(40.4408, -74.1942)
Utility Pole
Playground overhead lighting on the east side of the north end of Cedar Street along the bayshore in Keyport. The lights are a local alternative to a man-made platform that no longer exists.
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07/02/2014 by Barzillai
I have modified the name and description of this nesting site. No nesting osprey spotted at this time but neighbors say the lights have been used in the past.

06/29/2014 by Barzillai
My wife and I went looking for this nest today and saw no sign of it. We asked a couple who lived on Cedar, who said something like an aluminum lamp pole was placed at the end of the street some time ago but the birds never took to it because too many people were around. The birds seemed to prefer the tall lights over the basketball court nearby, but nothing there now. It seems the aluminum installation went with Superstorm Sandy as there is nothing there now. I recommend removing this nest from your system.