Nest #7619

Nickname: Narrow's Crossing Nest
Nest substrate: Utility Pole
Nest Location Description: 8 Sandwich Road - Wareham, MA 02571 - Nest on top of utility pole
Nest Cam URL:
Monitoring Groups: Mass Audubon-South Coast
Latitude: 41.757262
Longitude: -70.710657
Followers: None

Past Seasons

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Activity reports

2019 Nest Activity Report by KDepot
Adult arrival Nestlings
Nest Occupied   Fledglings
Nest Active   First chick fledging
Egg laying Chicks last observed
Incubation initiation Nest failure
Clutch hatching Reason for nest failure
2020 Nest Activity Report by suddenlypurple
Adult arrival Nestlings
Nest Occupied No Fledglings
Nest Active   First chick fledging
Egg laying Chicks last observed
Incubation initiation Nest failure
Clutch hatching Reason for nest failure
2020 Nest Activity Report by jzskins
Adult arrival Nestlings
Nest Occupied Yes Fledglings
Nest Active   First chick fledging
Egg laying Chicks last observed
Incubation initiation Nest failure
Clutch hatching Reason for nest failure
2020 Nest Activity Report by Scully
Adult arrival 03/21/2020 Nestlings
Nest Occupied Yes Fledglings
Nest Active Yes First chick fledging
Egg laying Chicks last observed
Incubation initiation 04/04/2020 Nest failure 04/10/2020
Clutch hatching Reason for nest failure nest destroyed during storm
Nest Activity Report by Scully
Adult arrival 03/29/2021 Nestlings
Nest Occupied Yes Fledglings 2
Nest Active Yes First chick fledging 07/18/2021
Egg laying Chicks last observed
Incubation initiation 04/10/2021 Nest failure
Clutch hatching 05/23/2021 Reason for nest failure

Photos of this nest

Nesting Diaries

08/26/2021 by Scully
Two chicks in the tree - 0176(2) - 6:55 pm - No sight of parents

08/15/2021 by Scully
Saw one chick , no parents . Didn't stay 5:40 pm pic 9812(2)

08/06/2021 by Scully
When we arrived one chick was in the tree eating a fish and the other was in the nest and appeared to be eating a fish . The one in the tree flew off with fish in " Toe " they don't take to me so well . 7:04 pm pic # 9314(2)

08/02/2021 by Scully
Got there around 6 both chicks in the nest got some flight pics stayed about 5 minutes I appeared to be bothering them no sight of mom or dad pic # 9106(2) - 9132(2) - 9143(2)

07/27/2021 by Scully
Went by around 11:30 am no one was home Back around 6:30 pm and saw only ma in the tree

07/24/2021 by Scully
One chick in the nest . Mom with fish and one chick in tree . Mom goes to nest . After a few minutes she leaves I think to chase off other osprey . Shortly after dad comes to tree

07/21/2021 by Scully
Saw both of them flying today Only one good pic of one leaving the tree 8016(2) - 8017(2) - 10:42 am Went back around 5 ---- after some flying around they both returned to the nest . I believe dad was trying to entice them back out as he made several passes with a fish . He eventually returned to the nest . after a few minutes we left . I'm assuming he gave into the kids :)

07/21/2021 by Scully
pics 8110(2) - 8138(2) - 8208(2) - 8225(2)

07/18/2021 by Scully
Saw a chick in the tree 7999(2)

07/14/2021 by Scully
Mama & two kids pic # 7750(2)

07/08/2021 by Scully
Saw Mama on the nest , flying a few laps , arguing with a Great-blue heron . Heard chick(s) in the nest when mama flew over but I didn't see them

07/05/2021 by Scully
Dad in the tree . Mom circled the nest then was flapping her wings on the edge doing little lift offs 3:40 - 356 pm 7449(2) - 7452(2) - 7457(2)

06/27/2021 by Scully
Been neglecting my nest . I saw two chicks 6808(2) One was trying out its wings 6761(2) - the other one is mom or dad I couldn't tell 3 - 3:14 pm

06/26/2021 by ospreychick
Watched the nest for a few minutes from Ave A. One of the adults was perched in that almost dead tree near the nest. I finally saw a wing come up in the nest so I know there was at least one chick there!!

06/21/2021 by lost_bird
We've been seeing just one chick sitting up in the nest. I was pretty sure there were two but maybe not.

06/13/2021 by lost_bird
Drove past the nest today and saw two chicks raising their little heads! Not sure if there are any more in the nest.

06/13/2021 by Scully
I saw one chick 5564(3) I thought mom was in the nest but no she came in with a stick - 5591(2) - and he had to of taken off when I turned my head because she was doing to much fusing about for him to be in there - 5652(2) 7:19 pm

06/10/2021 by Scully
She was in the nest he was in the tree Still can't see the babies or activity

06/04/2021 by Scully
He's in the tree 1362(3) and she's up on the nest 1355(2) - couldn't see any movement thru the nest ----- 5:35 pm

06/01/2021 by Scully
He came with a fish 1093(3) she came over to get it 1104(2) took a couple bites then returned to other side of nest and appeared to be feeding baby(ies) . He is picking his teeth 1171(2) . Oh wait he's not staying for the whole dinner 1204(2) aha I guess this Great-blue heron is encroaching on the osprey's fishing grounds 1218(2) 7:03 - 7:11 pm

05/27/2021 by Scully
They had dinner together . Couldn't see any babies Pic 0470(2) - 5:14 pm

05/25/2021 by Scully
Arrived at 5:21 pm both in the nest {0156(1)} he left did some fly byes eventually flew by with a fish at 5:58 pm {0261(1)} was eating in the tree across the way till I left at 6:15 pm she stayed down in the nest the whole time

05/23/2021 by Scully
Although I can't see them there has to be babies . He came with a fish (7407-2) and they both were in the nest for 18 minutes (7420 - 2 & 7478 - 2 ) then he left empty handed 12:51 pm - 1:09 pm ----- saw lost bird post above mine after I posted this post . Were you agreeing with the 05/21 post or was this available to see as I was doing it ????????????

05/23/2021 by lost_bird
I agree! The female was higher up in the nest and looked like she was could be tending to chicks. The male was sitting guard in the tree.

05/21/2021 by Scully
I can't be positive but the way they're behaving seems like chicks might be in there . I have not seen any feeding or one of them staying and eating at the nest . She did bring in more nesting materials pic # "s 7040(2) & 7049(2) 11:41 am..........

05/18/2021 by Scully
Nothing new to report , which I probably should put for the days that I'm there , until today maybe ??? Around 2:40 - 2:44 pm he was in the tree and she was in the nest doing a lot of moving about . All I saw of her was the tail feathers . Are they hatching are they hatched ????????? Could only stay for 5 minutes . Having come from my Covid shot at Onset Pier & Mama needed to get home for a zoom meeting and knowing I'd be back later when Mama went to get her shot at the multi service center . Fast Forward to 5:15 pm He was on the edge of the nest for 8 minutes (pic # 6746[2])before flying to the tree . At this time I wasn't sure if she was in there or not . 15 minutes later I see her tail feathers . We left a few minutes after that . 78* according to bank Downtown

05/10/2021 by Scully
While she was preening 5849(2) he landed not to far from her . My back was to the nest so I don't know if he came from it . The car Thermometer said 62* I was wearing a dark grey (full sleeve) T shirt and the sun was beaming I was getting hot . It may have been possible that no one was on the eggs right after he landed she flew to the nest to sit on the eggs In past observations Usually one lands on the nest and then the other takes off -- 4:19 pm

05/06/2021 by Scully
After some preening ( pic # 5497 2 ) she took a short flight (pic # 5536 2) returned to the nest to relive dad of incubating duties . A pic of him flying away # 5555(2)

04/30/2021 by Scully
We didn't see either in the tree or marsh nor notice any movement in the nest . Eleven minutes later she flew in he flew out to the marsh 2:07 pm . pic # 5305(2) & 5314(2)

04/23/2021 by Scully
He was on the tree pic # 4889(2) flew to the marsh didn't see but did hear her in the nest 3:36 pm

04/19/2021 by Scully
He showed up 5 minutes after us . Pic # 4751(2) She's on the eggs 6:50 - 7:08 pm

04/14/2021 by Scully
One in the tree , one in the nest

04/14/2021 by Scully
She's in the tree giving me a wink pic # 4523(2) and he was down in the nest . I was only there for ten minutes 3:03 - 3:14 pm

04/10/2021 by Scully
We arrived at 4:25 pm She was in the tree pic # 4403(2) and I'm assuming it was him because for the 23 minutes we were there all we saw were tail feathers sticking up out of the nest pic # 4450 left at 4:48 pm -- we returned at 6:55 The a male was in the tree but flew off then I noticed a female which was on the other side of the branch were the male was . I couldn't stay to see if someone else was in the nest ????? and perhaps that was a different male or maybe she was letting the eggs cool off I was only there for a minute so I'm not sure what's going on . We Went to Falmouth to check out some more osprey so when we got back to town I had to go pee.............

04/08/2021 by Scully
He was in the tree with a fish , She was down in the nest . He flew too the nest pic # 4247(2)and was there for a minute and it appears to be him leaving with the fish ???? pic # 4264(2) So if it was her still in there and basically didn't move for the 15 minutes I was there - 3:49 - 4:04 pm We returned at 5:13 - 5:21 pm he was in the tree and she was down in the nest

04/02/2021 by Scully
She's on the edge of the nest and he's out on the marsh Pic # 3765(2)

03/29/2021 by Scully
Saw the male today he had food . pic # 3136 brought it to her pic # 3245 copulation pic # 3396

03/27/2021 by Scully
Seen one Thursday 03/25 got a good chest pic (3065) Friday 03/27 appears to be the Female

03/27/2021 by lost_bird
One osprey has been seen on and around the nest for several days, no sightings of 2nd one yet.

08/26/2020 by ospreychick
Drove by again and didn't see any birds.

08/22/2020 by ospreychick
Drove by the nest. No birds perched anywhere near the nest.

08/20/2020 by ospreychick
Over the past couple of days I've driven by late in the day and there has been 1 bird perched in a tree across the street from the nest. Still here!

08/17/2020 by ospreychick
I drove by on 8/15 and both birds were in the nest. I drove by late yesterday and there were no birds nearby or on the nest. Could be that they've flown the coop.

08/10/2020 by ospreychick
Even though this nest failed, it seems that the pair are continuing to hang out there. I drive by frequently and see at least one of them in or near the nest every time. Maybe they'll be back to try again next year.

07/30/2020 by Scully
Ya , nothing new . Here's a pic from 07/26/20 - 1:10 pm - 4236(2) Time now 4:29 pm 7/30/20

07/25/2020 by ospreychick
Sometimes when I go by the nest, I see one bird perched in the tree and the other in the nest but no sign of any chicks. Sometimes the nest is empty. No idea why this nest failed.

07/13/2020 by Scully
A sad (?) feeling came over me when I saw her looking into what I presume to be an empty nest - Pic # 3091 - He's in the tree with a fish Pic # 3129 ---- Time now #:52 pm - 7/14

07/08/2020 by Scully
Not seeing any babies -------- Watching me - Pic # 2174 Time now 7:26 am - 07/11/20

06/30/2020 by Scully
One in the tree . Took off . 10:26 am Pic # 1630 ----- time now -- 12:53 pm -6/30

06/29/2020 by Scully
Both in the tree . He has a fish . Took off to the tree by Cape Cod Shipbuilders and she soon followed. 7:39 pm - Pic # 1600(2) --- Time know 12:44 pm 06/30

06/26/2020 by Scully
Got there at 5:14 . He was in the tree with a fish . Took off . 6:02 The action started - I'm not sure what happened . I think two females were having a dispute pic 9779 - Time now 10:37 am 06/26

06/24/2020 by Scully
Both in the tree . Last few visits they weren't really at the nest at all .............?????? I'm thinking no babies Time now 4:38 pm 06/25

06/18/2020 by Scully
She was on the edge of the nest pic # 3135 (4:06 pm) went fishing (4:13 pm) I'm not sure if it was her that caught a fish . Pic # 3325 After she went out four others showed up . One caught a fish came by the nest , pic # 3368 but didn't land in the tree or nest . No sign of him . Left 4:30 pm The last two days they were in the tree

06/12/2020 by Scully
She's in the tree . Pic # 0564(2) He's adding to the nest Pic # 0630(2) 3:21 - 3:36 pm - Time now 1:40 pm 06/14/20

06/10/2020 by Scully
Both in the tree . Both took off

06/08/2020 by Scully
She was in the tree 4:09 pm . I didn't know if he was in the nest . She flew away . She returned at 4:37 with a branch . After passing over a few times she landed at 4:44 Pic # 0114 . Well look who shows up 4:45 pm Pic # 0166 copulates leaves and returns with grass pic # 0188 . He's out she's in 4:50 pm Pic #"s 0201 & 0211 Time now 4:03 pm 06/10 /20

06/07/2020 by lost_bird
It appears that hatching has begun because the female is often not in incubation posture.

06/06/2020 by Scully
Mama took some pics last nite . Both were in the tree . 8:27 pm pic # 9730 - Time now 5:45 pm 06/07/20

06/04/2020 by Scully
She was in the tree with dinner .pic # 9602 I didn't see him but I did hear him in the nest pic # 9628 6:26 pm --- Time now 06/05/20 4:33 pm

06/01/2020 by Scully
He came with nesting material at 5:04 pm pic # 8954 I didn't know she was there until 5:46 pm pic # 9098 so at first I was thinking nestlings cause no one was around but then she popped up

05/31/2020 by Scully
He brought more nesting material Pic # 8499 She did some preening pic # 8597 - 11:39 am Time now 06/04/20 - 4:04 pm

05/27/2020 by Scully
There for almost an hour . All I saw of her was her tail . She fussed about a few times . PIC # 7152 ---- He was in the tree being harassed by a grackle . pic # 7032 --- Time now 5/29 2:46 pm

05/25/2020 by Scully
One in one out . I believe this is the female (pic # 6782) leaving at 3:07 pm . The other hunkered down. I assuming they haven't hatched yet . Time now 8:08 pm

05/24/2020 by Scully
Someone fussing about the nest . Pic #6597 Didn't see the other one . 11:37 am Time now !0:30 pm

05/24/2020 by Scully
Assuming this is the mate flying by with a fish Pic # 6638 then she's in the nest pic # 6636 5:13 pm Time now 10:38 pm

05/20/2020 by Scully
She was in the tree (5:34 pm)- Pic # 5829 - He came out of the nest (5:40 pm) -Pic # 5874 They're both in the tree pic # 5886 - she went to the nest . 3 to 4 minutes had elapsed since the male left the nest -- Temp 61*--- Time now 7:31 pm

05/13/2020 by Scully
He was in the tree --- Pic # 5071 She was in the nest ---- 05/19/20

05/09/2020 by Scully
He flew to the log - Pic # 3364 She was in the nest --- 05/19/20

05/05/2020 by Scully
Fish exchange : He brought dinner and then sat on the eggs as she went to eat .Pic #'s 2766 & 2768 Time now : 8:27 am 05/10/20

05/02/2020 by Scully
Delivery and Takeout He delivered dinner and as she took it away he tended the eggs. Pic #2014 Time now - 7:36 am - 05/09/20

04/28/2020 by Scully
As we arrived (3:51 pm) one was coming to the nest with a fish and just as quickly took off with the fish . I assumed it was the male for the other was hunkered down . At 4:07 pm the other one returned to perch in the tree . Cleaned (?) it's beak for a few minutes (pic 1283) then flew across the way got a drink , which is the first time I have ever seen this , (pic 1354) waded in the water and returned to the tree (pic 1408) then she left again at 4:16 pm While the male did the egg sitting I'm assuming ---- Time now 10:19 pm ------

04/26/2020 by Scully
On 04/21 there was another storm 04/22 the nest was fine but I didn't see the pair but I heard one in the nest . I was concerned that something happened to one of them 04/23 He was in the tree she was hunkered in the nest . He flew to the nest then she flew to the tree and had difficulty landing on the branch " Oh no she's injured " after further observation I realized that her leg must have been asleep from laying on eggs I assume this because as she was shaking and stretching her leg he hunkered down in the nest I was quick to think she was injured because from what I read I thought it would be three weeks before she layed more eggs and as of 04/22 only ten days have passed since the last one were lost due to a storm . Time now 1:42 pm ----- Leg pics 04/23 --- 0400 - 0404 - 0412

04/21/2020 by Scully
copulation - 10:44 am pic# 9289(2) ---- 4:49 pm -----

04/17/2020 by Scully
Male tending to the nest and his mate Pic #'s 8100 - 8144 --- 04/17/20 -- 11:09 am -----04/18----- 8:41 am

04/16/2020 by Scully
Nest coming along Pics from 04/15/20 - 10:23 am Pic #'s 1599 - 1600 ------ Time now 7:19 pm

04/15/2020 by ospreychick
4/14 not much progress rebuilding nest when I observed it mid-afternoon but when I drove by at 6:45 PM it was noticeably larger.

04/13/2020 by Scully
Nest was coming along at 10:10 am pic #1063 but at 5:56 pm it's not doing so well pic #1184........ 7:30 pm

04/11/2020 by Scully
Rebuilding Pic # 0735 & 0741

04/10/2020 by lost_bird
Very windy lately, looks like most of the sticks have blown off the nest, sorry to say. But they are already starting over.

04/10/2020 by Scully
4:30 pm Nest destroyed by yesterdays storm Pic # 578 -- I found one possibly two egg shell remains Pic # 618 The female eating dinner Pic # 586

04/09/2020 by Scully
She's in the nest Herring at the Agawam Herring Run pic #0161

04/07/2020 by Scully
We were there from 5:53 to 7:21 he brought grass/mud once and she only came out twice . First time it looked like she was fending off other osprey (3 min) next time she went to the tree (2 min) He came to the nest a couple times just to bother her :) Pic # 9164

04/06/2020 by Scully
She's on the nest . He's fishing with eight others

04/05/2020 by Scully
On his way to copulate Pic #8062

04/04/2020 by Scully
One on the marsh pic # 6469 the other on the nest pic # 6521

03/31/2020 by Scully
There goes dinner 03/31/20 - 3:38 pm pic # 5421 Not amused and still waiting for dinner pic # 5441

03/31/2020 by Scully
More nesting material 03/31/20 - 12:52 pm pic # 5263 Chill'n on the marsh 12:59 pm pic # 5315

03/31/2020 by jzskins
Pair occupying nest

03/30/2020 by Scully
Copulation tonight 03/30/20 - 5:37 pm Pic #'s 5138 - 5140 - 5143 - 5152 (she's smiling) - 5159

03/29/2020 by Scully
They were in the tree when I arrived Pic # 4969(2) Another occupant of the nest (sparrow) pic # 4971(2) A two-fer pic # 4979(2) There were seven osprey at the Agawam Herring Run when we got there 03/29/20 ---- 3:11 pm

03/27/2020 by jzskins
Breeding pair in nest

03/26/2020 by Scully
one nest one in the tree Pic 4505 & 4407

03/25/2020 by Scully
Nest building continues

03/24/2020 by Scully
Some storm damage to nest

03/24/2020 by Scully
Perchedin the tree beside their nest 6:23 pm

03/24/2020 by Scully
Some storm damage to nest

03/24/2020 by suddenlypurple
Saw one Osprey grooming at nest site around 10:30 am. Watched about 15 mins. Sitting at opposite end of nest.

03/23/2020 by Scully
03/22 I was at the nest till 6 pm and not a stitch of nest building . Someone told me they were building the nest around the time I left . When I got there at 12:42 pm (03/23) I saw the foundation of the nest

03/21/2020 by Scully
They arrived