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Substrate: top of stadium light
Added by Mike V. 5 months ago
Last activity: 5 months ago
This new nest (2019) is located on top of the southeast stadium light at Kesselring County Park. Adults have been observed flying over the neighboring pond at the Akridge Scout Reservation. This pond is stocked with numerous fish.
Substrate: Utility Pole
Added by Delaware Osprey Watch almost 4 years ago
Last activity: 7 months ago
Old Dover High School (1 Pat Lynn Drive, Dover, DE) stadium on top of the northeast stadium light pole. Nest was active in 2013 and 2014, but not before then. Monitoring began in 2015.
Substrate: Cell Tower
Added by Delaware Osprey Watch over 3 years ago
Last activity: over 3 years ago
Kent/West Division St

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