Nest #8691

Nickname: PD Tennis Courts
Nest substrate: Live Tree
Nest Location Description: pine tree in the center of Palmetto Dunes Tennis Center located between courts 15 & 10
Nest Cam URL:
Monitoring Groups: LowCountry Institute
Latitude: 32.1688569721345
Longitude: -80.7191480017166
Followers: None

Activity reports

Nest Activity Report by CarolC
Adult arrival 04/02/2022 Nestlings
Nest Occupied Yes Fledglings
Nest Active   First chick fledging
Egg laying Chicks last observed
Incubation initiation Nest failure
Clutch hatching Reason for nest failure

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Nesting Diaries

05/20/2022 by CarolC
Larry and Jin report for May 14 - May 20: 5/14 8:30-8:50am - he did fly in the nest with a twig but very late, 5min later he flew onto the resting tree & stayed there with loud chirping (calling her) to the end. 5/15 7:00-8:50am - he flew in the nest with a twig for a few min, then left for long time; at the end he back in nest for 2min then flew onto the resting tree with loud chirping (calling her). 5/16 6:25-8:50am - she is back & early, standing on the resting tree for 1.2hr, then on the top of the nest tree to the end, high chirping occasionally, but he did not show up this early am. 5/17 6:20-7:45am - she standing on the top of the nest tree for 1.5hr, he did not show up again (they need to see a marriage counselor), 5/18,19 6:25-8:45am - nobirdy show up during this tennis time 5/20 7:55-8:35am - he flew with a huge stick (3ft long) but dropped it on court9 (right front of us), then flew back with another big stick, almost carried it in the nest but it's too heavy he had to drop it again; then left no return; she did not show up.

05/13/2022 by CarolC
Jin and Larry report: 5/7 6:24-8:40am - Both early in the nest, 1st he delivered 2 sticks & 1 huge moss (one time he made 6 circles before he delivered stick), she was chirping alot while he was in nest with her, then both left for long time, only at end he made 2 more stick deliveries. 5/8 6:40-8:40am - He flew with a little fish onto eating branch, after ate fish, he made 2 deliveries for 2 large sticks, then she flew into nest, both together for a while in the nest, then he left; she high chirping while seeing him flying high in sky twice; she flew onto the resting tree at the end. 5/9 6:28-8:15am - she was standing in nest waiting for him, he was in/out 3 times & made love twice, then left; later she left also. 5/10 6:28-8:50am - both in the nest together with her soft chirping, after he started delivery, she left no return; he delivered 2 moss & 6 sticks, then stayed in the nest to the end. 5/11 8:20-8:30am - he came in the nest very late, only stayed 10min, then gone; she did not show up. 5/12 7:00-7:10am - he was flying a circle around the nest, left for a few min, then flew in with a twig, only stayed in the nest 7min, then gone; she did not show up again. (we worry) 5/13 7:40,8:25am - nothing to hear/see at these moments

05/06/2022 by CarolC
Jin and Larry report for the week of April 30 - May 6: 4/30 6:30-8:45am - She was carrying stick into nest & constant chirping, 5min later he came & made love, then they repeated the fish&eat cycle twice, only 2nd time she ate on the tree across court16; while he stood on top branch of resting tree, she constant chirping; he tried to delivery a big moss (but it's too heavy), he back & stayed on the middle branch of resting tree for the rest of time; she left later & no return. 5/1 6:26-8:45am - She stood on resting tree then in the nest, half hr later he was bringing big fish to her then left; she ate fish for 17min then back to nest; 1hr later he bypass her/nest with nothing & stood on resting tree & she was constant chirping in nest for rest of time. 5/2 6:24-8:45am - She stood on resting tree then in the nest,then out of nest for 10min then back in nest; 1hr later he bypass nest onto resting tree & stayed there for 25min, she constant loud chirping until he lefts(no return); then she flew to resting tree, did overlook/self-clean on eating branch for rest of time. 5/3 6:26-8:40am - She was on the eating branch,then in the nest; 1/2 hr later he delivered moss 3 times before she left, then he delivered stick 2 times, then he left also; at the end, she flew back in nest, followed by him with fish; she ate on the eating branch, then he flew there made love & stayed on same branch with her. 5/4 6:26-8:40am - She was eating big fish on the eating branch for long time, then back to nest while he flying around; she finished fish on the branch above eating branch; later he flew onto the same branch & they cozy together to the end. 5/5 6:26-8:40am - She started in the nest, then on the resting tree for the rest of time; he delivered big fish to her on the branch above the eating branch, then she ate it on the eating branch over 1hr; he deliveried stick 9 times, the last one was huge (show off his muscles). 5/6 6:26-8:40am - She started on that resting tree, then in the nest, then delivered 1 stick, then left until the end with constant loud chirping; he came in with stick a little later than her, he delivered 5 moss & 5 sticks, then left no back.

04/29/2022 by CarolC
NOTE: Two photos added to accompany 4/23-4/29 report

04/29/2022 by CarolC
Jin and Larry report for 4/23-4/29: 4/23 6:43-8:45am - She flew into the nest with soft chirp, loud chirping 10sec later he flew from the opposite direction(lagoon) with small fish into the nest; he gave fish to her, then flew away, she flew onto the lower branch (eating branch) of the tree across court15 (resting tree), finished fish in 10min, overlook in 5min, then they repeated this fish&eat cycle 2 more times (he brought 3 fish in 35min); after fishing, he flew onto across court5 tree (top branch); both on the same tree for 1.5hr (she overlook nest with constant soft chirping,he facing the sun); she flew into nest with loud chirping followed by him, they made love; then he made 2 delivery for small sticks & she stayed in the nest to the end. 4/24 6:30-8:50am - She was already in the nest with soft chirp,10min later she chirped loud while he flew into nest with small fish, he flew away after she got fish; she ate fish on that eating branch; 20min later he flew onto the top branch of same tree w/ nothing, she constant chirping, 20min later she flew into the nest while he carrying big fish, but he bypass nest flew onto eating branch & ate it by himself for 15min, then he flew into nest with leftover, she flew onto eating branch & finished it in 6min, at sametime he flew onto top branch of same tree, stayed there almost to the end; she flew back to nest with stick, then flew around, then stood on different branches above the nest; she constant loud chirping until he flew away, then she left also. 4/25 6:28-8:50am - she soft chirping in the nest first, loud chirping while he flying in with small fish, then repeat that fish&eat cycle 3 times, only 2nd time - he came in before she saw him and he chirp/called her; 3nd time - he bypassed nest landed on the branch above eating branch with fish (she chirping loud - again??), then back to nest & gave her fish (just teasing her, hey birdy has sensor humor also); he stayed on the branch above eating branch till last 10min; she stayed on the top of branch above the nest until she got 4th fish from him (Surprise!! he made up with her from yesterday); she just stood on the eating branch & look at the fish (too full to eat). this is happy early am. 4/26 6:20-8:40am - she a little chirping on the branch above nest, then loud chirping while he flew with small fish into nest, she kept chirping for a few min, flew out/in (reposition) to get fish from him,he flew away, after she ate/fished it on that eating branch, she back in nest; she started chirp loud while he came back with big fish, but he bypass her onto the branch above eating branch & finished whole fish by himself & she did not stop loud chirping until he flew away, left nest & no back; later he flew with stick into nest, stood on top branch of resting tree for a while, then gone. this is short early am. 4/27 6:30-7:55am - she was loud chirping in the nest while he was on top branch of the resting tree, she stopped chirping as soon as he left, then occasionally chirped while she's waiting for him. unfortunately 10min heavy rain washed out tennis court, we have to say goodbye to our birdies. 4/28 6:20-9:40am - he flew onto resting tree for 10min, flew bypass nest to lagoon; later followed her flew into nest with small fish, she flew/ate fish on eating branch, back to nest while he flew back with 2nd fish, bypass nest/her onto the branch above her eating branch, she constant chirping while he was eating; he did bring half fish back to her; while she eating on eating branch, he flew on the branch above her; after she finished it, he followed her to nest & made love; after he delivered moss, he stayed on top of resting tree almost to the end, at last min he delivered another moss in nest and she stayed in nest to the end. 4/29 6:28-9:40am - they flew into the nest together & made love, she constant soft chirping until he left; 20min later he did bring fish to her, then followed her to that resting tree & stayed on top branch with occasionally loud chriping to end; after she finished fish on eating branch, she stayed there for over 1hr, then back to nest with a little soft chirping for rest of time.

04/22/2022 by CarolC
Jin and Larry report for the week of 4/16-4/22: 4/16 6:45-9:05am - an intimate start - they flew side by side into the nest (lady 1st haha) and made love; she constant chirping for 50minutes, he delivered 7 sticks & 4 moss in 50min; left together for a long break; she returned in 1hr followed by 1 crow (then it sat below/above the nest), 8min later he came back with an XL stick; they stayed in the nest together for the rest of the time 4/17 6:40-9:00am - she already stood in the nest with soft constant chirping; 15min later he flew in with large moss,then gone for 30min & back with XL stick, then gone for 45min & back with XL moss,then left no back; she stayed in nest for the entire time with alot of constant chirping 4/18 7:00-8:40am - a late start in this cloudy/rainy am: One flew onto the tree across the court5 for 5min, then left for 1hr, back with fish, ate/overlook nest on same tree for rest of time (alot of crows flying, 2 standing on the same tree), Nobirdy in the nest entire time (heavy rain started at the end). 4/19 6:40-9:05am - she stood in the nest already, then he flew into nest with fish (side by side with her), she took the fish & flew onto the tree across court6,then ate/overlook nest;he did some arrangement in the nest,then left; she back in nest for 5min then left also; 15min later he chirped in high pitch while an intruder flying nearby,she flew into nest & followed by him,he made love with her (show the intruder this is our nest & she is my girl !!), similar drama occurred again at end; he made 6 stick deliveries in last 40min; she's in nest only at begin/end/intruder nearby. 4/20 6:50-8:40am - late start: she flew onto the tree across count5 waiting for him, 10min later he flew with fish into nest right after her, she got fish flew back to that tree; he made 5 deliveries for moss & stick (3 of each). after eating,she made a circle around, then she stayed in nest for the rest of time.. 4/21 6:30-8:40am - early start: she flew into nest first & soft chirping, 2min later he flew onto her & made love,then he left; 30min later repeated it again; she did constant chirping for 1hr, then loud chirping while intruder passed; she stood on side branch then the branch above nest entire time. 4/22 6:30-8:45am - early start for both together in nest, he did bring fish to her, she ate it on the tree across court5 (he flew on same tree also), then back in nest; he in/out quite a few times between 2 trees, she did same a couple of times; he made love with her in nest & left, she stayed in for rest of time, he returned to be with her at the end.

04/16/2022 by CarolC
NOTE: a lot of wonderful details about the rebuilding of this nest and mating in the last couple posts two posts. Enjoy!

04/15/2022 by CarolC
Jin and Larry report for 4/13-4/15: 4/13 6:43-8:55am - both started early but she flew from NW into the nest, he flew from SE with a twig & high chirping made circles around, then left with twig, then she left also; 25min later he back with twig into nest, then she flew back & stood in nest/on side branch facing SE for rest of the time & he made 16 deliveries (most are L sticks & 1 moss) and made 1 quick love, also did chirping loud while stranger osprey passing. 4/14 6:47-9:05am - she's in the nest already, moving around in / side of the nest alot & constantly soft chirping for over 1hr; he delivered stick 11 times; they made love twice; he did a long break/no back, after a few mins break she stayed in the nest quietly to the end. 4/15 6:46-9:00am - good start together-he followed her with big stick into nest with high pitch chirping; she stood in / side of the nest almost entire time, only out once for 2min, a drama started: while a thief osprey attempted to steal the nest, he returned with large stick with high pitch chirping, she flew into the nest right before the thief flew into and chased thief away, the thief tried it 3 more times (2times almost touched their heads) and high chirping it's their weapon; they did alot of constant chirping loudly during the entire time. he made 21 deliveries for sticks in 2hr10min with no break, most are large sticks (he did pick a huge moss from the ground, but it's too heavy to carry high / into the nest)

04/12/2022 by CarolC
Jin and Larry report for 4/0- 4/12: 4/9 6:50-9:10am - First he flew into the nest, she followed him into nest; she chirping loud on the side branch while he flying circles very high in sky around nest area at same time 6 crows flying around; then they together on the side branch/in the nest for a while; then he started working; she chirping loud while a couple of ospreys circling in sky over the nest, also 1 crow above nest/below; during this 2 hr, she standing in nest/side branch most of the time (did quick out twice, only took a break when he's there) and he made 14 deliveries of sticks incl 3 L / 3 XL / 5 SM sticks & 3 moss; also they made love twice. 4/10 6:50-9:05am - First she flew onto the edge of the nest, 5min later she chirped loud while he flew past by twice, then he's gone and she stood there facing NW for 1hr 20min without moving an inch just occasionally chirping; after she flew away 10min later he flew into the nest with a little twig & chirped loud, then he flew onto the tree across tennis court & overlooking the nest from there, at the end 1 crow stood on the branch above him. 4/11 6:42-9:00am - an early start: both flew into nest together, stood together facing NW on the side branch of nest for 15min, then he started working(delivery & arrangement), he did pick a XXL stick from the ground; she just watch & self-clean on the side branch for 1.5hr, after she left, he took a short break & back with a large stick, he chirped loud in the nest while another male osprey flying around; overall he made 18 deliveries incl 1 XL / 3 L / 11 SM sticks & 3 moss and made all the arrangments in the nest, made love on her 4 times. It's a very productive and reproductive early AM. 4/12 6:57-9:00am - he flew with a twig from SE to NW while she flew from NW into the nest; she did some arrangements, then stood in the nest; 10min later he flew onto her & made love, a few mins later he did it again (for sure he is young/strong), then stood in/out of nest or on left/right side branch all around her for over 1hr; she stood in the nest facing NW & did not move an inch, also they made love for 3rd time; she flew away after he left; he flew back with a little twig,then made another delivery; then stood on the side branch waiting for her with chirping;

04/08/2022 by CarolC
Larry and Jin report: BACKGROUND on the new nest nest: 2016 spring, a couple of ospreys built a solid big nest on the pine tree in the center of Palmetto Dunes Tennis Center located between courts 15 & 10. they both have beautiful unique chirpings, raised 2 cute babies/fledglings successfully despite many crows around. October 2016 hurricane Mathew came, not just destroying the nest but also knocking down a main support branch of the nest, but the nest tree was still standing tall. The next year the couple tried very hard to rebuild the nest but had no luck. After that one osprey (maybe one of their kids?) came & stood on the same spot on the same tree at same time every year for 4 more years(until this year). March 30-31, after sunrise the male osprey came with a loud high pitch chirping & small twig and tried to build a foundation for a nest, again no luck due to the high winds, but he did not give up & the hard work paid off, the new journey has begun.

04/08/2022 by CarolC
Larry and Jin report for 4/2 - 4/8: 4/2 8-9am: He carrying a small twig, flying circles around the tree area, with loud high pitch chirping, then put his 1st stick on the original spot of the tree to start the foundation of the nest. he made 8 trips (2 sticks fall) to get / deliver sticks from short/small, median to long/large, shape from straight/fork to spider web, then taking long break, back with his girl, making love on the side branch, after that another 4 trips 4/3 7:30-9am: he making 9 trips, taking a long break, then another 5 trips, 1 fall, she stop by to check it out 4/4 7:05-9am: he starting with loud high pitch chirping, making 20 trips for s/m/l sticks delivery, incl 3 trips for moss in between, no break, 4/5 8-9am: he making 2 trips for long fork sticks, then taking break, she fly onto across court 200ft tree, then he back with another long stick, then flying onto her making love, then he making love with her again 4/6 7:05-8:50am - he carrying a small stick with loud high pitch chirping & flying onto the nest, she followed him with a tiny stick onto the nest, he was trying to make love but, then she flying onto the same across court tree, he following her & making quick love.then he's focus on build - making 12 deliveries incl 2 moss,2 large sticks,1 extra large stick. she staying on half hr & flying away, later she is back, he chirping loud, but she flying away again 4/7 7:03am - she flying onto the branch above the nest & he flying around / in high sky with high pitch chirping, then she flying away & he flying into the nest twice with nothing, then he flying away for 50min 8:15-55am - he making 5 trips with 4 med sticks & 1 moss, then she flying onto side branch and both standing on the same branch for a while then making love, then he making another 5 trips with s/m sticks & she standing in the nest in meantime 4/8 7:01-29am - It chirping on the across court tree, then flying onto the nest tree & chirping, then back on top of that tree again with chirping, then flying away 7:30=50am - He carrying a large stick to the nest, then chirping on the side branch for a while, then flying away