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Substrate: Concrete structure
Added by Montanero over 8 years ago
Last activity: 3 months ago
Nest is on a concrete structure in the "Central Meadow" of the golf course. See photo. Over past 5 years, this pair has had their nest removed from an old pier piling that was removed, causing the birds to move to the concrete structure. In 2015 the nest was removed for a golf tournament, and a platform on a pole was erected 200 meters south, which they used in 2016 and 2017. In 2018 that platform was claimed by a Canada Goose and the pair returned to the current concrete structure.
Substrate: Ball field light pole
Added by turtleguy about 1 month ago
Last activity: about 1 month ago
Nest on suburban baseball field light pole in outfield along 1st base line. Mowed grass below. This nest is 1.7 miles away from any fish bearing water.
Substrate: Utility Pole
Added by turtleguy about 2 years ago
Last activity: 3 months ago
Nest first built in 2017 but no reproduction that year. Utility pole originally had three transformers under nest, but those were removed during the winter. Pole is on the north side of the bridge that crosses Chambers Creek just above the dam. Pole is on the crest of a hill by the South entrance to the Chambers Creek Regional Wastewater Treatment Facility.
Substrate: Utility Pole
Added by AOC about 7 years ago
Last activity: 10 months ago
Cell tower behind KFC restaurant, have re-used tower for years
Substrate: Football Field Light Pole
Added by turtleguy about 6 years ago
Last activity: 3 months ago
Nest is on top of a sports field light pole, on the 50 yard line of a football field, with a running track directly beneath the nest. There is a baseball field nest to the ball field, and the light pole is near the 3rd baseline.
Substrate: Railroad Bridge
Added by turtleguy over 8 years ago
Last activity: 3 months ago
Reconstructed (April 2014) is now located on north end of steel girder structure of railroad bridge over entrance to a narrow saltwater bay. (visible on GoogleEarth image). [Previous nest of 5 years was located at center of bridge, 20 meters from new location]. The nest is 70 ft above the train tracks and approx 90 ft above the water at high tide. 40 to 50 trains per day pass directly under nest. Closest currently accessible public observation position is 490 meters SE.

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