Davis Creek Nest
(42.2595, -85.542)
Stationary Industrial Construction Crane
Active for at least two breeding seasons, this nest is prominently situated on top of the tallest inactive stationary industrial construction crane in the Southwest Michigan region.
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2013 - birder13
aAdult Arrival
bEgg Laying
bIncubation Initiation
cClutch Hatching
eFirst Chick Fledging
fChicks Last Observed9/8/13
xNest Failure
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Activity reports

2013 Nest Activity Report by birder13
Adult arrivalNestlings2
Nest OccupiedYesFledglings2
Nest Active First chick fledging
Egg layingChicks last observed09/08/2013
Incubation initiationNest failure
Clutch hatchingReason for nest failure

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Nesting Diaries

04/15/2017 by Quigwam
I observed an osprey fishing in the pond near Jasper St. After catching a good size fish the osprey flew toward the Bronson Hospital room I was in. I hope to go see if I can find its nest sometime later this week.

10/24/2013 by birder13
I established an Eastern Bluebird nestbox trail this year at the Davis Creek Industrial Business Park in co-ordination with the City of Kalamazoo's Brownfield Redevelopment Authority. This area is a former oil refinery, now an EPA-'remitigated' Superfund site, almost fully naturalized five years after cleanup ceased. Three man-made retaining ponds, which drain into the Davis Creek Watershed, dot the property. I first noticed the Ospreys hawking the ponds in the Spring of 2013, and then observed the male bringing large sticks to the top of the industrial concrete company's inactive, stationary tower crane which sits adjacent to the Davis Creek Business Park. The company and crane are directly across the street from Davis Creek site, where the birds could be watched with ease. The female was observed on the nest over the summer, with the male delivering her large orange goldfish on occasion. Later, two nestlings' heads were seen, but not before their loud cries were plainly heard across the fields where I regularly monitored nestboxes. By early Fall, the fledglings were to be seen making forays from the tower and returning to it, all the while vocalizing loudly. The nest is empty now, with the family having migrated south. After making initial contact with the concrete company's owner upon noting the nesting location, I was assured that they were aware of the bird's nesting presence from last season, and that the crane had been fully inactive for five years. In all probability, it is not to ever be active again, "the world's largest weathervane", as the president & CEO stated. Any returning breeding-age pairs have a high probability of potential success at this site- the many nearby retaining ponds and the Kalamazoo River providing ample errant 'goldfish' and other fish species - with the extremely tall and quite secure "re-purposed" platform being a uniquely protected nesting site for future breeding pairs of Osprey.