Nest #7757

Nickname: Sea Pines Anhinga Trail
Nest substrate: Live Tree
Nest Location Description: Located on a pine tree snag in the open in the Sea Pines Forest Preserve. It is on a grassy area between the Over the Hill and Anhinga Trail divide in back of twin benches leading to the boat storage area peninsula on Lake Mary.
Nest Cam URL:
Monitoring Groups: LowCountry Institute
Latitude: 32.1453957299579
Longitude: -80.7717997646789
Followers: None

Past Seasons

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Activity reports

2020 Nest Activity Report by CarolC
Adult arrival 03/25/2020 Nestlings 2
Nest Occupied Yes Fledglings 2
Nest Active Yes First chick fledging 08/11/2020
Egg laying Chicks last observed 08/14/2020
Incubation initiation 04/27/2020 Nest failure
Clutch hatching 06/04/2020 Reason for nest failure

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Nesting Diaries

02/20/2021 by CarolC
Allyson L. Reports:As of 2/20/2021 is still unoccupied.

02/15/2021 by CarolC
Allyson L reports: no osprey sighting; nest is undisturbed

02/08/2021 by CarolC
Allyson L reports: no osprey sighting; nest is undisturbed

02/02/2021 by CarolC
Allyson L reports: There was no sign of an osprey nor did the nest appear disturbed.

01/28/2021 by CarolC
Allyson L reports:Spanish moss is droopy down from the nest and it appears to need shoring up. Keeping my fingers crossed there! There was no activity around the nest, nor were there any ospreys in the surrounding area.

08/26/2020 by CarolC
Mary Alice T reports: still hanging around the nest! Although fledged, they apparently like the nest area.

08/12/2020 by CarolC
Debby B reports: Yesterday late afternoon, Tues. 11th, stopped by nest for few minutes with both babies hunkered down. Luckily, dad few in with fish and proceeded to dissect it for kids and few away. Mom was like a stone statue on adjacent limb. This morn, stopped by and saw one baby in nest, so thought other had flown yesterday pm after MA and I left scene. Then, LUCKILY saw this one baby fluttering wings and jumping up and down...with mom flying from adjacent tree to limb right above nest. Suddenly, baby took off mid air toward lake, flying low circling nest about 4X.Two birds flew overhead and I thought one was the other baby who may have fledged yesterday, but, no, the other baby appeared center of nest when courageous one returned. Then #1 "big sister" left little one in nest, sort of standing and looking around. So think perhaps this morn (12th) was first flight and the other will follow in day or so. So that's just additional observation to closing out our happiest avian family on Hilton Head!

08/11/2020 by CarolC
Mary Alice T reports: when I arrived Mom was sitting in tree with about 5 other crows, making alot of racket. Then she flew off with a headless fish in her talons. Never saw her again. Both nestlings alert and sitting up and stretched their wings several times...

08/07/2020 by CarolC
Debby B reports: Chicks will probably fly away this weekend. This morning both chicks were sitting in nest, mother on adjacent tree. Dad flew in while I was trying to id some little birds in elderberry tree and don't think he left fish, but flew to another tree. Suddenly three osprey were flying circles over nest, believe mother had joined two others as dad was still on tree chirping away..."come on over, kids, you can do it, see those black and white wonders flying around." As the two were gazing into the air. I believe both babies were flapping wings, but not yet standing on edge nest.

07/28/2020 by CarolC
Mary Alice T; reports: There was a lot of activity - Dad flew in with nesting material (a little late, eh?) and Mom flew off two times while Dad perched on tree and guarded the nest. At first I did not see the 2nd chick for a while, but when Mom flew out, I could clearly see both. more photos - Dad perched in tree, Dad bringing nesting material in, Mom yaking (w/chick), nestling stretching wings

07/25/2020 by CarolC
Debby reports: , 7757 chicks should be off and away, but they aren't. They are still in nest with adults, not even exercising their wings. I knew the whole family was super devoted, and now the kids can't seem to leave home like some human ones I know.

07/19/2020 by CarolC
Mary Alice T. shared 3 photos of the nest. Mom throwing shade on nestlings (saw 2 but couldn't get a shot of 2nd one) and then Dad coming in for a visit (no fish) and landing.

07/10/2020 by CarolC
Mary Alice T: Took this today of the nest - now you can more clearly see the 2nd nestling! It is always underneath the Mom!!

07/05/2020 by CarolC
Debby B reports: Haven't see the nestlings for 2 days but adults are around.

07/01/2020 by CarolC
Mary Alice T shared two photos of Mom feeding the chicks.

06/29/2020 by CarolC
Debby B reports: Two babies in 7757, smothered with love by doting parents.

06/27/2020 by CarolC
Mary Alice observed one of the young at this nest and shared several photos.

06/22/2020 by CarolC
Debby B reports: mon, 7 a.m. 6/22...just saw two scrawny baby heads peeking up in 7757, so probably did hatch on June 4th! I am so happy I cried on the spot! Had seen male twice in last two weeks on adjacent limb eating fish, and I thought, "how selfish," but maybe he was ingesting food to regurgitate to babies. What a wonderful pair! mother was on nest.

06/04/2020 by CarolC
Debby B reports: I thought eggs had hatched as both parents mulling around excitedly. When checking afterwards, although both parents in and around nest, think perhaps eggs failed. Both have been bringing sticks to nest and sitting in middle.

05/31/2020 by CarolC
Debby B reports: devoted couple in 7757 are diligent in sitting on the eggs.

05/07/2020 by CarolC
Debby B and Lynn H report: incubation started 4-27 and believe WILL hatch around June 3rd

04/27/2020 by CarolC
Debby B reports: Much coming and going. 4/27 looks like female is incubating, but not sure. Both back and forth, chased adult eagle away, then I believe female nestled down in nest while male perched on nearby tree. Difficult to distinguish between male and female when not together. NOTE: Based on this we will list TENTATIVE incubation as of today.

04/26/2020 by CarolC
Debby B reports: Debby B reports: early a.m. DB observed much coming and going. 9:00 – 10 a.m. LH saw Adult on nest, but doesn’t seem settled down as if incubation. Shortly, she left the nest and perched in the nest tree. About 10 minutes later she had flown off.

04/21/2020 by CarolC
Lynn H reports: Lynn H reports: April 21: 9 a.m. LH observed female on nest, arranging sticks. She flew off while I was watching. Another adult was soaring nearby. l/2 hour later, LH observed male bringing fish to the female at the nest. Then one flew off with the fish, but I couldn’t tell which. No evidence that they are incubating.

04/18/2020 by CarolC
Debby B reports: 4-18 a.m. previous 4 days, no birds on nest when I drove by in early morn and thought abandoned. 4-18 a.m. both on nest, then left for 15 min., then saw both on nearby tree. this is strange, yet devoted, pair...perhaps young.

04/17/2020 by CarolC
Debby B reports: on Fri, 4-17, both on nest, looks like male left, female went to nearby tree and brought back a twig, then left. I never get out of car nor go near nest, yet wonder if they are spooked with constant action. 4-17, Austin, the worker, cut grass with LOUD whacker under nest for about 10 minutes.

04/15/2020 by CarolC
Debby B and Lynn H report: Debby B and Lynn H report: April 15: 9:30 a.m. no ospreys near nest. As a thunderstorm approached, an adult landed in a perch tree two trees to the nw of the nest. So at least one adult seems to be staying in the area; but there is no evidence of incubation yet. DB reported that she saw no adults near the nest the last few days.

04/11/2020 by CarolC
Mary Alice T reports: .These are some shots of the female Osprey at the new nest in SP. I was there today and I know someone is following, but might not have a long lens to get better shots. Did not see the male. I don't think there are any eggs yet. They have really built this nest up, so they are staying

04/11/2020 by CarolC
Debby B reports: one brought nesting material, both together on nest, left. then both few together to nest, one brought fish and then left with the fish in his/her talons. selfish! not sitting yet. looks like the male is primarily bringing/preparing nest material

04/10/2020 by CarolC
Lynn H reports: Lynn reports: April 10: 8:30 a.m. no ospreys near nest, but a couple are soaring high above Lk Mary.

04/05/2020 by CarolC
Debby B reports: April 5: early a.m. DB reports 2 adults on the nest.

04/04/2020 by CarolC
Lynn H will be helping Debby B monitor this nest for a while. April 4: 11:15 a.m. Deb B showed Lynn H where this nest is, so she can help with observation. There was a female on the nest, and a male perched nearby. He flew off while we were watching. Then the female also flew off, so she is probably not yet incubating. This nest is within sight of #7143, so there may be some confusion about which male we are seeing, if he is not right at the nest.

04/03/2020 by CarolC
John C. reported this nest to us, it is currently be monitored but this is added info: The nest is active, with a pair of ospreys dressing the nest and perching on the branches of the pine tree above the nest. Perhaps the significant new fact is that this pair of ospreys seem to have mated at about 12 noon on Friday 3 April.

04/02/2020 by CarolC
Debby B reports: 7757 is still building

03/27/2020 by CarolC
Debby B reports - both adults seen on nest 3-25, 3-26 and 3-27. Nest is flimsy and pair have not added much as yet, just sitting around.

03/25/2020 by CarolC
Debby B reported this new nest on 3/25: Here's pix of strange start of osprey nest by double bench in Forest Preserve entry to anhinga trail. This morning, 25th, drove by and saw osprey on same snag as seen previously, but then another flew in with nesting material (spanish moss) and left and came back with more material. Then both left, flew to nearby pine and I believe.... MATED!!