Ospreys in Northwest Oregon
13 nests and 45 members



Our goal is to follow and learn about ospreys and their behavior. We teach others about ospreys in an interesting way by telling people their stories over the breeding season. Visit our Facebook page about two of the nests in the group: https://www.facebook.com/TheScogginsOspreys

IDNameSubstrateAddedLast ActivityFollowers
4591ScogginsCottonwoodover 9 yearsover 9 years2
4592BealOsprey Nest Platformover 9 yearsover 9 years2
4662RitcheyUtility Poleover 9 yearsover 9 years3
4663SE Stimsons NestOsprey Nest Platformover 9 yearsover 9 years2
4664NW Stimsons Dead Treeover 9 yearsover 9 years2
4665St. Helens 3Channel Markerover 9 yearsover 9 years2
5281PintailOsprey Nest Platformabout 9 yearsover 4 years4
53122chicks2014onthechetcoriverLive Treealmost 9 yearsover 8 years2
5381Osprey leonDock post (not located a nest)almost 9 yearsalmost 9 years1
5556Gratnt Thorsett to Mt AngelUtility Poleover 8 yearsover 8 years1
6517Stafford Road Osprey Nestcell phone towerabout 7 yearsabout 7 years1
7009Columbia River, Koberg Beach OverlookUtility Poleover 5 yearsover 5 years1
7285Rock Creek TV hiwaycell towerabout 5 yearsabout 5 years2
Total Number of NestsNumber of Occupied TerritoriesNumber of Active NestsNumber of Successful NestsNumber of Failed NestsNumber of Young ProducedNumber of Young Produced per Active NestsNumber of Young Produced per Successful Nests