034-A-001 (DSM Plant)
(40.8448, -75.0687)
Osprey Nest Platform
DSM Plant, in back, farthest away from entrance gate, close to Delaware River.
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2022 - CyclistBarb2021 - CyclistBarb2020 - CyclistBarb
aAdult Arrival4/4/22
bEgg Laying4/27/22
bIncubation Initiation4/27/224/20/21
cClutch Hatching6/1/22
eFirst Chick Fledging7/22/20
fChicks Last Observed
xNest Failure
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Activity reports

2020 Nest Activity Report by CyclistBarb
Adult arrivalNestlings3
Nest OccupiedYesFledglings3
Nest Active First chick fledging07/22/2020
Egg layingChicks last observed
Incubation initiationNest failure
Clutch hatchingReason for nest failure
2021 Nest Activity Report by CyclistBarb
Adult arrivalNestlings3
Nest OccupiedYesFledglings3
Nest Active First chick fledging
Egg layingChicks last observed
Incubation initiation04/20/2021Nest failure
Clutch hatchingReason for nest failure
2022 Nest Activity Report by CyclistBarb
Adult arrival04/04/2022Nestlings3
Nest OccupiedYesFledglings3
Nest Active First chick fledging
Egg laying04/27/2022Chicks last observed
Incubation initiation04/27/2022Nest failure
Clutch hatching06/01/2022Reason for nest failure

Photos of this nest

Nesting Diaries

08/05/2022 by CyclistBarb
10:05 a.m. One fledgling and one adult, which I believe was the female, were perched on top of the adjacent tower. There was a 2nd chick on the nest. I assume all three chicks have fledged, but I have not seen the nest completely empty yet. I did not see the male or the 3rd fledgling when I first arrived and set up my scope. 10:14 a.m. While I was taking notes, Mom flew off the top of the tower and an adult, which appeared to be the male, perched on the adjacent tower on a lower strutt than the fledgling. At 10:17, the second adult (male?) flew off the adjacent tower to the northwest, toward the river and disappeared behind the trees.

07/31/2022 by CyclistBarb
2:10 a.m. Three big chicks were sitting high in the nest. A parent, was perched on the adjacent tower. I could not tell if this adult had a brown "necklace" on the breast as the heat waves were terrible. Other than a bit of wing-flapping the chicks were not very active. Surely they will fledge soon if they haven't already! I need to come early in the morning to observe a feeding and then perhaps the chicks will demonstrate their flying skills.

07/26/2022 by CyclistBarb
2:50 p.m. After riding bikes in the area, we stopped to check on this nest on the way home. The three very big chicks were sitting up high on the nest. The adult male was on top and the adult female was on a lower strut of the adjacent tower nearby. I didn't see any prey delivery or feeding/eating, and the three were pretty inactive. I didn't see any vigorous wing flapping. I believe if these three have not fledged yet that they will soon do so. They had probably just been fed.

07/12/2022 by CyclistBarb
12:45 p.m. The female was on the perch above the nest. One chick (#1) was sitting up tall and easily seen. A second chick (#2) was lying lower to the left of its sibling. It stretched its wings. Mom was preening on the post. I wondered where the third chick was hiding. Then chick #2 stood and backed up to the edge of the nest for a poop shoot and I could see the third sibling (#3) behind where #2 had been lying low. Once #2 hunkered down again, it was difficult at this great distance to get a good shot of all three. The photos come across as a pile of osprey chicks!

07/05/2022 by CyclistBarb
2:15 p.m. I stopped on my way home after eagle nest checks north of the water gap. The temperature was not as intense after brief spinkles/rain, and the sun not as bright so the heat waves were less severe through scope and camera. I got a good look and a video of THREE nestlings. Mom was perched on the single post above the nest. The three nestling were to the left, right and center! One was more difficult to see unless it was doing wing flaps. This one seemed to be calling pretty persistently. 12:05 I got a good view of one of the chick's head, face, beak, and eye. I saw a crop drop. When I left, they were still calling. Dad better hurry back with a fish!

06/28/2022 by CyclistBarb
1:02 p.m. An adult was sitting up tall on the edge of the nest (probably the mother). The heat waves were really bad!! At 1:18 p.m. I saw the first chick wing flap/stretch. Soon a 2nd chick raised its head up. 1:26 p.m. One of the chicks became more active and the other one was also stirred up a bit. I was pretty sure I saw a third mostly hidden behind the adult, but can't be positive! Even on the video I took, I could only confirm 2 chicks because the distance is so great and the heat waves really distort the picture.

06/17/2022 by CyclistBarb
1:35 p.m. The male was perched at the top of the post above the nest. The female was feeding two for sure, probably three. I couldn't confirm three while watching in person, but later, reviewing the video, it seemed as though there are three.

06/03/2022 by CyclistBarb
4:30 p.m. An adult was sitting high on the nest, wings out as if it was shading young hatchlings from the hot sun. It is a very hot day and this nest is completely exposed, no shade. I also saw the adult pay attention to something at the bottom of the nest. I did not see the mate.

05/10/2022 by CyclistBarb
1:37 p.m. This nest is very far away so if light is not perfect, photos are mediocre! I did see one adult incubating -- sitting low on the nest and moving only its head.

04/27/2022 by CyclistBarb
1:18 p.m. Again the light isn't good, but through the scope I can see an adult's head moving on the nest. It doesn't show up very high, it is sitting very low as if incubating.

04/19/2022 by CyclistBarb
1:45 p.m. There was one adult sitting on the nest, but high, not as if incubating. The light was again very poor and the distance is great so it is difficult to see whether the adult was the female.

04/11/2022 by CyclistBarb
1:20 p.m. One adult was perched on the electric tower adjacent to the nest tower. I could not see the mate on the nest, but the nest appeared empty.

04/04/2022 by CyclistBarb
11:53 a.m. I parked in the Visitors' space and through my scope I could see one adult sitting up on the nest. From this distance, without good sun, I could not tell if it was the female or the male. I did not see a mate present.

07/27/2021 by CyclistBarb
11:10 a.m. One chick was on the nest and the parent (Mom=necklace) was perched on a nearby electrical tower. A second chick was way up on the top of the same tower as Mom. All three chicks have probably fledged. I saw two flying and only the one on the nest never took to flight while I watched today, but it did some aggressive wing flapping. Otherwise, its siblings were flying to and from the nest and to and from the tower and circling high above on today's good breeze. Just before I left, the chick on the top of the tower flew off and down toward the river. Meanwhile, Mom remained calmly watching her off-spring as she perched nearby on the tower. I never saw the male.

07/05/2021 by CyclistBarb
1:45-2:15 p.m. When I arrived the female is feeding the chicks. I get a good view and confirm there are 3 chicks. Photos are from far off, but still clearly show three little heads and Mom. Mom flies off but isn't gone long, flies back to nest with something in her talons....another fish perhaps! I see (probably) the male soaring very high up above the nest and over the river.

06/26/2021 by CyclistBarb
12:30-12:45 p.m. One adult is sitting high on the nest. I don't see any feeding or indication that there are hatchlings. I need to visit and stay long enough to see what is going on with this nest.

06/02/2021 by CyclistBarb
1:45-2:15 The temperature is warm. The adult is sitting up high. I can't tell if there is a hatch yet, but it should be soon if it hasn't happened already.

04/20/2021 by CyclistBarb
1:15-1:30 pm The pair appears to be incubating now. There was an adult sitting on the nest, down low. I did not see the mate.

04/06/2021 by CyclistBarb
4:35-4:45 I saw one adult perched on the nest, I can't tell if it is the male or the female. The other was soaring above. No sign of incubation, but definitely they are back in the area.

08/09/2020 by CyclistBarb
9:15 a.m. We were in Belvidere to begin a bike ride so I stopped by to see the nest. Rick checked in with Josh while I set up my scope and camera. However, I could see immediately that no one was home! All three chicks have been fledged for almost 3 weeks and the family was probably out fishing for breakfast!

07/22/2020 by CyclistBarb
10:45a.m. I arrived and checked in with Josh, the security officer in the office. Then I set up my scope and camera on my window mounts. 3 Big Chicks and an adult (probably Mom) were on the nest! While I watched I took both still photos and videos. At 11:00 a.m. the adult flew off. This nest is at the limits of my equipment! Today, it is very hot and humid. The heat waves are quite noticeable in the photos and when I look through my scope! 11:03 the adult flies back to the nest and perches on the stick perch above and in back of the nest, then steps into the nest and sits on the left edge from my perspective.The chick to the far right is especially active. It flaps its wings vigorously and only rests for a moment before it flaps again! The breeze has picked up, that encourages the chick to get some big air over the nest. The two chicks to the right of Mom and to the left of the active sibling, are sitting and watching. The high jumps and fast and furious wing flaps increase. Oh! A slice! I am positive now that this chick is about to fledge! 11:24 a.m. Sure enough! It jumps/flies so high above the nest that the wind carries it off and over the edge and away it goes! Beautiful! At 11:27 a.m. I believe it is Mom who flies off, probably to keep an eye on her fledgling. Dad (I am pretty sure this is a different adult) then flies in and doesn't stay long. At 11:30 the fledgling flies back in and clumsily perches, or tries to, on the stick perch but is a bit wobbly doing so and steps back into the nest. It stays for a minute before it flies off again for some more fun. This continues for the entire time I am watching. When I leave, Mom has returned and is sitting with the two that haven't moved, the fledgling is off enjoying its new freedom maybe watching Dad fish! Such fun to see them get up the courage to make this first big leap (which at this nest is a HUGE leap of a very HIGH tower!)

07/07/2020 by CyclistBarb
12:40 p.m. I parked in the visitor lot, across from the security office and within sight of the nest tower which was, nevertheless, very, very far off!! I checked in with security this time, in advance, with Josh, the security guard I had met on 6/21. This time (a regular work day rather than a weekend) he offered to contact "Andy", their environmental person and apparently the person who was authorized to give me permission to enter the property. I obtained that permission, but in fact, explained that the ground area of the plant was lower than the parking lot or the entrance road and I wasn't sure it would afford me a better view until the chicks were much larger. I then went back and set up my scope and camera at my place in the Visitor Parking. Immediately I saw two nestlings and Mom on the nest. After watching about 30 minutes I was very excited to confirm THREE BIG NESTLINGS! One was wing flapping and jumping aggressively! At around 1:10 p.m. Dad flew in with a huge fish (missed the photo!). Mom and Dad were eating in back of the nest, behind the nestlings who were taking turns wing flapping. After about 5 minutes of peace to eat some prey, Dad flew off and Mom started feeding the nestlings. I got some great videos of this active, healthy family! Josh and the other security guard showed me a map of the site and where the nest is located between some trees lines, on a grassy spot, very close to the river. It is good to know in case one of the nestlings fledges accidentally off this pretty small platform which is very high!! One would not use a ladder to look in this nest! I showed them a photo of the three nestlings and Mom.

07/04/2020 by CyclistBarb
5:00 p.m. This is a terrible time to view this nest. Morning sun would be preferable as the nest is very far from the entrance road to the DSM plant, on the public side of the security gate. Again, the security guard approached my car and I explained what I was doing. Next time I will have to come on a weekday and check in at the gate first. Maybe I can get inside and to a better position. In any case, I was able to see and photograph at least 3 birds on the nest. In a short video, it looked like there might have been 4 birds, but these photos are not clear enough to determine how many of the birds I saw were chicks. It could have been one parent on the nest, and 2 or 3 chicks, or both parents and one or two chicks.

06/21/2020 by CyclistBarb
10:00 a.m. It took me awhile to locate the nest tower! This DSM site, which used to be Hoffman-LaRoche (a drug and vitamin company) is completely gated. Since it was Sunday, I didn't attempt to approach the gate house. I drove through the parking lot and access roads and then was leaving when I spotted a very, very tall pole with the nest atop! I was able to set up my scope and saw an adult sitting on the nest. As I was observing, the security guard approached. I gave him my card and explained what I was doing. He said if I returned mid-week, to the gate house, he would call to get permission for me to enter. However, with such a tall tower, I expect the best views are from a distance in any case!