Nest #7755

Nickname: Onset Broad Cove
Nest substrate: Osprey Nest Platform
Nest Location Description: At the end of Broad Cove on the edge of a cranberry bog.
Nest Cam URL:
Monitoring Groups: Mass Audubon-South Coast
Latitude: 41.7511297774976
Longitude: -70.6501091343018
Followers: None

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Activity reports

2020 Nest Activity Report by ospreychick
Adult arrival 04/02/2020 Nestlings 1
Nest Occupied Yes Fledglings 1
Nest Active Yes First chick fledging 08/04/2020
Egg laying 04/21/2020 Chicks last observed 09/03/2020
Incubation initiation 04/22/2020 Nest failure
Clutch hatching 06/03/2020 Reason for nest failure

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Nesting Diaries

09/11/2020 by ospreychick
My son visited the nest daily while I was away from 9/5 until 9/9. He didn't see Chirpy at all. Today I floated in my kayak under the nest. On my way over I saw 2 ospreys fishing over the cove. As I was about to leave the nest, an osprey flew towards me and towards Chirpie's nest with a fish, then veered off into the trees near the nest to eat the fish. No way of knowing if this was Chirpie or not. As I was pulling my kayak up onto the beach, 2 ospreys were fishing over the cove.

09/05/2020 by ospreychick
Empty nest

09/04/2020 by ospreychick
Empty nest

09/03/2020 by ospreychick
Osprey perched in small tree in bog near nest.

09/02/2020 by ospreychick
Floating in kayak under nest. There was an osprey perched on a pole in the water with a fish. When he saw me over by the nest he flew off with the fish, chirping, and went behind the trees near the nest. He didn't come back into nest. There was also an osprey perched in a small tree in the bog near the nest.

08/31/2020 by ospreychick
Chirpie flew into nest, chirping the whole way.

08/30/2020 by ospreychick
Empty nest.

08/28/2020 by ospreychick
Floated by in my kayak. Sat there for 10 minutes. Chick was in the nest and he would chirp periodically but never moved out of the nest while I was there.

08/25/2020 by ospreychick
The chick was in the nest but he was quiet and didn't move out of the nest or chirp while I observed the nest.

08/23/2020 by ospreychick
Today my chick was very entertaining. When I started watching, he was fishing over the cove. He dove unsuccessfully a couple of times, then flew up into a tree and perched there for awhile, chirping now and then. Then he flew down, fished again, came up with nothing, then landed on a sandy spot, in water up to his breast, and sat there for at least 5 minutes splashing around, giving himself a bath. He finally flew up into the nest, chirped a bit, then flew away. It's the most active he's been while I've been observing him, except for when he's been chasing interlopers away.

08/21/2020 by ospreychick
I kayaked over the the nest. It was empty but when 2 ospreys flew over the cove, crazy loud chirping came from the trees near the nest, probably my chick. As the 2 birds continued to circle over the cove and fly close to the nest, my chick eventually flew out of the trees and chased them away. He was chirping the whole time!

08/19/2020 by ospreychick
I sat in my kayak, looking up at the chick in the nest. He never chirped or left the nest.

08/17/2020 by ospreychick
The adult ospreys might have already migrated but they taught their chick well. He was a late flyer but today I saw him defending his nest from what I think was another chick. He was perched in a nearby tree when another young bird flew by. He flew after him, swooping and diving at the other bird and chased him out of the area. Then he came back to the nest. The persistent interloper returned and started swooping down on him in the nest. The chick chirped threateningly, staying in the nest, and eventually the other bird flew away. He's definitely scrappy!

08/14/2020 by ospreychick
Floated by in my kayak today and saw 1 bird in nest eating a fish. He just ignored me and I sat there for 10 minutes. I think this is the chick. I haven't seen any other birds there since 8/9.

08/11/2020 by ospreychick
Empty nest. No activity observed and I stayed for 10 minutes.

08/09/2020 by ospreychick
Visited the nest at 7:00 PM when it seems like they should be coming home to roost. One bird was flying away when I arrived and there was a bird in the nest. No other action observed during my visit.

08/07/2020 by ospreychick
Observed nest from my kayak. One bird in nest (chick?) that chirped when I beached my kayak nearby to remove spiders from boat. Just as I was paddling away he started chirping loudly and another bird flew into nest.

08/04/2020 by ospreychick
Empty nest today!! I put this date in as the date the chick fledged but it could have been a couple of days earlier. No birds were observed at the nest.

08/02/2020 by ospreychick
One bird in nest. Not sure if it was Nippie or the chick.

08/01/2020 by ospreychick
Today is day 59 for a chick that hatched on or around 6/3 to fledge. The chick was alone in nest, then Nippie flew in. They were chirping but I couldn't see anything nearby that they were chirping at. The chick should be fledging soon. He was stretching his wings today! Good sign!

07/29/2020 by ospreychick
Observed nest from my kayak. Nippie and the chick were in the nest. They chirped half heartedly at me when I pulled up but as I floated around, they started agitated chirping when an osprey interloper flew by. He circled the nest a couple of times then perched in a nearby tree. Keckie didn't come out to defend the nest so he must have been off fishing. Eventually, the interloper flew off.

07/27/2020 by ospreychick
Nippie and the chick in nest. I don't think the chick has fledged yet and I'm starting to wonder if Nippie flies! Seems like whenever I watch the nest they are just sitting there together and Keckie is flying in and out. Today, he flew in with a fish and the chick chirped excitedly.

07/24/2020 by ospreychick
Nippie and the chick in the nest. Chick is much more visible now without the bush.

07/22/2020 by ospreychick
I watched the nest from my kayak. Nippie and the chick were in the nest and when they started chirping at me, Keckie flew out of a nearby tree and into the nest. He stayed there til I started to paddle away, then he flew off. It was great to see all 3 in the nest!

07/21/2020 by ospreychick
The bush/weed that had been growing in the nest was completely gone! I had a clear view of Nippie and the chick. Keckie flew out of the trees, chirping at an interloper. He flew off after chasing it away.

07/16/2020 by ospreychick
3 birds in nest. Keckie left the nest to fish. He caught one, just by barely dipping below the surface.He was adjusting it in his talons and heading towards the nest, when another bird flew down and also caught a fish. Keckie switched directions and took the time to chirp at and chase away the interloper, before flying back to the nest. I guess he was hungry because he did NOT go to the nest and share the fish. He disappeared into a tree behind the nest to eat it himself (?) Nippie was quiet so maybe he had already fed his family. The chick looked small.

07/10/2020 by ospreychick
Hung out in my kayak near the nest for 10 minutes and definitely saw the chick. When i arrived at the nest, both adults were in the nest with the chick, but Keckie flew out and down into the trees near the nest. Nippie remained in the nest with the chick. There appears to be only and I don't think it has fledged yet. Definitely smaller than the stone bridge chicks.

07/05/2020 by ospreychick
Nippie on nest. I'm pretty sure I could see the chick also. An interloper flew near the nest and Keckie flew out of the trees to chase it away while Nippie chirped. Keckie flew away after the interloper.

07/02/2020 by ospreychick
As I approached in my kayak I could see 2 birds in nest - looked like an adult and a chick. The adult was chirping loudly at an interloping osprey flying by the nest. She stopped chirping at him as he flew away, then proceeded to chirp at me until I paddled away to satisfy her.

06/26/2020 by ospreychick
One bird in nest, chirping at me as I got too close in my kayak. It's still hard to catch sight of the chick but the birds are behaving like there are young in the nest.

06/25/2020 by ospreychick
One bird in nest, chirping at an interloper flying overhead.

06/23/2020 by ospreychick
One bird in nest. I think the large weed is making it really hard to see the chick.

06/19/2020 by ospreychick
I saw a chick for the first time today! One bird flew away from the nest just as I was arriving, leaving one adult in the nest. As I watched, I could tell she was feeding a chick and it was visible. Only one so far.

06/17/2020 by ospreychick
One bird in nest. Another bird flew in with a fish. They were both perched on the edge of the nest but still no sign of chicks. The huge weed that I was worried about seems to be dying (turning brown).

06/16/2020 by ospreychick
Nest was empty when I arrived then a bird flew in with a fish and proceeded to pull it apart. Feeding chicks? Couldn't see the chicks.

06/12/2020 by ospreychick
One bird in nest. No sign of chicks yet.

06/09/2020 by ospreychick
One bird sitting on edge of nest, chirping at another bird circling overhead. Eventually she left the nest to drive off the interloper who flew farther out over the cove but didn't leave until the crows chased it away. She came back to the nest.

06/07/2020 by ospreychick
One bird on pole in the cove. Flew down, came up with a fish but flew into the trees behind the nest instead of bringing the fish to the nest. The other adult was in the nest the whole time.

06/05/2020 by ospreychick
Both birds in nest. One flew out and returned with a fish. Both adults seemed to be picking at it. Neither one was in incubating position.

06/03/2020 by ospreychick
one bird in nest, not in incubating position. It appears hatching has started! There is a huge weed on the right side of the nest that keeps getting bigger. I'm afraid it's going to push the birds out of the nest. 6/3/2020

06/01/2020 by ospreychick
One bird in nest. I wasn't sure if she was in the incubating posture or not. Chicks are due to hatch this week or as early as this past weekend. I'm watching closely. Their nest gets deeper every year so it's hard to tell.

05/25/2020 by ospreychick
Saw both birds today. Nippie incubating, then Keckie flew up out of the trees to chirp at an interloper. He flew into nest after chasing it away, then flew off again.

05/21/2020 by ospreychick
5/20/2020 - one bird incubating and she wasn't disturbed when someone walked directly under the nest. Not even a chirp. I haven't seen the other bird for about a week now.

05/15/2020 by ospreychick
Nippie incubating. There is a large, green weed growing in the nest. I'm hoping it doesn't overtake the nest bowl so there's no room for the eggs.

05/12/2020 by ospreychick
Nippie incubating. She flew off nest, chirping at a person who was picking up trash under the nest. She eventually flew back, settling on eggs. Meanwhile, Keckie was flying over the cove fishing. When he was unsuccessful, he flew away.

05/08/2020 by ospreychick
Nippie incubating. No sign of Keckie. Their nest seems to be getting larger.

05/06/2020 by ospreychick
Both birds in nest. One flew down and brought up nesting material from the beach then it looked like he was spreading it around in the nest while the other bird was incubating. Then flew out and away.

05/04/2020 by ospreychick
Nippie incubating. She didn't chirp when someone drove a golf cart literally under the nest or when a turkey vulture was riding the wind currents in the vicinity of her nest.

04/29/2020 by ospreychick
Nippie in nest on the eggs. Keckie flew in, no fish, she stood up and they both stood in nest for a few minutes, then Nippie flew out & Keckie hunkered down on the eggs. Changing of the guard.

04/22/2020 by ospreychick
We have incubation! Keckie flew in with a fish for breakfast.

04/20/2020 by ospreychick
Both birds in nest. One flew out and came back with nesting material. Their nest has grown since their return. Eventually they both flew out and away in opposite directions. Still no eggs.

04/15/2020 by ospreychick
4/15 - One bird in nest. When it flew out over cove it was immediately harassed by a crow. The osprey chased the crow, and this went back & forth, until the other osprey showed up. One went back to the nest, the other continued the crow drama then perched in a nearby tree after the crow flew away. No eggs yet.

04/12/2020 by ospreychick
I've been observing this nest for 12 years so I named the birds. Niippie (F) and Keckie (M), is how I'll refer to them from now on. Nippie in nest, chirping nervously at anything that flew by, sea gull, crow...finally Keckie flew into nest, "empty-taloned". Nippie chirped excitedly to see him, and continued to chirp until he flew off again. Probably to find dinner! No eggs yet.

04/12/2020 by jzskins
Pair of osprey active. Female staying in nest while male hunts and keeps guard/

04/05/2020 by ospreychick
today I saw both birds for the first time. I felt like a voyeur because I saw osprey sex twice while I was watching the nest. The male flew down and brought up some nesting material. 2 other ospreys flew by and I noticed the pair didn't seem bothered by these birds like they are when they have the chicks in the nest.