the other one in the park and several from across the river.....

07/05/2014 by francie
We didn't see any activity in this nest at first and started to worry, when we checked it yesterday. Then, someone flew in with food and the 2 chicks popped up out of nowhere. They have not fledged as yet, but they are growing. I have not seen any wing exercising either.

06/30/2014 by francie
Tonight, we saw Mama and one chick sitting up in the nest, watching some of the softball teams. Then we saw a wing behind Mama, so the 2 chicks are still with us. The 3rd one has not been seen in quite awhile.

06/21/2014 by francie
We have only been seeing the tops of 2 heads lately, so something may have happened to the 3rd chick. They have not been exercising their wings as yet, but they are behind the other chicks in the other nest in this park. I expect to see more action almost any day now.

06/15/2014 by francie
We could only see one chick, until we went around to check the other nest in this park. By that time, the male had brought in a fish and both parents were watching another pair from across the river, as they circled nearby. I hope nothing has happened to the third one.

06/03/2014 by francie
All 3 chicks can be seen in the photo I just uploaded.

06/01/2014 by francie
We have 3 chicks!! I am so excited for this pair because their nest was completely torn down by someone, right after they returned, they rebuilt big and strong, and now have 3 young ones!! We observed the father bringing in a fish and flying off. Mother then started ripping it apart to feed the 3. There already appears to be a strong, determined one, who was getting in the way of the other 2. There appears to already be a runt of the litter, also. It was holding back and not being the least bit assertive. I hope he learns to fight!!

05/26/2014 by francie
Both parents were in the nest again, for a bit, when we watched on Monday. Still no confirmation on chicks, but the parents are definitely more active within the nest.

05/24/2014 by francie
The male and female were in the nest part of the time we observed today. The male captured a fish, brought it in, then took it to a nearby tree to eat the head, and returned to the nest with the rest. There may be something else in the nest, but if so, it is still too small to be seen.

05/20/2014 by francie
Stopped over to check these 2 nests today. The female was sitting in her nest, but as I went around to check the other nest, she sat up higher on this nest. I got out and walked around some, under the nest, hoping to hear chirping, but did not hear anything. I didn't want to bother her for long, even though she has to have gotten used to the softball games going on in previous years! Sometimes, there are 4 or 5 games going on at once.

05/17/2014 by francie
There seems to be more movement in this nest, but it is still hard to tell. The female is still in the nest every time I've been here.

05/10/2014 by francie
We will need to check this nest again very soon. The female is sitting up more, both male and female were in the nest several times while we were there, he brought a fish over to the nest, and I could see the female rip a piece off. It looked to me as though she bent her head down as one would to feed the piece to a young one. We are hoping!!!

05/03/2014 by francie
Female is still sitting on nest, incubating. Male was in a tree nearby until a vulture flew over. He then chased the vulture off and we lost track of him. I'm assuming he went off to find dinner. This softball park was extremely busy when we checked this and the #2 nest, so we didn't stay long.

04/29/2014 by francie
Not much activity, other than the incubating osprey. I did not see the other osprey around, but I could not stay long.

04/24/2014 by francie
Female was in the nest tonight, male was nowhere to be seen. There was softball practice going on, so he may have been avoiding the noise!

04/21/2014 by francie
Female is in this nest every time we go by. If we stop and sit for awhile, the male will swoop right over top of us, almost defensively. He is usually perched nearby or swooping around the river, which is within a few steps. Yesterday, female's rear was in the air and she was busy with something, but the nest it too high to see if it was her meal or something else.

04/13/2014 by francie
Male osprey was busy circling today, when we went over to check this nest. There was someone walking a dog nearby, so I don't know if that upset him. Before we left, he landed on the nest with his partner.

04/12/2014 by francie
This nest is pretty quiet. Female seems to be incubating and male is always on the wing. We did see him come in once yesterday and take a spot on a utility pole nearby. There were little league games going on at the time.

04/06/2014 by francie
The female is now sitting on the nest regularly. Today, the male and female were flying around the nest area, which is right on the river. There is a high probability that there are eggs in this nest now.

03/31/2014 by francie
The pair seem to be doing fine here. Nest is built up quite well.

03/21/2014 by francie
The pair at this nest look to be here to stay. The nest has been built back up well and when we check on them, we usually see the osprey flying nearby. Today, there was one watching us from a nearby tree.

03/15/2014 by francie
Okay, I am back to watching the original nest platform because, even though this nest had been torn down, their is now a pair of Osprey rebuilding it!! They were both sitting in the nest today! I am so happy to see them rebuilding this nest!! I have photos, yet to be uploaded.

03/08/2014 by francie
Rode by the nest today and the one I was originally going to report on, which was built on a utility pole in the ball park, has been torn down. Someone has also placed a construction cone on the pole, to prevent a new nest from being built. There is another nest, built on an Osprey nest platform, in the ball park, that I will now watch instead. Currently, it is inactive.

03/05/2014 by francie
This was one of 2 very active nests last summer. They are both in the middle of a busy ballpark. The kids got a thrill out of watching the birds last summer, while playing ball.