Nest #6028

Nickname: UD-1
Nest substrate: Osprey Nest Platform
Nest Location Description: Univ of DE campus between Cannon Building and Park Road.
Nest Cam URL:
Monitoring Groups: Delaware Fish and Wildlife
Latitude: 38.7861768731894
Longitude: -75.161934806221
Followers: None

Past Seasons

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Activity reports

2016 Nest Activity Report by Delaware Osprey Watch
Adult arrival Nestlings
Nest Occupied   Fledglings
Nest Active   First chick fledging
Egg laying Chicks last observed
Incubation initiation Nest failure
Clutch hatching Reason for nest failure
2019 Nest Activity Report by UD Marine Ops
Adult arrival Nestlings 1
Nest Occupied Yes Fledglings
Nest Active Yes First chick fledging
Egg laying Chicks last observed
Incubation initiation 04/25/2019 Nest failure
Clutch hatching 06/01/2019 Reason for nest failure

Photos of this nest

Nesting Diaries

02/12/2020 by UD Marine Ops
Male seen resting in nest today. Quite early in the season. Maybe will head north. I'll keep eye out for him. Winter has been too warm.

08/28/2019 by UD Marine Ops
Vacant the few times I saw it the last few days.

08/23/2019 by UD Marine Ops
0-1 the last few days

08/21/2019 by UD Marine Ops
0-2 seen flying in and out yesterday. One perched this morning.

08/21/2019 by UD Marine Ops
0-1 seen in the nest yesterday and this morning.

08/14/2019 by UD Marine Ops
One in the nest most of the time I go by it. Sometimes vacant so it is flying.

08/13/2019 by UD Marine Ops
0830 - one last night at 1730. Vacant this morning.

08/07/2019 by UD Marine Ops
0715 - one on the nest

07/30/2019 by UD Marine Ops
~1015 - Two Osprey in the nest. The hatchling is fully feathered but I have not observed flight yet.

07/23/2019 by UD Marine Ops
Two osprey were in nest the two times I observed yesterday and also this morning. I haven't seen flight yet.

06/28/2019 by UD Marine Ops
~0900 - One relatively small hatchling being well cared for by two adults.

06/25/2019 by UD Marine Ops
1700 - Two adults and the hatchling being well cared for.

06/22/2019 by UD Marine Ops
Around 1300 today one adult and the small hatchling (smallest of all the UD nests I observed today) were active. The second adult arrived a short time later. All look well. The hatchling is small and looking fragile. Hopefully will put on more weight soon.

06/16/2019 by UD Marine Ops
Two adults were there when observed today. Female was feeding one small hatchling. No sign of a second during several minutes of observation.

05/31/2019 by UD Marine Ops
I don't observe this nest as much as #3. Based on the positioning of the adults (similar to #3), I think hatching has occurred.

05/31/2019 by UD Marine Ops
Interesting note. There is a nest very close on the USCG range beacon. Their posture as well indicates hatching.

03/27/2019 by UD Marine Ops
Nesting pair seen and the nest is under renewed building. Today was the first siting of the pair. I drive by 2x/day.