Nest #7858

Nickname: Heron Point #12
Nest substrate: Live Tree
Nest Location Description: It is located off Plantation Drive in Sea Pines next to the 12th tee of the Heron Point Golf Course. The nest is on the left side of the tee box even with the start of the water pond and the start of the golf waste bunker.
Nest Cam URL:
Monitoring Groups: LowCountry Institute
Latitude: 32.1354594409019
Longitude: -80.8025539732436
Followers: None

Past Seasons

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Activity reports

2020 Nest Activity Report by CarolC
Adult arrival Nestlings 2
Nest Occupied Yes Fledglings 2
Nest Active Yes First chick fledging 07/04/2020
Egg laying Chicks last observed
Incubation initiation Nest failure
Clutch hatching Reason for nest failure

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Nesting Diaries

02/20/2021 by CarolC
Kathy A reports: Stopped by the nest this afternoon and a female (I think) osprey was sitting in the pine tree near the nest. Didn’t see the male but heard a few chirrups before I got to the site, so maybe she was calling him? Hope so!

02/16/2021 by CarolC
Kathy A reports: I visited several times over the past 2-3 weeks and again today. The nest still appears way up high in the pine tree but no osprey or activity has been observed.

08/09/2020 by CarolC
Kathy A reports: Last evening when I arrived, two ospreys were waiting at the nest and calling urgently. I believe both were the fledglings/juveniles but could not confirm the one perched on the left. The one in the nest and hopping about from nest to limbs had a lot of speckles on the feathers so I assume it was one of the fledglings. Both osprey called repeatedly and the one in the nest seemed especially distressed that neither Mom nor Dad came with a fish. I waited about an hour. I hope they were fed after I left - couldn't help but worry about them.

07/26/2020 by CarolC
Kathy A reports: There have been several times when I visited the nest site over the past couple of weeks when there were no osprey or activity observed. However on July 22 when I arrived, one osprey was just leaving the nest and another was perched on the side of the nest and quickly hopped into the nest and began to eat. I didn't get a good look at either bird. Then shortly thereafter, a fledgling/juvenile (I did get a good look) flew in and perched on the side of the nest and called for about 20 minutes before the osprey in the nest left and flew off to a nearby tree. The juvenile then hopped into the nest and began eating. I stayed for another 15 minutes or so and no other osprey came to or left the site. I believe that is was mom or dad leaving the nest when I got there and that it was the two fledglings that were feeding in the nest separately.

07/12/2020 by CarolC
Kathy A reports: Mom was on a branch right by the nest while 1 fledgling was perched on the side of the nest while feeding on a fish in the nest. When s/he finished eating, Mom began eating the catch and the fledgling flew away to a nearby tree. I haven't seen the second fledgling or Dad at the nest since July 4.

07/08/2020 by CarolC
Kathy A reported: I only saw Mom on a branch by the nest, neither fledglings nor Dad observed.

07/04/2020 by CarolC
Kathy A reports: On July 4 one chick took flight and made several wide circles around the fairway. The other chick was rapidly flapping his wings in the nest a lot but did not take flight while I was there. Mom was on a branch nearby.

07/01/2020 by CarolC
Kathy A reports: I saw both chicks and Mom and Dad at the nest. One chick was up on the edge of the nest and the other chick in the nest was stretching his wings a lot.

06/27/2020 by CarolC
Kathy A reports: On Jun 27, last evening, I saw Mom sitting on the edge of the nest when I arrived and after awhile she flew away several times and brought sticks back to the nest. Later the Dad arrived carrying a stick and Mom left again and brought back Spanish Moss for the nest. When I left, I observed both adults and one chick in the nest but I never saw both chicks at the same time while I was there

06/24/2020 by CarolC
Kathy A reports: Jun 24, I saw the Mom and both chicks in the nest calling and waiting for Dad who was eating a fish on a nearby limb. I waited awhile and he didn't go to the nest. I left and came back about 30 min later and he and his fish were gone but Mom and chicks were still in the nest waiting - no feeding behavior observed. Chicks were also stretching their wings a little while they waited

06/13/2020 by CarolC
Kathy A reports: I've been to the nest about a half dozen times over the past 2 weeks and while I've seen either one or both adults either on or near the nest each time - there wasn't much new to report - until last evening. First Mom flew in and perched on the side of the nest and then a head popped up from inside the nest - and then another head popped up! They have two chicks! I was so surprised at how BIG they appear since I haven't been able to see them at all until now. Lots more excitement ensued when Dad brought home a big (partially eaten) fish. More commotion and chatter until they all settled into a tasty fish dinner. Dad eventually flew away and occasionally a chick's head would pop above the nest while Mom continued eating.

05/30/2020 by CarolC
Kathy A reports: Last evening I watched the nest for about 40min. Lots of activity. When I arrived the female (I think) osprey was perched on a limb below the nest. After awhile she flew off and came back shortly carrying a small stick. She took it into the nest and then appeared to be eating something there for a long while - lots of head motion bobbing up and down. Definitely appeared to be feeding on something but perhaps she was tidying the nest since she did arrive carrying a stick. The male (I assume) osprey arrived carrying a big fish and perched on the nest behind her. She never turned around though and continued the feeding motions in the same manner as she had been before he arrived. My view is obstructed so I couldn't tell if he was eating the catch or if it was placed inside the nest so she could eat it from her forward position. After awhile the male osprey left the nest carrying his partially eaten fish with him. He didn't return while I was there and the female stayed alert on the nest continuously surveying all around her.

05/27/2020 by CarolC
Kathy A reports: I observed the nest for about 20 minutes and saw 1 adult on the nest mostly looking down into the nest and looking up occasionally - perhaps s/he was eating a catch or feeding chicks. However I could not hear any sound of chicks from my vantage point across the fairway.

05/25/2020 by CarolC
This nest was not located until the third week of May. Steve J noticed it and reports: The nest is a little hard to see but the 2 times I was there the Osprey were active.