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Substrate: Utility Pole
Added by armyofdux over 7 years ago
Last activity: over 7 years ago
Nesting pair has a great view from Center Field. They are in the highest perch atop of a halogen light pole. Personally witnessed the pair build the nest. Every youth baseball game I attend the nest gets larger.
Added by Klondike over 7 years ago
Last activity: 2 months ago
Substrate: Channel Marker
Added by Tom Charlock over 9 years ago
Last activity: almost 9 years ago
The nest is on a channel marker, at low tide 30-40m from the north shore at the mouth of Deep Creek, Newport News, Virginia. Spotted 7AM April 9, 2012 with one osprey perched; two perched on 8 AM April 11. Professional watermen routinely dock about 100

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