Chesapeake Bay Environmental Center
23 nests and 35 members


CBEC is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting environmental education, research and restoration for the benefit of the Chesapeake Bay. Osprey platforms are provided graciously through a grant from the Robert F. Schumann Foundation.

IDNameSubstrateAddedLast ActivityFollowers
4866CBEC 1Osprey Nest Platformover 8 yearsover 6 years1
4871CBEC 2Osprey Nest Platformover 8 years9 months1
4872CBEC 3Osprey Nest Platformover 8 yearsover 6 years2
4873CBEC 4Osprey Nest Platformover 8 years10 months1
4874CBEC 5Osprey Nest Platformover 8 yearsover 7 years1
4875Reedy 1Osprey Nest Platformover 8 yearsover 6 years1
5514The PlatformOsprey Nest Platformover 7 yearsover 7 years1
5708Reedy2Osprey Nest Platformover 7 yearsover 4 years2
6210Patty&BertOsprey Nest Platformover 6 yearsover 6 years2
7062Millers IslandOsprey Nest Platformover 4 yearsover 4 years1
7065My first osprey nestDead Treeover 4 yearsover 4 years1
7443Greenway FarmUtility Poleover 3 yearsover 3 years1
7452Rt. 40 & OakingtonOsprey Nest Platformover 3 yearsover 3 years1
7472Elm BankOsprey Nest Platformover 3 yearsover 3 years1
8612MC1Osprey Nest Platform10 months9 months1
8614MC2Osprey Nest Platform10 months10 months1
8615MC3Osprey Nest Platform10 monthsabout 3 hours1
8616MC4Osprey Nest Platform10 months10 months1
8617MC5Osprey Nest Platform10 months9 months1
8618KN1Osprey Nest Platform10 months10 months1
8619PB1Osprey Nest Platform10 months10 months1
8620PB2Osprey Nest Platform10 months9 months1
8650Oyster CoveOsprey Nest Platform9 months9 months1
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