Sea Island Fly Fishers
25 nests and 15 members


The Sea Island Fly Fishers of Beaufort, South Carolina, was founded in 1996 with the purpose of promoting fly fishing through relevant educational programs and associated conservation efforts in the ACE Basin and Port Royal Sound areas. The membership is open to everyone interested in fly fishing regardless of their experience level. The Sea Island Fly Fishers, as anglers and committed stewards of our marine environment, we are proud to be part of OspreyWatch.

IDNameSubstrateAddedLast ActivityFollowers
2387Broomfield Creek Platform 1Osprey Nest Platformabout 10 yearsabout 1 year3
2562Ingle nest #1Osprey Nest Platformabout 10 years12 months4
2563Factory Creek platform 3Osprey Nest Platformabout 10 years9 days3
2571Point Creek Osprey Nest Platformabout 10 years9 months2
2576Rock Spings Creek Platform 2Osprey Nest Platformabout 10 years9 months4
2595Cat Island Cut EOsprey Nest Platformabout 10 yearsabout 10 years3
2597Beaufort River Bermuda Bluff NOsprey Nest Platformabout 10 yearsabout 10 years3
2600Beaufort River Platform 4Osprey Nest Platformabout 10 years12 months3
2602Across from dry stack marina Port RoyalOsprey Nest Platformabout 10 yearsabout 10 years3
2603Ingle nest #8Next to the Bell bridgeabout 10 years11 months7
2629Sea Island Parkway/Hwy 802Osprey Nest Platformabout 10 years11 months6
2660Chechessee PlatformOsprey Nest Platformabout 10 years6 months3
2662Beaufort River Platform 8Osprey Nest Platformabout 10 years11 months2
2695Cat island 1Other (Specify)about 10 years9 months3
4248INGLE nest #3Osprey Nest Platformalmost 10 yearsalmost 9 years3
8608Lila's NestOsprey Nest Platformabout 1 yearabout 1 year1
8635morgan 14Osprey Nest Platformabout 1 year12 months1
8636cotton dike 8Osprey Nest Platformabout 1 year9 months1
8637cotton dike hole 9Osprey Nest Platformabout 1 year10 months1
8638sparrow nest ptOsprey Nest Platformabout 1 year9 months1
8679Dataw gatehouseOsprey Nest Platform12 months12 months1
8772Range MarkerTop of range marker11 months11 months1
8788New BridgeChannel Marker10 months10 months1
8825Great Pond 1Live Tree9 months9 months1
8826Great Pind 2Live Tree9 months9 months1
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