Lighthouse nature trail 200yd N face W
(32.377, -80.438)
Dead Tree
lighthouse nature trail 50yrd NW has shifted nest from previous location of 2015; near last parking lot E just off trail
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2016 - Rbhild2012 - KristenM
aAdult Arrival3/16/16
bEgg Laying
bIncubation Initiation6/1/16
cClutch Hatching
eFirst Chick Fledging
fChicks Last Observed
xNest Failure6/23/16
xReason For Nest Failurenest destroyed during storm

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Activity reports

2012 Nest Activity Report by KristenM
Adult arrivalNestlings
Nest OccupiedNoFledglings
Nest Active First chick fledging
Egg layingChicks last observed
Incubation initiationNest failure
Clutch hatchingReason for nest failure
2016 Nest Activity Report by Rbhild
Adult arrival03/16/2016Nestlings
Nest OccupiedYesFledglings
Nest Active First chick fledging
Egg layingChicks last observed
Incubation initiation06/01/2016Nest failure06/23/2016
Clutch hatchingReason for nest failurenest destroyed during storm

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Nesting Diaries

06/28/2016 by Rbhild
After 3 days of 20 mph wind storm, tree with nest went down. A week later, 06/23/16, a new nest 40' away observed. (latest pic)

06/01/2016 by Rbhild
on several occasions, spread wings to cover nest

03/22/2016 by Rbhild
Both mates on nest

03/16/2016 by Rbhild
old nest of record 200yrds NW has moved south 50yrds near nature trail parking lot E one mate on nest and the other nearby

04/25/2014 by Amanda
Female sitting on nest, can't see any eggs.

05/01/2012 by KristenM
nest blown out of tree