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Substrate: cell tower
Added by Ann in Hampton about 8 years ago
Last activity: about 4 years ago
March 26, 2012 ospreys built a nest on this cell tower. April 18, 2012 The nest was destroyed by the cell phone workers, with the permission of VDGIF. No new nest was built in 2012. March 29, 2013 ospreys were again observed building a nest on the tower and incubating eggs. Young could not be seen (too far away and too high up). They returned in March 2014. The parents were observed incubating eggs (one adult bringing food to the other on the nest, whose head was barely visible). Later, both parents were observed bringing food to young, but young could not be seen. Number of chicks unknown. Summer vegetation obscured the view of the nest from the home. However, ospreys were still active around the nest at least until mid-July. To all appearances, the nest was successful, but number of young is unknown. The nest was again destroyed in the winter of 2015-16, but ospreys again rebuilt it in March 2016.
Substrate: cell tower
Added by Ann in Hampton about 5 years ago
Last activity: about 5 years ago
On Cell tower between La Salle, Thomas Street and Armisted Avenue near I-64

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