(40.4395, -74.2034)
Piling in water
This nest was reportedly on a piling at the mouth of Matawan Creek, at a point just west of the intersection of American Legion Drive and Broad Street in Keyport. No nest existed as of the end of June 2014, but the area could easily accommodate additional nests in future years. There is a short term parking lot off Broad Street at the boat ramp; pull in beyond the spaces designated for the ramp to find 8-10 legal spots. The Keyport wharf offers a great vista on the nearby pilings as well as the shoreline east of the point. There is additional parking on West Front Street and in a municipal lot behind McDonaugh's Pub.
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08/06/2017 by KevinR
No osprey activity observed on or around the nest. The remains of an old nest are in pretty ratty condition (see picture).

06/29/2014 by Barzillai
My wife and I went looking for this nest today and saw no sign of it. We asked several locals, who said the nesting platform was placed about six or seven years ago and was never successful. It seems the platform went with Superstorm Sandy as there is nothing there now. I recommend removing this platform from this system.