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Substrate: Athletic Field Lights Osprey Platform
Added by Reese over 7 years ago
Last activity: about 3 years ago
Great Neck Middle School is brand new. Where the old school used to be is now an athetic field. An Osprey platform has been installed on top of one of the light poles - see photo.
Substrate: Cell Phone Tower
Added by Kathy/Wally over 9 years ago
Last activity: over 1 year ago
Cell phone tower in parking lot of Bayside Christian Church, corner of Shore Drive and Greenwell Roads. Workers removed nest July 26, 2011, but there has been recent activity with 2 adult ospreys gathering sticks and bringing them to the top of the towe
Substrate: Cell Tower
Added by Reese over 9 years ago
Last activity: over 3 years ago
Cell tower at Great Neck Rd and Mill Dam Rd. Nest on top platform. Has been active nest for several years.

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