Nest #7666

Nickname: The Preserve on the Elizabeth
Nest substrate: Dead Tree
Nest Location Description: Restricted access area. In tall dead tree on northern bank of Intracoastal Waterway (Elizabeth River Southern Branch) at The Preserve on the Elizabeth, and not far from Bells Mill Park. Thanks to the kind folks at CFM, the HOA Board here, and HOA Board member Steve Arrendale in particular, for alerting me to the nest and its location. Much of above copied from Nest #7190, The Preserve on the Elizabeth, nest description. Please see Nest #7190 description and report.
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Latitude: 36.7279968683065
Longitude: -76.2576246560059
Followers: None

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2019 Nest Activity Report by Dave Gibson
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08/16/2019 by Dave Gibson
I visited the area and wrote the following on 5/09/19 (Nest #7190, The Preserve on the Elizabeth): "There is a nest around here somewhere, I believe. Observed 2 Ospreys here this a.m. and spent time observing one feed on a fish it had just caught. It doesn't appear the pair is using last year's tree nest, which appears to be empty." As it turns out, and thanks to Steve Arrendale for pointing it out, an Osprey pair built a nest in a dead tree on the waterfront here. The nest is now empty, smaller, flatter. I observed an adult pair here today (see photo). Based on Steve's observations, my hunches, and the presence of other Ospreys in the immediate area (couldn't ID for age), the pair successfully raised at least 1 bird.