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Substrate: Osprey Nest Platform
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The nest is at the eastern end of the car park at Osprey House Environment Centre. This nest is occupied by Australian Ospreys, they are a resident species. The nest pole at Osprey House was planted on 30 August 2006 with 1 overhead monitoring camera. In 2014 an additional side mounted camera added. Monitoring station in visitors Centre. The first osprey pair at the nesting platform was a young pair arriving late in 2008. Since then there have been 8 pairings using the nest. The 8 pairings involved some ospreys having different mates in successive years. Those pairings comprised 11 different ospreys, 6 females and 5 males. All ospreys that have stayed at this nest carry strong indicators of being young adult when they arrived. There have been only 2 successfully fledged chicks. As of August 20, 2020 there is one chick of a clutch of 3, (2 fell from the nest), now into it 22nd day, feeding well and starting to exercise legs and wings.

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