GHO Nest near Oldenburg
(48.0917, -114.126)
Utility Pole
Platform is on Highway 82, opposite side of highway from Oldenburg/Sportsman's Bridge nest, was used by GHO in 2011, empty in 2012, now appears it might be used by osprey pair in 2013.
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aAdult Arrival4/20/164/8/154/18/144/22/134/16/12
bEgg Laying
bIncubation Initiation5/3/165/16/155/10/145/18/13
cClutch Hatching6/10/166/26/156/26/13
eFirst Chick Fledging8/23/158/21/13
fChicks Last Observed8/23/159/9/13
xNest Failure6/21/14
xReason For Nest Failureadult abandonment

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Activity reports

2012 Nest Activity Report by spartanmt
Adult arrival04/16/2012Nestlings
Nest OccupiedNoFledglings
Nest Active First chick fledging
Egg layingChicks last observed
Incubation initiationNest failure
Clutch hatchingReason for nest failure
2013 Nest Activity Report by spartanmt
Adult arrival04/22/2013Nestlings2
Nest OccupiedYesFledglings2
Nest Active First chick fledging08/21/2013
Egg layingChicks last observed09/09/2013
Incubation initiation05/18/2013Nest failure
Clutch hatching06/26/2013Reason for nest failure
2014 Nest Activity Report by spartanmt
Adult arrival04/18/2014Nestlings
Nest OccupiedYesFledglings
Nest Active First chick fledging
Egg layingChicks last observed
Incubation initiation05/10/2014Nest failure06/21/2014
Clutch hatchingReason for nest failureadult abandonment
2015 Nest Activity Report by spartanmt
Adult arrival04/08/2015Nestlings1
Nest OccupiedYesFledglings1
Nest Active First chick fledging08/23/2015
Egg layingChicks last observed08/23/2015
Incubation initiation05/16/2015Nest failure
Clutch hatching06/26/2015Reason for nest failure
2016 Nest Activity Report by spartanmt
Adult arrival04/20/2016Nestlings2
Nest OccupiedNoFledglings
Nest Active First chick fledging
Egg layingChicks last observed
Incubation initiation05/03/2016Nest failure
Clutch hatching06/10/2016Reason for nest failure

Photos of this nest

Nesting Diaries

07/28/2016 by spartanmt
moving out of area next month, will be unable to complete my osprey nest monitoring :-(

07/21/2016 by spartanmt

07/21/2016 by spartanmt
mom standing on side of nest, two chicks visible

07/17/2016 by spartanmt
mom standing on side of nest, one chick's head visible. i'm not ready to say we've lost still another chick to an owl/other predator

07/10/2016 by spartanmt
mom feeding - one chick already full, 2nd chick got full while i was watching, mom finished fish. didn't see a 3rd chick

07/07/2016 by spartanmt
mombrella plus two squirmy chicks. i almost think i saw a 3rd head, but i hope not

06/30/2016 by spartanmt
mombrella plus top of one little head visible

06/26/2016 by spartanmt
mombrella, saw two bobbleheads today!

06/23/2016 by spartanmt
mom feeding, still only see one chick

06/19/2016 by spartanmt
mom standing in nest, looks like she's eating the last of a fish

06/17/2016 by spartanmt
mom feeding, can't see chick/s yet

06/13/2016 by spartanmt
mom feeding, dad perched on nearby telephone pole

06/10/2016 by spartanmt
mom feeding!

06/06/2016 by spartanmt
mom incubating

06/04/2016 by spartanmt
mom incubating, dad on nearby pole

05/29/2016 by spartanmt
pretty sure that's mom incubating

05/27/2016 by spartanmt
i think i see mom's head in nest. big hailstorm last night, worried that it might have destroyed eggs in some of my nests.

05/17/2016 by spartanmt
mom incubating

05/15/2016 by spartanmt
mom incubating

05/12/2016 by spartanmt
both standing in nest bowl, intruder overhead, the pair defends nest as one!

05/08/2016 by spartanmt
mom incubating, dad on pole

05/06/2016 by spartanmt
mom incubating, dad on nearby telephone pole

05/04/2016 by spartanmt
mom definitely incubating now, dad standing next to her in nest

05/02/2016 by spartanmt
mom laying in nest, looks like egg may be on its way?

04/29/2016 by spartanmt
both standing in/on nest

04/26/2016 by spartanmt
one standing in nest

04/22/2016 by spartanmt
both ospreys home!

04/20/2016 by spartanmt
osprey bringing in nesting material today!

04/18/2016 by spartanmt
goose gone but no sign of returning osprey yet

09/18/2015 by spartanmt
another chick i never saw back at its nest after fledging, don't know the story

09/06/2015 by spartanmt

08/31/2015 by spartanmt
empty nest, am anxious to see him back on the nest at some point in the next month

08/24/2015 by spartanmt
yep, the lone chick has finally fledged! hope to see him back to the nest later this week.

08/19/2015 by spartanmt
chick standing in nest, mom standing on nearby power pole

08/12/2015 by spartanmt
Chick standing in nest, home alone

08/06/2015 by spartanmt
mom and chick both standing in nest

08/02/2015 by spartanmt
mom standing in nest, chick under her wing

07/27/2015 by spartanmt
mom standing in nest, her chick laying down, it's cool and rainy

07/24/2015 by spartanmt
mom standing in nest, dozing on and off. chick sleeping next to her

07/21/2015 by spartanmt
mom on nest perch, food calling, then dozing, then food calling, then dozing. chick moving around the nest bowl, finally laid down.

07/16/2015 by spartanmt
mom feeding her baby this morning

07/12/2015 by spartanmt
mom laying in nest, then stood up, food calling, followed by her chick doing the same. dad never did come to the nest, but i saw him eating a fish on his favorite telephone pole nearby when i left, so breakfast is on the way!

07/08/2015 by spartanmt
mom standing in nest, one fairly active chick moving around the bowl

07/01/2015 by spartanmt
mom laying in nest, finally see one bobblehead pop up briefly! no sign of dad, certainly out fishing, it's 7:00 am

06/27/2015 by spartanmt
definite feeding this morning! dad on his favorite telephone pole while mom serves breakfast. unable to see chick heads yet...

06/24/2015 by spartanmt
another of my uncooperative moms at this nest - she appears to be laying higher in nest than usual, but cannot confirm a hatch. dad not around this morning

06/21/2015 by spartanmt
still cannot confirm any nestlings here. mom standing on side of nest while dad is on his favorite telephone pole nearby

06/19/2015 by spartanmt
mom still appears to be sitting higher than normal in nest, but cannot confirm a hatch here yet...

06/15/2015 by spartanmt
mom still sitting high in nest, on 2nd drive by an hour later, mom standing in nest, i think i saw movement in nest bowl, but not 100% sure, will do a re-check on 6/17

06/12/2015 by spartanmt
mom incubating, although she appears to be sitting higher than normal. dad is on favorite nearby telephone pole. need to watch this nest closely, incubation initiation date was something of a mystery due to all the drama at the beginning of the season.

06/08/2015 by spartanmt
got back from 2-week vacation to find mom blissfully incubating and dad standing guard from nearby telephone pole.

05/21/2015 by spartanmt
mom incubating, dad eating fish on nearby telephone pole

05/20/2015 by spartanmt
what do you know, we might have a hatch in this nest after all. on 5/16 it looked like female was incubating, and today she is definitely incubating; nest activity updated, fingers crossed for this pair.

05/14/2015 by spartanmt
male and female standing in nest. i don't think we are going to have any chicks at this nest again this year, for whatever reason. all other nests are status quo.

05/11/2015 by spartanmt
all incubating nests are status quo today. female standing alone in nest again today. i looked at last year's data; this nest failed last year, which i blamed on a horrible, freezing june, but now i wonder if a mate wasn't lost instead. this year's turmoil, with at least 6 ospreys in the air over this nest a couple weeks ago, makes me wonder if it wasn't a bunch of males duking it out for the female here. in any event, she is still not on eggs as of today.

05/09/2015 by spartanmt
this nest was disrupted by intruders last week, and it looks like it still hasn't recovered. female standing in nest, male on nearby telephone pole, no sign of any eggs.

05/07/2015 by spartanmt
both standing in nest, which looks like it still needs spiffing up. one of (3) nests still not incubating

05/04/2015 by spartanmt
female standing in nest, fighting with a big crooked stick. the nest needs lots of work, but there are still a number of ospreys flying around nearby causing her and her mate stress...

05/03/2015 by spartanmt
strange activity here today. first the pair was both on the nest, then they were both off the nest, then there were 6 ospreys flying around the nest harassing each other. 1/2 hour later, the pair was back on the nest, but the nest appears half-done, and no indication of any eggs at this time.

05/01/2015 by spartanmt
both standing in nest this morning

04/25/2015 by spartanmt
well, we have one in the nest this morning. the riverbank nest is definitely a new pair, not from any other nest that i'm monitoring

04/23/2015 by spartanmt
ok, i'm starting to wonder if the pair on the riverbank nest are this pair, since i have not observed an osprey here for almost a week, and the new pair setting up shop on the nest just recently vacated by mama goose is only a few hundred yards up the road and right on the river. the riverbank pair seemed to arrive together, which makes me think they are an established pair from somewhere. will keep an eye on things, of course :-)

04/16/2015 by spartanmt
both gone fishin'

04/12/2015 by spartanmt
copulation day! it appears this should be my first nest with chicks :-)

04/08/2015 by spartanmt
the pair was on the nest today - the first returnees of the season!!

09/04/2014 by spartanmt

08/30/2014 by spartanmt

08/28/2014 by spartanmt
empty nest today

08/24/2014 by spartanmt
empty today

08/22/2014 by spartanmt
one adult osprey standing in nest

08/17/2014 by spartanmt

08/09/2014 by spartanmt
empty today

08/02/2014 by spartanmt
lone osprey guarding nest

07/26/2014 by spartanmt
lone osprey standing guard on nest

07/20/2014 by spartanmt
no one around today

07/13/2014 by spartanmt
lone osprey standing guard on nest

07/06/2014 by spartanmt
one lonely osprey standing on side of the nest

06/28/2014 by spartanmt
one lonely osprey on nest, calling; it looks like the female. no movement in the nest itself. very sad :-(

06/21/2014 by spartanmt
after a full week of heavy rain, winds, and just-above freezing temps, i ventured out to check my nests. alas, this nest has been abandoned. it looks pretty intact, but no adults around at all; i wonder what happened... :-(

06/07/2014 by spartanmt
mom incubating

06/01/2014 by spartanmt
one incubating, the other eating a fish on telephone pole nearby

05/26/2014 by spartanmt
female incubating

05/18/2014 by spartanmt
mom incubating, dad on platform bar

05/10/2014 by spartanmt
female on the egg, male standing guard on nearby power line insulator!

05/03/2014 by spartanmt
first the female fly into the nest, followed closely by the male, and yep, mating occurred...

04/25/2014 by spartanmt
one in nest, the other eating a fish one power pole over

04/21/2014 by spartanmt
one in nest today

04/19/2014 by spartanmt
both parents on the nest last night!

04/11/2014 by spartanmt
nobody home on 4/9, but today was a big arrival day at different nests around the valley. will be going out to check again tomorrow! the osprey nest across the road has a goose mama in it...uh oh...

09/16/2013 by spartanmt
empty nest. hope to find time to check again later this week, but no one home again today!

09/09/2013 by spartanmt
one in nest eating fish

09/05/2013 by spartanmt
no one in nest on first pass, on way back, both Fs and one adult (must be dad?) all flew into the nest simultaneously! dad had fish, Fs were in a race to get it. one F flew very low across the highway right in front of me and another car going in the opposite direction - both of us slowed, thank goodness!

08/31/2013 by spartanmt
on way past the first time, both in nest eating. on way back, empty nest - finally!!

08/29/2013 by spartanmt
one in nest eating. darn, was hoping to find both of them gone so i could change fledglings from '1' to '2'. i'm sure this one's fledged, but won't record it until i see it with my own eyes

08/26/2013 by spartanmt
fledgling perched on next pole over from nest, other chick is out on the nest's perch bar - either he's fledged and returned or is going to go today, i'm sure! most of nest intact after severe wind storm last night

08/24/2013 by spartanmt
hoping to see empty nest, instead both chicks in nest

08/21/2013 by spartanmt
we have a fledge! only one chick left in nest, and i saw an osprey two poles down that looked like it might be the fledger (couldn't get close enough to be sure).

08/16/2013 by spartanmt
both standing up on edge of nest, looks like they're getting ready to test their wings, either mom or dad on nearby pole observing.

08/12/2013 by spartanmt
mom on guard, both chicks laying in nest

08/07/2013 by spartanmt
mom in nest with her chicks

08/03/2013 by spartanmt
mom standing in nest, only saw one chick today

07/29/2013 by spartanmt
mom in nest w/both chicks; still a noticeable size difference between them.

07/21/2013 by spartanmt
observed both chicks standing in nest - one still has his skunk stripe, the other is larger and has lost his skunk stripe. mom calling for food, both chicks look good.

07/14/2013 by spartanmt
mombrella time, couldn't see chicks

07/09/2013 by spartanmt
saw two head under mom, hot day

07/02/2013 by spartanmt
mombrella, didn't see the chicks

06/30/2013 by spartanmt
both parents in nest, mom feeding two chicks!

06/27/2013 by spartanmt
mom and dad at nest

06/26/2013 by spartanmt
i do believe i witnessed dad's first glimpse of his new baby! mom was in nest when i first arrived, a few minutes later dad flew in, mom got up and moved out of the nest bowl, both m/d gazed "lovingly" down at the nest bowl, and a few seconds later, i saw some movement in the nest (and so did mom and dad). congrats!!

06/22/2013 by spartanmt
mom and dad both in nest, mom still fussing a bit, i think a chick is imminent

06/21/2013 by spartanmt
mom fussing in nest, looking down into bowl, don't see a chick, but maybe one's on its way!

06/17/2013 by spartanmt
mom standing up in nest on first pass by, then appeared to be incubating again on next pass by.

06/16/2013 by spartanmt
mom acting a bit fidgety in nest this morning, maybe she hears something i don't?

06/15/2013 by spartanmt
mom incubating

06/06/2013 by spartanmt
mom incubating, then standing in nest

06/02/2013 by spartanmt
mom incubating

05/31/2013 by spartanmt
both on perch bar

05/27/2013 by spartanmt
mom incubating

05/23/2013 by spartanmt
dad standing on nest bar, mom standing over nest

05/22/2013 by spartanmt
mom incubating

05/18/2013 by spartanmt
mom is on the egg!

05/14/2013 by spartanmt
big hail & wind storm last night, this nest appears OK, one osprey standing in it

05/12/2013 by spartanmt
now just one standing in nest. this is my only nest without an egg yet.

05/10/2013 by spartanmt
both standing in nest

05/07/2013 by spartanmt
two osprey standing in nest! oh boy, another nest to watch. this will be the first year for this platform (at least in the past three years)

05/05/2013 by spartanmt
well i might have to get a picture of this nest. there is still one osprey in the nest today (at the same time the #1171 pair were in theirs), PLUS another osprey eating a fish one power pole down. is this a new pair actually planning on using this nest??? stay tuned...

05/03/2013 by spartanmt
no osprey in this nest - i really think they are now in their nest across the highway (#1171).

05/03/2013 by spartanmt
still empty of osprey

04/29/2013 by spartanmt
one osprey in this nest at the same time nest #1171 had been vacated by goose. interesting to see if this nest is indeed used by another pair - or what!

04/28/2013 by spartanmt
a pair of osprey in this nest, PLUS a single osprey hanging around the goose nest at #1171. still think this pair belongs to #1171, and the single osprey does not - will know soon!

04/26/2013 by spartanmt
hmm, no osprey on the "watchtower" today

04/22/2013 by spartanmt
osprey on this nest today, but i believe it's the male from nest #1171 watching the goose in his nest across the highway. will keep an eye on this nest again this season, just in case we do have a new pair decide to use it. i'll know in a week whether my theory is correct or not.

07/21/2012 by spartanmt
lone osprey still playing house...

07/16/2012 by spartanmt
lone osprey in this nest again today - hopefully he/she will have a mate next year!

06/28/2012 by spartanmt
osprey are everywhere today - even one in this nest, probably practicing nest building skills for next year!

06/11/2012 by spartanmt
no activity

06/07/2012 by spartanmt
nope, this nest is officially a no-go this season

06/01/2012 by spartanmt
again, no sign of birds or nest building. i would say this nest was not used this year after all

05/20/2012 by spartanmt
now we have no osprey in this nest for over an hour. joan/wally didn't think this nest was being used this season, i thought a pair was using it, i'd bet on joan/wally right about now.

05/11/2012 by spartanmt
my theory is shot. one osprey in nest today, although not incubating. since both osprey were at the sliter's nest at the same time i observed this osprey on this platform, guess the sliter pair came from somewhere else...

05/06/2012 by spartanmt
knowing the local interaction between canada geese and osprey, i believe the pair hanging around this nest the past two weeks has now moved into the osprey nest on sliter's road, which was previously also being used by a goose. joan and wally also report no activity at this nest for about 5 days (this platform was used by a gho the past two years, not osprey). i will keep my eyes on this nest, but my theory is the pair i saw here is the pair i saw today on the platform on sliter's (the two platforms are about 1/4 mile apart).

04/27/2012 by spartanmt
spartanmt: appears to be more nest material, only saw female in the nest

04/20/2012 by spartanmt
spartanmt: male and female in nest, more nest material has been added

04/18/2012 by spartanmt
male and female both on platform, nest material is new