Nest #7016

Nickname: PSD nest #3
Nest substrate: Utility Pole
Nest Location Description: newly rebuilt in 2018; nest built between two metal utility poles opposite nest 2013
Nest Cam URL:
Monitoring Groups: LowCountry Institute
Latitude: 32.2086627663455
Longitude: -80.6991655445557
Followers: None

Past Seasons

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Activity reports

2017 Nest Activity Report by CarolC
Adult arrival 03/18/2018 Nestlings
Nest Occupied Yes Fledglings
Nest Active   First chick fledging
Egg laying Chicks last observed
Incubation initiation Nest failure
Clutch hatching Reason for nest failure
2018 Nest Activity Report by CarolC
Adult arrival 03/18/2018 Nestlings 2
Nest Occupied Yes Fledglings 2
Nest Active Yes First chick fledging
Egg laying 04/05/2018 Chicks last observed 07/15/2018
Incubation initiation 04/10/2018 Nest failure
Clutch hatching 05/23/2018 Reason for nest failure
Nest Activity Report by CarolC
Adult arrival 02/25/2019 Nestlings
Nest Occupied Yes Fledglings
Nest Active   First chick fledging
Egg laying Chicks last observed
Incubation initiation Nest failure
Clutch hatching Reason for nest failure

Photos of this nest

Nesting Diaries

03/17/2019 by CarolC
Carol T. reports: Both Osprey were in and out of the nest, but still no sign of incubation behavior. The male brought a fish back to the nest. After consuming part of it, the female flew to an adjacent tree and continued feasting. (Photo attached)

03/12/2019 by CarolC
Carol T. reports: Lots of activity, as both Osprey were busy fussing with the nest and at one point, the male had to chase away another Osprey several times who was trying to take over the nest.

03/04/2019 by CarolC
observer Carol T reports: I visited the nest on 3/4/19 and it was empty when I arrived. Ten minutes later one of the adults flew in and began calling continuously to its mate, (photo attached) which did not arrive while I was there.

02/25/2019 by CarolC
observer Carol T reports: Nest #7016 On 2/25/19 I observed two Osprey at the nest for the first time. They were busy adding to and fussing with the nest...see photo

02/18/2019 by CarolC
observer Carol T reports: The nest appears larger and the osprey (maybe the male) was seen bringing in more nesting material. The female may be there, too.

02/18/2019 by CarolC
Observer Carol T reports: Observed Male Osprey on nest (clear white breast) on 2/14 and 2/18. Nest was much larger on 2/18, and on this day I observed him bringing nesting material several times to the nest and arranging. Have not seen the mate yet, but judging by the nest size I am betting the female has arrived and I've not been lucky enough with my timing to observe her.

07/20/2018 by CarolC
Carol T reports: Well, today was the empty nest when I arrived. I’m equal parts happy and sad. It’s been 5 days since I last observed them in the nest, and I can’t help but think they departed soon after I last saw them. There are two reasons I think based on evidence and one intuited. The nest looks a lot smaller than it did 5 days ago, owing I’m sure to the many days of unrelenting heavy rains and a few torrential downpours. Lots of nesting material was dislodged I assume, and there’s no evidence that’s it’s been tended to at all. And the other reason I feel like they’ve been gone for several days is a gut make of this what you will....but the last day I saw the juveniles they seemed different in ways that are hard to articulate. I sensed an acute state of alertness and a difference in their overall behavior. I will continue to check over the next couple of weeks, but as of now, the nest looks like it’s been vacated, and if so, that’s a really good ending:):)

07/15/2018 by CarolC
Carol T. reports: Both juveniles and mom were sitting in the nest today. I waited awhile to see if they might fly while I was present, but it didn’t happen. Both juveniles were alert, preening and flapping their wings. I would love to see them fly just once because I know one of these days soon they will be gone.

07/14/2018 by CarolC
all 2018 observations and Photos by Carol T.

07/12/2018 by CarolC
General comments from this observer: I have been monitoring three nests here on the Island for Project Osprey Watch and out of those three, one is a resounding success! I have visited this nest at least once a week since mid February, when I observed the nest being rebuilt from scratch. During this five month time period I have become very attached to this family, so I just had to post a photo of the mom and her offspring. I feel like a grandma posting photos of her grandkids LOL. These two juveniles are taken I am thinking they have to have fledged by now, but I have yet to see them take flight. This has been such a rewarding and educational volunteer experience and I highly recommend it !

07/07/2018 by CarolC
Observer reports: Mom and both chicks visible in nest when I arrived, and am happy to report both juveniles looked very healthy and very big!!! I observed them feeding and preening and flapping their wings for about 30 minutes. Even though I didn’t see either youngster fly in or out of the nest, I feel pretty certain they must have fledged by now. Hopefully I will get to observe them testing their wings on my next visit. All is well for now! I was lucky to get a good photo of all three together, which I attached below. It is starting to get very hard to tell the youngsters from the adults.

06/27/2018 by CarolC
observer reports: June 27th Mom in nest sitting upright with wings slightly spread in order to shade the chicks. This has been the posture several times over the course of my most recent visits...due to the very hot sunny days over the past couple of weeks. One of the chicks came out from under cover and has grown so much over the last nine days it looks like it is almost ready to fledge! I could see the second chick, but not well, as it stayed in the shade. So I couldn’t determine its size. I will visit this nest again in a few days with hopes of getting a better look. No sign of the male while I was there.

06/18/2018 by CarolC
observer reports: I’ve been a little apprehensive about returning to the nest because this is such a fragile time in the life of the chicks. But I am so relieved to report that BOTH chicks were present today and WOW have they grown in just a short period of time! They look like juveniles now, instead of babies. When I arrived Mom was in the process of feeding them. No dad in the nest, but heard and saw him soaring around.Even though one youngster is a little larger than the other, both are active and both seemed to have a good appetite. I was able to get a couple of good shots of both chicks with the mom, which I attached to this report. So grateful to see a happy family with two thriving kids!

06/10/2018 by CarolC
observer report; Nest #7016 It has been a week since I first observed 2 chicks in the nest. When I arrived today the female was sitting up in the nest, looking around and calling to the male. During this time period there were no chicks to be seen, so I was getting a little worried. But then the female moved around, flapping her wings, and two heads suddenly appeared! I observed the female feeding one of the chicks for several minutes and managed to get some good photos of this. (Photos attached). The other chick was not eating during this time, but was active nearby and looked as big and healthy as his sibling. When I left after 20 minutes or so, the male had not returned to the nest. Great visit and so relieved to see the chicks looking so healthy!

06/02/2018 by CarolC
observer reports: Great news!!! As of today, there are at least two babies visible in the nest. I was able to get a good long look at them, and at this point both are active and seem healthy. (See attached photos) Mom was in the nest when I arrived, and while I was there Dad flew in with a fish. Good signs all around! Based on the observations our guess is that they hatched about May 23, but that is just a guess.

05/21/2018 by CarolC
observer reports: May 21 Female laying down in nest when I arrived. Observed for about 20 minutes. During that time the mate flew in with a big fish and both Osprey remained in the nest, still eating when I departed. No sign of any hatchlings yet, but too early to be easily observable if there are any.

05/12/2018 by CarolC
observer reports: One adult laying down in nest. We are right around the 35 day mark since first egg was laid.

05/07/2018 by CarolC
obsever reports: One adult laying down in nest. Mate returned with a fish.

05/05/2018 by CarolC
observer reports: One adult laying in nest, then witnessed changing of the guard.

04/29/2018 by CarolC
observer reports: Adult in nest incubating. About 20 minutes later I witnessed a “changing of the guard”! Incubation began sometime around April 5th, so it’s been about 25 days.

04/20/2018 by CarolC
observer reports: April 20 Female in nest incubating. It’s been about 2 weeks since the first sign of incubation. Male flew in 10 minutes later with a fish and then flew off again.

04/13/2018 by CarolC
observer reports: April 13 Female incubating. Occasionally calling to mate. Male flew in after about 20 minutes. Looked like he delivered a fish and flew off again. Female feasted on the fish.

04/10/2018 by CarolC
observation: April 10th Adult in nest incubation posture. It seems an egg (or eggs) have been laid sometime between April 4-6.

04/06/2018 by CarolC
observer reports: April 6th First sign of adult laying prone in nest...incubation posture

04/04/2018 by CarolC
observer reports: Nest #7016 April 4th Nest is larger than it was 4 days ago! No sign of either adult.

03/30/2018 by CarolC
Observer reports: On March 30 Osprey was sitting in nest in the pouring rain. Couldn’t see well enough to determine which one it was.

03/28/2018 by CarolC
Observer reports: On March 28 female again sitting in nest when I arrived. Could hear another Osprey close by (maybe the male?) Female flew off after about 10 minutes.

03/24/2018 by CarolC
Observer reports: This nest is off to a promising start! On March 24 the female was sitting down in the nest. When I left about 20 minutes later she was still there just looking around. No sign of male.

03/22/2018 by CarolC
This appears to be a new nest as of March 18, 2018. It is across from nest #2513