(39.8601, -74.1291)
Osprey Nest Platform
Laurel Harbor 2. 14-July-19: 1730 to 1800 hrs. 85º, Clear sky, light breeze. One adult flying low over bay near nest. One nestling perched on nest watching adult. Second adult perched utility pole 200 ft of nest with second nestling. Appears nestlings have or nearly have fledged. Male that nests here had red aux band (2022) 44/C (badly faded).
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Activity reports

2013 Nest Activity Report by Ben Wurst
Adult arrivalNestlings
Nest OccupiedNoFledglings2
Nest Active First chick fledging
Egg layingChicks last observed
Incubation initiationNest failure
Clutch hatchingReason for nest failure
2015 Nest Activity Report by ricardop
Adult arrival03/30/2015Nestlings
Nest OccupiedYesFledglings
Nest Active First chick fledging
Egg layingChicks last observed
Incubation initiationNest failure
Clutch hatchingReason for nest failure
2018 Nest Activity Report by Kate Manna
Adult arrival03/19/2018Nestlings
Nest OccupiedNoFledglings
Nest Active First chick fledging
Egg layingChicks last observed
Incubation initiationNest failure
Clutch hatchingReason for nest failure
2018 Nest Activity Report by Wildcat
Adult arrivalNestlings
Nest OccupiedNoFledglings
Nest Active First chick fledging
Egg layingChicks last observed
Incubation initiationNest failure
Clutch hatchingReason for nest failure
2017 Nest Activity Report by Wildcat
Adult arrival08/01/2019Nestlings
Nest OccupiedNoFledglings
Nest Active First chick fledging
Egg layingChicks last observed
Incubation initiationNest failure
Clutch hatchingReason for nest failure
2019 Nest Activity Report by Wildcat
Adult arrival07/03/2019Nestlings2
Nest OccupiedYesFledglings2
Nest Active First chick fledging07/14/2019
Egg laying05/25/2019Chicks last observed08/01/2019
Incubation initiation05/27/2019Nest failure
Clutch hatching06/04/2019Reason for nest failure
2020 Nest Activity Report by Pictaker
Adult arrival03/21/2020Nestlings
Nest OccupiedYesFledglings
Nest Active First chick fledging
Egg layingChicks last observed
Incubation initiationNest failure
Clutch hatchingReason for nest failure
2020 Nest Activity Report by Wildcat
Adult arrival03/21/2020Nestlings2
Nest OccupiedYesFledglings2
Nest Active First chick fledging07/20/2020
Egg laying04/15/2020Chicks last observed07/19/2020
Incubation initiation05/15/2020Nest failure
Clutch hatching06/01/2020Reason for nest failure
2021 Nest Activity Report by Wildcat
Adult arrival04/04/2021Nestlings1
Nest OccupiedYesFledglings
Nest Active First chick fledging
Egg laying04/02/2021Chicks last observed08/01/2021
Incubation initiation04/03/2021Nest failure
Clutch hatching06/01/2021Reason for nest failure
2022 Nest Activity Report by Wildcat
Adult arrival04/11/2022Nestlings2
Nest OccupiedYesFledglings2
Nest Active First chick fledging07/20/2022
Egg laying04/14/2022Chicks last observed07/28/2022
Incubation initiation04/14/2022Nest failure
Clutch hatching06/25/2022Reason for nest failure
2023 Nest Activity Report by Wildcat
Adult arrival03/22/2023Nestlings2
Nest OccupiedYesFledglings
Nest Active First chick fledging
Egg laying04/25/2023Chicks last observed
Incubation initiation04/25/2023Nest failure
Clutch hatching05/23/2023Reason for nest failure

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Nesting Diaries

07/18/2023 by Wildcat
16-July-2023, 1315 to 1415 hrs: Weather; Mostly cloudy (100%); Temperature, 78º; Wind, S at 13 mph; Humidity, 91%; Bay calm. Two nestlings and one adult all preening. Nestlings now fledglings. Adult flew off at 138 hrs and returned. First fledgling flew off nest at 1340 hrs and perched on top of near by utility 200 ft from nest. at 1343 hrs, left perch and returned to nest. Same bird left nest at 1348 hrs and circled the area around nest and perched on utility pole 200 ft N of nest along dead end road. Second Fledgling flew to same pole and perched at 1359 hrs. First fledgling left perch at and returned to nest. Number 2 fledgling harassed by Mockingbird at 1401 hrs. Number 1 fledgling rejoined # 2 on pole at 1404 hrs. Fledglings and adult remained in their respective location at conclusion of observation. Slight disturbance when two adults approached nest while walking along beach and continued past nest pole at 1358 hrs. Both Adult and fledgling vocalizing upon approach of individuals but stopped after they passed. The two nestlings most likely fledged within the week of 13 to 16 of July- 2023.

07/01/2023 by Wildcat
1230 to 1330 hrs: Weather, Clear and hazy; Temperature, 75º to 83º; Wind, S at 12 mph; Humidity, 49%, Light chop on bay. One adult and 2 nestlings. 1243 hrs, Adult began vocalizing as one nestling defecated out of nest and began flapping and spreading its wings for several minutes. Second Adult arrived at 1300 hrs with fish and left while first Adult began feeding nestlings as observation ended. Jet Ski and boat traffic light to moderate didn't seem to affect nest activity.

06/28/2023 by Wildcat
0815 to 0914 hrs: Weather; Overcast, fog and haze; Wind, West at 6 mph; Humidity, 88%; Bay calm. Adult perched on nest rim and two heads on nestlings visible. Adult left nest at 0828 hrs, swooped down along shore line near nest, then returned to nest. Adult vocalizing at 0849 hrs. One nestling up on rim at 0850 hrs then returned to nest at 0900 hrs. Adult left nest at 0910 and returned at 0911 hrs with a stick, weaving it into nest rim. Both nestlings up and flapping their wings and shifting about nest. No disturbance from boat traffic.

06/26/2023 by Wildcat
Time: 1400 to 1500 hrs. Weather: Hazy, 77º to 75º, Wind, South at 15 mph, Humidity, 79%, Light chop on bay. Two adults and two nestlings feeding. One adult flew off at 1410 hrs. Nestlings down in bowl at 1425 hrs. A nestling popped head up at 1442 hrs and began shifting about nest and defecated at 1448 before returning to nest bowl. No apparent disturbance from boat traffic.

06/20/2023 by Wildcat
0845 to 0930 hrs: Weather, Cloudy (100%) and overcast; Wind, E at 13 mph; Humidity, 89%, light chop on bay. One Adult with two (2) Nestlings. Adult briefly vocalizing at 0850 hrs while nestlings down in nest bowl. 0915 hrs, one nestling up and stretching its wings returned to nest bowl at 0919 hrs. Adult on nest began vocalizing again as second adult approached nest with fish. Both adults began feeding nestlings at 0926 hrs. Second adult left nest at 0930 hrs followed by adult that was attending nest. Neither adult appears to have leg bands but hard to see. Not sure if this is returning adults from previous years. English House Sparrows occupying under story of nest.

06/18/2023 by Wildcat
0900 to 1000 hrs: Weather, 61 to 71º, Humidity, 55%, Mostly cloudy with heavy haze, Wind W at 10 mph. Two adults and two nestlings (developing feathers) upon arrival. An adult left nest at 0907 hrs and returned at 0915 hrs with a clump of grass. A Third OS circled above nest at 0922 hrs and driven off by by adult carrying grass forcing #3 intruder to head north. One adult OS left nest at 0945 hrs and returned a few minutes later with fish and began feeding nestlings. Speeding Jet Skis at 0950 hrs caused adults to vocalize as they passed close to nest at high speed.

06/12/2023 by Wildcat
0915 to 1015 hrs: Weather; Overcast with haze; Temperature, 67 to 68º; Wind; South, 12 to 14 mph; Humidity, 87%; Light chop on bay. Adult and two (2) nestlings in nest. Nestlings down in nest bowl but appeared heads above rim between 0916 and 0919 hrs scanning the area. Adult occasionally preen itself. Both nestlings appear active and healthy. No apparent disturbance from the few watercraft in the area.

06/11/2023 by Wildcat
1015 to 1115 hrs: Weather; Clear and hazy; Wind, South 7 to 9 mph; Temperature, 71º to 72º; Humidity, 67%; Cloud and haze cover, 90%; Bay conditions, choppy. Active small craft and jet ski activity near platform. Adult at nest feeding two (2) nestlings. Nestlings have "pin" feathers. After feeding nestlings for 10 minutes, adult began feeding. At 1050 hrs, both nestlings visible above nest rim and scanning the bay area for several minutes. Adult began preening itself at 1105 hrs and moving around nest. Nestlings down in nest bowl. No unusual disturbance. Adult and nestlings didn't seem bothered by the watercraft traffic. NOTE: Replaced the "WARNING" Active Osprey Nest Ahead signs.

05/30/2023 by Wildcat
0915 to 1015 hrs: 61º to 62º; Hazy blue sky; Wind, E at 18 mph; humidity, 69%. Bay choppy Two (2) hours past High Tide. Female on nest flew off at 0926 hrs and returned with large stick which dropped off side of nest. Circled nest and returned with another stick at 0931. male arrived at 0934 hrs with fish. Nestlings visible. Both adults off nest at 0949 hrs then returned to nest. Male adjusting nesting material at 0957 hrs on nest rim. Female left nest at 1002 hrs heading south. Male on nest vocalizing as Female returned to nest adjusting sticks on nest rim. Male left nest at 1018 hrs.

05/28/2023 by Wildcat
1000 to 1100: 69º; Wind, E 5 to 6 mph; Humidity, 75%; Partly cloudy (25% cover): Both adults on nest with one adult preening. 1015 hrs, Adult (male?) left nest heading north. Adult in nest (Female?) began adjusting nesting material. At 1030 hrs, two (2) nestlings observed (maybe 1 week old, light gray heads). !040 Hrs. Adult in nest covering nestlings. Male returned at 1040 hrs with fish with adult feeding them. An unknown adult OS did a flyover at 1050 hrs with adult in nest vocalizing as it passed over. Male on nest left nest and circled nest area and returned.

05/26/2023 by Wildcat
1100 to 1200 hrs. 62º; Humidity, 53%; Wind, NNE 11 mph; Mostly sunny with light haze: Adult in nest preening and scanning the area. 1114 hrs, an adult OS flew over area nest heading W while OS on nest observed passing OS. At 1120, second Osprey (Male ?) arrived at nest with fish and # 1 began eating. # 1 flew off nest at 1133 hrs followed by # 2. A adult returned to nest at 1137 hrs, and began feeding again. Adult settled into nest bowl at at 1142 hrs as if incubating.

04/30/2023 by Wildcat
30-April-2023: 1300 to 1345 hrs: Temperature, 57º; Wind ESE 20 mph; Humidity 93%; light drizzle and fog with 100% cloud cover: Adult low in nest bowl with head slightly above nest rim occasionally scanning the area, and appears to be incubating. From reliable reports, incubation began on or about 25-April-2023.

04/09/2023 by Wildcat
9-April-2023: 1245 to 1330 hrs; 55º; Partly cloudy; Wind E at 12 mph; Humidity 58%: Very little activity with one adult perched on nest rim.

04/02/2023 by Wildcat
2-April-2023: 0900 to 0930 hrs; Temperature, 41º; Wind, NW 22 mph; Clear blue sky with 5% cloud cover: No activity at nest due to strong, blustery wind condition.

04/01/2023 by Wildcat
1-April-2023: 1300 to 1330 hrs; 59º; Humidity 91%; Wind SSW-19 mph; 100% Cloud cover; Very little activity but an adult on the nest and has been seen the past 10 day. Nest in fair condition.

07/30/2022 by Wildcat
0900 to 0930 hrs: TEMPERATURE, 76º TO 79º F; Wind, WNW at 13 mph; Humidity, 67%, Sunny with high, thin scattered clouds. Nest empty with no activity of flying Osprey. One OS was perched on Channel Marker #40, a few hundred east of nest in the bay. Unable to tell if a juvenile or adult.

07/28/2022 by Wildcat
1100 to 1200 hrs: Temperature, 84º to 86º F; Wind, WSW at 7 mph; Humidity, 71%; mostly cloudy and hazy: One nestling perched on nest and vocalizing. At 1113 hrs, 3 Osprey circling high above nest with one with fish headed NW and returned at 1135 hrs and vocalizing with OS on nest. One OS flew down and perched on nest (most likely 2 juveniles) and remained for several minutes then both flew off and joined the two "adults" (one with a fish) at 1137 hrs. They did not return to nest. My guess, the two nestlings most likely fledged sometime around 20-July-2022.

07/05/2022 by Wildcat
0830 hrs to 0930 hrs: Temperature, 74º to 77º F; Humidity, 75%; Wind, WSW, 7 to 9 mph; Partly cloudy with 50% coverage. Adult and two Nestlings visible upon arrival. 0859 hrs, Adult flew off low and heading E and returned at 0900 hrs with a short stick then flew off at 0901 hrs. At 0905 hrs, one Nestling began flapping wings, lifted up off nest then settled back on nest hopping about the nest for a few minutes. No Adults returned to nest and no unusual disturbances.

07/04/2022 by Wildcat
0900 hrs to 1000 hrs: Temperature Range, 71º to 75º F; M\Humidity, 75%; Wind, WSW 7 to 9 mph. Two Nestlings in nest as Adult arrived with a fish then flew off at 0903 hrs., circled, and returned to nest. 0915 hrs, Adult left nest and returned within a minute. Adult #2 arrived at 0937 hrs, with a fish. Adults and nestlings feeding. Adult left nest at 0945 hrs, did not return during remainder of observation. DISTURBANCE: A woman approached nest area within 50'. Adult began to vocalize and nestlings went down into nest bowl. I spoke to the woman but was unaware that she was too close. She complied and thanked me for the information about keeping distance from nesting Osprey.

07/03/2022 by Wildcat
1000 to 1100 hrs: Temperature, 75º F; Wind, N, 7 to 89 mph; Humidity, 87%; Cloud Cover, 100%. Rain at 1100 hrs. One adult, 1 nestling in nest as nestling grooming. 1025 hrs, nestling down into bowl. Both nestlings popped up at 1042 hrs momentarily then back into bowl. At 1100 hrs, a nestling up and looking over nest rim shifting head back and forth look over rim as rain began.

06/29/2022 by Wildcat
0830 to 0930 hrs: Temperature, 69º to 74º F; Wind, W 5 to 7 mph; Humidity, 77%; Cloud cover, 25%; Both adults on nest with 2 nestlings visible at 0849 hrs. Both Adults flew off nest at 0834 hrs, circled area than returned to nest. At 0834 hrs, one adult vocalizing while #2 flew off. Both adults back on nest 0848 hrs. One nestling poked its head above nest rim and defecated. Nestling #2 up and moving around at 0855 hrs. At 0904 one of the adults eating something and feeding one of the nestlings. 0915 hrs, an adult left nest while one of the nestlings was vigorously vocalizing. By 0915 hrs, both adults leaving and returning to nest with lost of vocalizing by adults and one nestling. Nestlings now fully feathered and flapping wing. Both about same size as adults.

06/27/2022 by Wildcat
1400 to 1430: Temperature, 80º F; Clouds, 100%; Humidity, 77%; Wind, S at 11 mph, heavy rain at 1425 hrs. Adult with one nestling visible and vocalizing. Second Adult arrived at 1410 hrs, Male, arrived and left two minutes later, circled and returned. Both nestlings, with one flapping and defecated, visible upon return of second adult. At 1417 hrs, both adult left nest as rain began. One adult returned at 1425 hrs as rain intensified.

06/16/2022 by Wildcat
1200 to 1300 hrs. Temperature range, 67º to 69º; Wind, S 13 to 14 mph; Humidity, 88%; Overcast, 100% cover. One adult at nest with 2 nestlings that were hidden from view at first. At 1204 hrs, second adult arrived with small fish and being harassed by Red-winged Blackbird upon landing on nest and driving adult from nest. Adult on the nest began feeding nestlings at 1207 hrs. A Red-winged Blackbird landed on the back of adult then flew off. Adult left nest at 1228 hrs, circled and returned to nest. Once again adult left nest at 1254 hrs and returned at 1256 with a stick and began weaving it into nest rim.

06/15/2022 by Wildcat
0630 hrs to 0730 hrs. Temperature range, 63 º to 64º. HUMIDITY, 87%, Wind, WNW AT 4 MPH. Mostly sunny with light haze. Both adults on nest with 2 nestlings being fed. Appeared male was doing the feeding. Red-winged Blackbirds began harassing adults at 0630 hrs and continued throughout observation. Feeding stopped at 0700 hrs and nestlings settled into nest bowl. Adult (male ?) left nest at 0706 hrs heading west. Second adult (Female ?) left nest at 0709 hrs with RWBB in pursuit and returned within 2 minutes.0716, adult returned with stick and began weaning it into nest while a nestling perched on rim and moved several sticks. Nestling returned to nest bowl at 0720 hrs.

06/14/2022 by Wildcat
1030 hrs to 1130 hrs. Temperature range, 66º to 68º. Wind, NE at 10 mph. Humidity, 78%. Mostly cloudy. One adult on nest grooming. Nestlings out of view. Nestlings up from bowl at 1044 hrs. Now in pin feathers. Two Red-winged Blackbirds harassing adult throughout observation as it vocalized. Both nestlings up again at 1119 hrs and moving about nest for several minutes.

06/13/2022 by Wildcat
0915 TO 1130 HRS. Temperature range, 66º to 68º F, Wind, NE 10 mph, Humidity, 78%, Mostly cloudy. Adult on nest, nestlings out of view.Red-winged Blackbirds harassing adult. 0925 hrs, Adult #2 attempted to land on nest while being harassed by RWBB but was able to land. (#2 has silver band on on Right leg). Adult #2 (male ?) flew off nest at 0930 hrs heading East toward IBSP. Number 1 (female ?) left nest and circled area and returned to nest at 0945 hrs. NOTE: Green vegetation growing on west edge of nest. Four children were playing along beach under nest causing adult to vocalize. Spoke to them and there mothers explaining regulations and posted new Active osprey Nest Ahead warning sighs. Mothers and children most happy to comply. They were very interest in the nesting project.

05/31/2022 by Wildcat
0830 to 0930 hrs. 78º to 82º F. Wind, W at 9 mph. Sky hazy. Humidity, 70%. Adult perched on nest rim, vocalizing and preening and stretching wings. 0847 hrs, one head of nestling popped up. Second adult (F)arrived at 0851 hrs with fish with (M) feeding nestling. Female left nest but returned at 0905 hrs and began shifting nest sticks at 0909 hrs. Female left nest at at 0915 hrs, flew to ground then flew off, heading W returning at 0922 hrs with stick. Both adults remained on nest at conclusion of observation. English House Sparrows nesting in under story of nest. No disturbance observed. Only one nestling observed being fed.

05/29/2022 by Wildcat
1030 to 1130 hrs; 68º to 71º F; Clear, Wind, N at 5 mph, Humidity, 68%. Adult (M) in nest preening. 1055 hrs, unknown adult flew over nest heading east and M in nest vocalizing. 1100 hrs, adult in nest shift in nest bowl adjusting nesting material. 1104 hrs, adult left nest, circled and returned a few minutes later with a stick. 1118 hrs, second adult (F) and both vocalizing. 1124 hrs, M left nest returning several minutes later with another stick arranging in nest. Two small nestling heads popped up then our of sight. No other activity or watercraft disturbance.

05/28/2022 by Wildcat
1315 to 1400 hrs, 76º F, Partly to mostly cloudy, Wind, W at 12 mph, Humidity, 66%, Rain at 1400 hrs. Adult in nest bowl. Quick look at two nestlings at 1325 hrs. Very young, maybe 3 to 5 days old. Adult on nest began vocalizing as 3 osprey circled above then headed east toward IBSP area. Adult up from nest bowl at 1330 hrs, and defecated, then back into nest bowl. No apparent disturbance from passing watercraft.

05/18/2022 by Wildcat
5/18/2022: 0700 to 0800. temperature range, 53º F to 56 F; Wind, WNW, 8 to 10 mph, Humidity, 74%; Clear, cloudless sky. Adult sitting low in nest. At 0715 hrs, second adult arrived and exchanged places with first adult and settled into nest. Original adult flew off, heading north. No additional activity when observation concluded. no disturbance from road of water traffic.

05/18/2022 by Wildcat
5/16/2022: 1300 to 1400 hrs. Temperature range, 69º F dropping to 65º F. Wind, S, 10 t0 12 mph. Humidity, 76%. Partly cloudy, 50% high and thin. Adult in nest incubating and grooming. Shifting in nest at 1340 hrs then settled into nest bowl. No disturbance from road or water traffic. Exact start of incubation to be determined.

04/22/2022 by Sandy
No osprey on the nest when we boated past this afternoon.

04/11/2022 by Wildcat
0900 hrs to 0930 hrs: Four osprey observed at location. Two perched on the nest, one perched on piling below nest eating a fish, and fourth flying over nest area headed north. One OS on nest flew off, circled and returned but left again at 0909 hrs. OS on piling flew to nest and perched with fish then left nest at 0915 hrs flying to channel marker 100 yds north of nest with fish. A pair of Osprey first appeared on or about 2-April-2022 at nest platform.

08/07/2021 by Wildcat
0930 to 1000 hrs. Scattered clouds and haze. 73º F. Wind, SSW at 6 mph. Adult Male & Female perched on nest rim feeding and re-arranging several sticks of nest material. Male flew off at 0944 hrs, heading north followed by adult Female at 0949 hrs. Still no sighting of nestling. Recent tornado in the area and a Bald Eagle circling the area recently might be a factor for missing nestling. Pure speculation on my part.

08/06/2021 by Wildcat
1645 to 1715 hrs. Clear, 82º F, Humidity, 58%, Wind, SSE at 15 mph. Male and Female adults perched on nest rim but no nestling. 1450 hrs, Male & Female left nest and perched on utility pole 125 ft west of nest. Remained on perch as observation ended. Unknown if nestling fledged or perished. Nestling last seen sometime around 1-Aug-2012.

07/05/2021 by Wildcat
1100 hrs, to 1200 hrs. Clear sky, temperature 80º F, Humidity 71%, Wind W at 7 mph. Adult Female and Nestling in nest. Female left nest at 1110 hrs, flew out over bay and returned to nest 1113 hrs rearranging sticks in nest. Nestling on nest rim and defecated. 1135 hrs, Nestling on nest rim stretching and flapping wings. Notes: 1148 hrs, lone OS from unknown nest flying high and north of nest. 1150 hrs, man walking dog entered restricted area near nest. Advised him or restricted area. Cooperated but with some hostility. He observed the posted signs but entered area anyway. it Happens.

07/03/2021 by Wildcat
1330 to 1400 hrs. 68º F, Mostly Cloudy, Wind N at 13 mph. Humidity, 79%. Adult Female and Nestling in nest. Both perched of rim. 1331 hrs, Male arrived with fish then flew off heading NW. Male again returned at 1340 hrs, and left at 1348 hrs, heading NW.

07/02/2021 by Wildcat
1330 to 1430: 79º F dropping to 73º F when rain started, Humidity 84%, Wind, SSW 9 mph, Rain Showers at 1420 hrs: Adult Female and nestling in nest. Adult Male arrived 1345 hrs with fish began feeding nestling. 1350 hrs, Male left nest heading NW. Nestling perched on nest rim stretching wing and flapping. 1357 hrs, Female left nest chasing flock of 6 gulls then returned to nest. Female eating at 1405 hrs left nest at 1406 hrs, circled area returned at 1410 hrs. Notes: At 1348 hrs, unknown 3rd OS flew past area of nest circling while Male & Female watching, then #3 hearing West. Nestling has pin feathers.

06/15/2021 by Wildcat
0815 to 0915 hrs. 100% cloud cover, 67º F, Wind light from South. Checking nest after last night's T&L rain storm. Both adults and nestling in nest. Male flew off at 0824 hrs., heading SW and low. Female preening as male flew past nest and returned to nest at 0848 hrs., with fish giving it to female to feed nestling and self. 0909 hrs., female flew from nest heading west and returned at 0911 hrs. Male left nest at 0911 hrs., returned at 0915 hrs., and female re-arranged sticks in nest. Male again left nest. NOTE#1: A pair of OSs have been circling bay area near nest and vocalizing repeatedly while circling the area. Nesting pair not disturbed by their actions. Could this be pair from failed nest on IBSP? NOTE #2: Observed two bands on Male while perched on nest. Right leg band appeared as faded red while Left leg band was silver. Unable to read numbers. I don't recall seeing banded adult birds at laurel Harbor #2 in previous years. female didn't seem to be a banded bird. This could be a "New" nesting pair of there is a new mate.

06/14/2021 by Wildcat
0900 to 1000 hrs. Mostly cloudy with South wind at 10 mph. Temperature range, 70º F to 71º F. Adult (F) an nest preening. One nestling in nest. 0901 hrs., Adult male arrived at nest began adjusting nesting material standing on one leg for 10 minutes. Female left nest, circled area and returned at 0905 hrs. Female left nest at 0912 hrs., flew off SW and low. Male left nest at 0940 hrs., circled and harassed by Red-winged Blackbird and returned to nest at 0950 hrs. Nestling had head above nest rim looking around area. At 0955 hrs., Male left lest to chase a Black-backed Gull over bay area near nest and returned to nest. Female returned to nest with fish and both adults settled on nest to feed nestling.

06/12/2021 by Wildcat
1100 to 1200 hrs. Mostly cloudy, 71º F, Wind, ENE 10 mph. Adult (F) and 1 nestling on nest. 1134 hrs., adult left nest, circled and returned to nest. Nestling begging. 1137 hrs. Adult # 2 (M) arrived with fish perching piling below nest eating some of fish. Female left nest at 1144 hrs., circled area and returned to nest with small stick adjusting into nest. 1152 hrs., Male left perch on piling flew into nest and both adults feeding nestling.

06/06/2021 by Wildcat
1000 to 1100 hrs. Temperature 79º F, Wind West 5 to 8 mph, cloudless blue sky. One nestling observed and two Adults. Female adult perched on nest rim during observation. 1055 hrs, Adult Male arrived with small fish. Nestling being fed.

06/05/2021 by Wildcat
Two adults and one (1) nestling observed. Nestling with light, gray down. Only top of head observed. Adult Female on nest but was harassed twice from Common Grackle forcing it off nest. Returned within 2 minutes both times. Adult Male arrived at 1030 hrs for a brief stay that flew off heading north.

04/26/2021 by Wildcat
Adult siting in nest at 1630 hrs. Adult # 2 arrived at nest at 1643 hrs with fish landing on nest but move to perch on piling below nest. 1645 hrs, # 2 returned to nest and # 1 attempted to feed on fish but # 2 flew off with fish landing on a channel marker post 125 yds north of nest. 1655 hrs, crow harassing # 2 causing it to take off but returned to perch and consume fish. Unknown if incubation has began at this time.

07/23/2020 by Wildcat
1430 to 1500 hrs. Weather; Clear with a few scattered clouds, 87º F, Wind SE a 5+ mph. No activity at nest. The two nestlings/juveniles fledged sometime between 7/19 and 7/23/2020. Both nestlings were able to fly at last recorded observation on 7/12 but were still on nest on 7/19/2020.

07/12/2020 by Wildcat
0845 hrs to 0945 hrs. Clear blue sky with West wind 10 to 12 mph. temperature, 79º F. One Adult 1 Juv. eating a small fish. Adult up on rim scanning area on alert. 0912 hrs., Juv. defecated out of nest and Adult flew from nest. Second Juv. and Adult arrived at nest at 0915 hrs. 0924 hrs., joining second Juv. that was circling area and both perched on utility pole 150 ft. South of nest along roadside. 0928, both Juv's returned to nest joining Adult. At 0943 hrs, an unidentified OS seen flying high above area over the bay heading north. It appears the two Juvenile have or about to fledge and be on their own within the next 7 to 10 days. They are quite capable to fly on their own for extended time and distance.

07/11/2020 by Wildcat
1030 hrs to 1115 hrs. Blue sky with scattered clouds. Temperature, 87º F, Wind South at 5 mph. One Adult with 2 Juveniles perched on and in nest. Spent the time scanning area and occasionally preening them selves.

07/06/2020 by Wildcat
0830 to 0900 hrs. Clear with light haze. Wind, W at 2 to 5 mph. 83º F. One Adult and 2 Juv on nest. Second Adult perched on channel marker near nest. No additional activity during monitoring. Note: the plastic bag was gone from the nest. It would appear that the two Juv are about to fledge withing the week to 10 days since they are now capable of flight as observed on 7/5/2020.

07/05/2020 by Wildcat
0945 to 1045 hrs. Overcast (100%) with haze, Wind SW at 2 to 5 mph. 80º F. One adult on nest with 2 Juvs. Second Adult perched on channel marker 150 yards from nest. Adult on nest flew off at 0952 hrs flying low along western shore of bay returning to nest at 0954 hrs. repeating same at 0959 hrs circling nest before landing at 1002 hrs. But left nest as two people approached nest withing 25 ft. At 1005 hrs, a Juv flew off nest circling area. 1007 hrs, a Adult perched utility pole 250 ft S of nest and attacked by Red-winged Blackbird while first Juv circled area and joined by an adult at 1011 hrs. Adult returned to nest at 1013 hrs. Adult on channel marker flew off at 1016 hrs. Second Juv also became airborne and circled area 1020 hrs returning to nest at 1023 hrs with Adult and both Juvs back on nest. Note: three or 4 Osprey were observed flying high over bay heading N while the nest Osprey were circling above nest. Also, advised the two people to respect the "Do Not Enter Area" signs. They complied.

07/04/2020 by Wildcat
0915 to 1015 hrs. Overcast (100%) with NE wind at 5 mph. 73º F. Two Adults and 2 Juv's on nest. One Adult flew from nest at 0918 hrs. Remaining Adult flew from nest chasing a Gull out over bay and returned to nest. 0930 hrs, second Adult returned to nest area, circled several time then headed SE over bay. 0943 hrs, a Juv began flapping briefly lifting off nest 2 to 3 feet followed by second Juv. 0951 hrs, Adult left nest circling the area returned at 0954 hrs. 0955 hrs, a Juv lifted off nest grasping a stick and airborne for 30 sec. dropped stick and perched on nest rim. 1002 hrs. second adult returned to nest area, circling several time attempting to land then flew to nearby house perching on railing top of house then flew off harassed by Red-winged Blackbird as Adult on nest flew off, too. One of the Adults returned to nest and perched on rim.

07/03/2020 by Wildcat
1645 to 1715: Partly cloudy, ESE wind at 5 mph, 85º F. One Adult, 2 Juv's perched on nest rim with second Adult perched on channel marker 150 yds NW of nest. At 1658 hrs #2 Adult left channel marker perch and was seen flying E toward Island Beach State Park at 1705 hrs. Note: large white plastic bag in nest surrounding juveniles.

06/28/2020 by Wildcat
0800 to 0845 hrs. One Adult perched on nest rim, 2 nestlings in nest bowl. At 0810 hrs, second adult arrived and perched briefly on nest rim then flew off. Both nestlings up and stretching their wings then back in nest bowl at 0837 hrs. Second adult returned at 0845 hrs with a fish, then flew off as nestlings fed on fish. Adult #1 flew off nest leaving nestlings feeding on fish.

06/27/2020 by Wildcat
1000 to 1100 hrs. Overcast, temperature 76º F, Wind W at 2 to 5 mph. One Adult, 2 nestlings in nest bowl. At 1012 hrs, a nestling sitting up in nest then back into nest bowl. At 1017 hrs, adult began moving sticks into outer rim of nest while a nestling grooming it self. 1020 hrs, adult flew off nest as #2 adult arrived on nest. One nestling pecking at piece of plastic (size of dinner napkin) for several minutes then stopped. Second adult flew off nest, circled and continued flying from area as Adult # 1 returned to nest at 1049 hrs, and perched on rim. 1053 hrs, both nestlings perched on nest rim and flapping. Adult flew off at 1055 hrs.

06/26/2020 by Wildcat
1100 to 1200 hrs. Partly cloudy, calm west wind, 81º F. One adult, 2 nestlings. 1115 hrs, nestlngs flapping wings. Adult # 2 arrived at nest with a fish then perched on water's edge 25 ft E from nest pole. Adult #1 and 2 nestlings fed on fish. At 1142 hrs, Adult #2 moved from water's edge up beach to grass line. It remained there as observation ended.

06/25/2020 by Wildcat
1315 to 1345:Mostly cloudy, E wind at 2 to 5 mph. Temperature, 83º F. One adult with 2 almost full feathered nestlings in nest. 1320 hrs, one nestling defecating out of nest, then flapping its wings. 1323 hrs., second adult approached nest but chased off by Red-winged Blackbird. Made second attempt to perch on nest but chased of by Red-winged Blackbird. ended observation.

06/12/2020 by Wildcat
0830 to 0900 hrs. Blue sky with scattered clouds. Temperature, 73º F. Wind, North at 2 to 5 mph. One adult OS perched on nest rim. Two nestlings deep in nest bowl. At 0845 hrs. one nestling began stretching and flapping its wings while second nestling moved out of its way. At 0847 hrs, both nestlings sitting up and stretching and flapping wings as Adult OS #1 flew from nest, circled and returned to perch on nest rim. Nestlings feathers becoming more pronounced. Both appear active and healthy.

06/11/2020 by Wildcat
1000 to 1100 hrs. Mostly cloudy with West wind gusty at 10 mph. Temperature, 77º F. Adult on nest rim with two nestlings in nest bowl avoiding wind gusts. 1010 hrs. Red-winged Blackbird diving on adult. 1032 hrs. one nestling defecated over nest rim.Adult # 2 flew low past nest at 1034 hrs. then low out over bay and circling. 1040 hrs. Red-winged Blacked returned and landed on back of OS # 1 on nest then retreated. At 1042, while OS #2 circling over bay close to shore, a third OS chased off by OS # 2. During this encounter, OS #1 left nest then returned and adjusted several sticks on nest rim.

06/10/2020 by Wildcat
1600 to 1630 hrs. Clear sky with scattered clouds. Temperature, 79º F. Wind, South, 10 to 15 mph. Bay water, choppy. One adult on nest with 2 chicks with pin feathers. 16`15, Adult # 2 arrived as # 1 left nest. # 1 returned at 1621 hrs. and both adults perched on nest rim.

05/24/2020 by Wildcat
0845 to 0915 hrs. 52º F, overcast. Wind NE at 10 mph. Adult #1 low in nest bowl protected from strong wind. At 0855, #2 arrived at nest with a fish. Both feeding on fish. No sigh of any hatchlings at this visit.

05/23/2020 by Wildcat
1030 - 1130 hrs. 64º F, Wind SE 5 to 10 mph, 100% cloud cover, light drizzle. Adult deep in nest bowl, #2 perched on piling below nest with a fish and Herring Gull perched on piling 10 ft away. At 1048 hrs, gull flew off and OS #2 flew up into nest with fish and #1 flew out of nest but returned within a minute. #1 flew from nest at 1052 and returned with 2 sticks, flew off again returning with another stick. #2 remained in nest bowl. 1110, # 2 left nest flying to a green channel marker ¼ mile N of nest and perched. 1130 hrs, #2 flew from channel marker joining #1 at nest. Disturbance by two individuals with dog standing under nest causing some distress to OS in nest. They moved off at 1130 just before return of the other OS.

05/22/2020 by Wildcat
0745 to 0830: 60º F, Wind ESE 5 mph, 100% Cloud cover. Adult perched on nest rim. 0755, Adult #2 circling shore line of bay NE of nest. 0758, #1 settled into nest bowl. 0809, #1 left nest flew to ground below nest and returned to nest. #2 flew past nest again with stick but dropped before entering nest. Both adults perched on nest.

05/17/2020 by Wildcat
Adult low in nest bowl incubating. at 0700 hrs. Second adult arrived at 0720 hrs and perched on nest rim. At 0734 hrs a gull hovered 25 ft. above nest at 0734 hrs. Adult began verbalizing gull flew off. OS # 2 flew from nest perch at 0741 hrs. heading north.

05/16/2020 by Wildcat
1930 to 2000: Partly cloudy, 65º F, Wind calm. Adult sitting in nest incubation. Second adult not at location.

03/28/2020 by Pictaker
Both on nest, copulation and nest building goin on.

08/01/2019 by Wildcat
Time: 1515 to 1600 hrs. Weather clear with scattered clouds, 84º F, SE wind at 5 mph. Netlings have fledged recently within past 10 days. Fledglings perched on nest feeding, with adults perched on piling blow nest, # 2 on utility pole 100 ft to west. One juvenile flew from nest across bay just above water at 1535 hrs. 1550 hrs, both adults left perches. Juveniles not quite on there own but use nest as comfort station.

07/07/2019 by Wildcat
1400 to 1445 hrs. 81º F, clear with ENE wind at 10 mph. One adult 2 nestlings in nest and feeding. Second adult arrived 1415 hrs. and perched on low piling below nest. Adult #1 left nest at 1407 hrs, circled and returned. Adults and nestlings vocalizing. Nestlings flapping and lifting off nest. Fully feathered.

07/03/2019 by Wildcat
3-July-19, 1545 to 1645 hrs. Mostly cloudy, 84º F. E wind at 5 mph. Adult feeding 2 nestlings. Almost fully feathered. Second adult perched on piling below nest. Nestlings flapping.

06/26/2019 by Wildcat
Time, 1100 to 1200 hrs. 81º F, clear and calm. Adult and 2 nestlings in nest. Adult left nest at 1125 hrs. and two adults returned at 1127 hrs. and perched on nest. One adult flew off several minutes after landing. Nestlings developing feathers.

06/24/2019 by Wildcat
Time, 1500 to 1600 hrs. 78º F, mostly cloudy with South wind at 5 to 10 mph. One adult on nest joined by #2 at 1530 hrs. Two (2) nestlings visible. Dog running along beach near nest caused both adults to swoop down in false attack mode and vocalize during "attack". Asked dog's owner to refrain from letting dog run on beach in protected area. She complied.

06/04/2019 by Wildcat
Time, 1100 to 1130 hrs. 67º F, clear and calm. One adult perched on nest rim with one nestling visible with pin feathers.

05/27/2019 by Wildcat
time, 0945 to 1045 hrs. 75º F, clear sky with NNE wind at 10 mph. One adult in nest bowl. #2 arrived at 1023 hrs with fish. both adults feeding until 1029 hrs when #2 flew off toward west. No nestlings visible. Not sure when eggs laid.

05/25/2019 by Wildcat
Time; 1245 to 1345 hrs. 66º F, Cloudy with South wind at 5 to 10 mph. Adult in nest bowl. Second adult arrived at 1303 hrs, with stick weaving into nest. $A 2 left nest heading West. did not return during rest of observation.

05/24/2019 by Wildcat
Nest erected around 2010 plus or minus a year or two by the Lacey Township Environmental Commission. Posted 2 Osprey "Warning", active Osprey Nest Ahead, signs. One on utility pole next to road an second on bulkhead on beach 150 yards south of nest pole.

06/27/2016 by Sherrie
This nest is very active. There appear to be two chicks. Based on regular observation, they are likely three to four weeks old. Witnessed feedings.

03/18/2016 by Sherrie
Witnessed first Osprey of the season at the nest today. Two ospreys spotted, with only one in the nest. Left briefly to fish, then brought the fish to the nest.