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Make your passion for Osprey count.

Contribute observations from your favorite Osprey nests and help Osprey all over the world!

OspreyWatch is powered by enthusiasts from 249 countries across the world.

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Multiply the value of every observation

When you monitor an Osprey nest using OspreyWatch, you’re helping so much more than just that one family. Your contribution will help every Osprey in the world, far into the future.


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You can explore over 10,000 nests in OspreyWatch, join local Monitoring Groups, or add your own new nests.

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Our handy web app lets you submit data quickly and accurately. Use it from the comfort of the office, or bring it along on your adventures and use it live in the field on your mobile device.

Why We’re Watching

Climate Change

Osprey are finely tuned to climate, making them an ideal model for investigating climate-related shifts in ecology


Osprey are one of the most effective species for monitoring contaminants in aquatic systems on a global scale

Global Fisheries

Osprey reproduction is tied directly to fish stocks so they represent an ideal model for broad-scale monitoring of fisheries health

Nesting Hazards

Osprey confront hazards as they navigate within an increasingly human-dominated world

Don't have the time, or a nest to monitor? There are other ways to contribute.

We appreciate all of the partners and sponsors who make this effort possible. Please help support the dedicated individuals who maintain the project.

Learn more about this magnificent species, or even build your own Osprey Platform using our resources.