Nest #576

Nickname: New Quarter Point #3
Nest substrate: Channel Marker
Nest Location Description: Stick Nest on Channel Marker #15 near the mouth of Queens Creek, off the point of New Quarter Park, York County, VA. 7-8-2013 - No osprey present on or near the nest. 6-20-13 - The osprey pair are rebuilding the nest on the Marker. It is probably a Frust
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Monitoring Groups: Virginia Master Naturalist, Chesapeake Bay Osprey Watchers
Latitude: 37.295906
Longitude: -76.630946
Followers: None

Past Seasons

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Activity reports

2012 Nest Activity Report by nzedr
Adult arrival 03/25/2012 Nestlings 1
Nest Occupied Yes Fledglings
Nest Active Yes First chick fledging
Egg laying Chicks last observed
Incubation initiation 04/13/2012 Nest failure 06/30/2012
Clutch hatching 05/24/2012 Reason for nest failure nest destroyed during storm
2013 Nest Activity Report by nzedr
Adult arrival 03/17/2013 Nestlings
Nest Occupied Yes Fledglings
Nest Active Yes First chick fledging
Egg laying Chicks last observed
Incubation initiation 04/11/2013 Nest failure 06/13/2013
Clutch hatching Reason for nest failure Believe eggs were infertile prior to storm event
2014 Nest Activity Report by SharonF
Adult arrival Nestlings
Nest Occupied Yes Fledglings
Nest Active Yes First chick fledging
Egg laying 04/11/2014 Chicks last observed
Incubation initiation 04/11/2014 Nest failure 06/02/2014
Clutch hatching Reason for nest failure unknown reason
2015 Nest Activity Report by SharonF
Adult arrival 03/29/2015 Nestlings
Nest Occupied Yes Fledglings
Nest Active Yes First chick fledging
Egg laying Chicks last observed
Incubation initiation 04/12/2015 Nest failure 06/15/2015
Clutch hatching Reason for nest failure

Photos of this nest

Nesting Diaries

03/23/2018 by SharonF
No sign of nest building

03/11/2017 by SharonF
No sign of osprey.

03/04/2017 by SharonF
No sign of any osprey

04/17/2016 by SonnyB
no nesting activity

03/23/2016 by SharonF
No osprey present, and no sticks or any sign of nest building.

03/11/2016 by SharonF
Female osprey perched on mile marker. No sign of male or nest building.

06/17/2015 by Cathleen
Sadly, this nest has been abandoned.

06/15/2015 by Cathleen
I have been away so this was the first time I could check on the nest since May 30th. Unfortunately, it appears the nest has been abandoned. No one was on the nest and both birds were nowhere around. It also looked like the nest was falling apart. I will check again in two days time.

05/30/2015 by Cathleen
Bird high in nest but not in the center. Skittish in my presence but quiet when I was out of sight. I noticed its beak remained open...possibly due to the heat of the day?

05/23/2015 by Cathleen
Bird was sitting higher on nest than usual. There were two osprey flying high above when I arrived but they then flew off. Osprey in nest changed position three times while I was there and was very interested in its surroundings and kept turning its head and looking around.

05/20/2015 by SharonF
Osprey started alarm calling as I approached the nest . After about 5 minutes, mate flew in to nest and then away. Then the female also flew, coming to rest on a pole across the water. She remained there for a few minutes, then returned to the nest, and resumed incubation posture. No sign of any chicks, but should be hatching now.

05/15/2015 by Cathleen
Bird was hunkered down so low on the nest I couldn't tell whether it was the male or the female. The mate was nowhere in sight but about 10 minutes later it flew over the nest but did not stop although there was much calling back and forth. I am only speculating that it was the mate to this nest but am not sure since it did not return before I left.

05/07/2015 by SharonF
Incubating osprey remained low in the nest. No sign of the partner.

05/03/2015 by Cathleen
Brooding bird sitting deep in the nest and because of that I could not tell whether it was the male or the female. Mate was not around but nest was larger as they have been busy adding more sticks to it.

04/24/2015 by SharonF
Incubating bird alarm call as I approach, but then seems to settle down. Male was perched on a tree above me, but flew away.

04/18/2015 by Cathleen
When I arrived the male was standing on the side of the nest while the female was inside the nest in an incubating posture. A very noisy speedboat passed by and the male flew off while the female remained and only sounded her alarm call a few times. However, when two kayakers passed by shortly thereafter she panicked, left the nest and flew around a distance from the nest for a few minutes and then returned. Later on when another kayaker went by she repeated the same behavior but flew for a shorter time. Oddly, a little later another speedboat passed the nest full out and she barely took notice. The male returned and after chatting with the female she left the nest. He did not bring her a fish by the way. The male then spent some time seeming to rearrange the egg? eggs? in the nest before settling in to the incubating posture. A motorized sailboat came by and the male left the nest, flew around it two times, returned, turned the eggs again and settled down once more. It was at that point I left.

04/12/2015 by SharonF
Osprey in incubating posture. Mate arrived with a fish. They changed places and female flew away with the fish. Later saw the female perched across the channel on a post. Alarm calling when I approach.

04/05/2015 by SharonF
One osprey on large nest which flew away then later returned with mate. Both osprey remained standing side by side on the nest until a boat came by and they flew.

03/29/2015 by SharonF
There was no nest on my last visit and now there is a fairly large nest on the M/m. One osprey observed on side of a nest. Began alarm calling as I approached, and flew across the water to a post as soon as I became visible. No sign of mate.

03/15/2015 by SharonF
No sign of osprey or nest building

06/10/2014 by SharonF
Female hanging out on edge of nest. No sign of male.

06/04/2014 by Cathleen
Bird was sitting on the edge of the nest when we arrived but took flight when the mate arrived. The mate then spent some time on the edge of the nest before sitting in the nest in the incubating position. This nest appears to have failed as there has been no sign of hatchlings and they are long overdue. A little later on an osprey was spotted perched on marker 15A but we had no idea if this was the mate to the bird on the nest.

06/02/2014 by SharonF
Upon arrival, nest was empty. There were two osprey flying high above the nest. They seemed to be interacting, then both flew away into the clouds. I thought they had abandoned the nest. Nest remained empty for approximately 10 minutes, then female arrived. She rearranged a few sticks in the nest, then settled down into incubating posture. Mild alarm calling. After about an hour, second osprey flew around the nest, she got up on edge making whistling calls, but he flew away, and she resumed incubating posture. Stayed another 15 minutes and saw no sign of the male.

05/31/2014 by Cathleen
Bird sitting on nest in usual position the whole time I was there continually using the whistling call. The mate was flying nearby and would sometimes return the call. As reported in the duck blind diary, when a boat came by this mate also sounded the alarm and flew into the trees but did not exhibit the same behavior when a second boat went by a little later on. The bird sitting on the nest was not skittish at all this time. Saw no sign of babies.

05/25/2014 by Cathleen
Still incubating but bird on the nest was not skittish so I assume it was the male. Mate was not present.

05/22/2014 by SharonF
Male flew away as I arrived, and did not return in hour I observed. Female still incubating .

05/18/2014 by SharonF
Still incubating. Partner not present, but is perched on nearby post.

05/15/2014 by SharonF
Still incubating. Female is extremely skittish. Tried to get closer and she rose up on the nest, spread her wings. As I backed away, she settled back down. Male was perched on a dead limb above and to left of the nest. He eventually flew over the nest and perched across the water on a pole where he remained until he joined the female on the nest. She flew away, and he began incubating. No food was brought.

05/09/2014 by SharonF
Osprey still incubating. Could not tell if it was male or female. Second osprey arrived after about an hour, and perched on nest and remained there for about 10 minutes. Did not change position with incubating bird, and then flew away.

05/02/2014 by Cathleen
Bird incubating but could not tell if it was the male or the female. It changed position in the nest a few times while we were there. Still skittish.

04/28/2014 by SharonF
Solo osprey on the nest, believed to be the male incubating., alarm calling on approach. After about 45 minutes female flew in, perched on edge, then they changed places, and the male flew away. Female is much more skittish, louder alarm calling. Impossible to see in the nest to know how many eggs.

04/16/2014 by Cathleen
The female was incubating on the nest. She is skittish and sounded an alarm call whenever she sensed our presence. The male was not around.

04/11/2014 by SharonF
The female was on the nest alone for an hour, in incubating posture. Male eventually arrived with a fish.. Female then flew off and male assumed incubation posture.

04/02/2014 by nzedr
4-1-2014. The female was alone on the nest. She began alarm calling when she saw us, but quieted when we moved out of sight. The male joined her on the nest. Both flew and drove off another osprey which flew into their territory, eventually returning to the nest and perching together.

03/28/2014 by nzedr
The nest continues to grow. The female was standing on the nest calling to the male which was perched in a tree further along the creek. He flew to join her, they copulated and sat together on the nest.

03/23/2014 by nzedr
Less than a day later, many sticks have been added to the nest. It's now a couple of inches thick. We watched the male bring a stick to the nest. The female landed beside him and unfortunately, knocked the stick off the platform.

03/22/2014 by nzedr
Some grass, roots, and a couple of sticks have been placed on the Marker. The osprey were not present and did not return during the 45 minutes I watched.

03/12/2014 by nzedr
2 osprey in the area of the nest, evening of 3/11/2014

04/21/2013 by nzedr
4//18/2013. Both ospreys were seen on the nest, with the female standing to one side as though she had just returned. The male flew and the female resumed incubating She was less vocal than she has been on previous visits. 4/19/13. The female was alone in the nest incubating, while the male perched on a nearby pole. The male flew off and returned to his perch with a fish which he commenced to eat. He then brought the remainder of the fish to the female to eat. She left with the fish while the male positioned himself over the eggs to incubate.

04/12/2013 by nzedr
4-7-2013. The nest was empty, while two people sat in a boat moored beneath it while they fished.

04/12/2013 by nzedr
4-11-2013. The female was perched alone on the nest in an incubating posture.

04/03/2013 by nzedr
The female osprey was alone on the nest, She called in alarm when she saw us but did not leave the nest. The male flew in and joined her. They copulated and perched together on the nest, which looks to be large and stable. After approximately 10 minutes the male flew down the creek.

03/31/2013 by nzedr
3-29-13. The female osprey was sitting alone on the nest. She was quite nervous, uttering alarm calls whenever she glimpsed me, but she did not leave the nest. The male did not return during the observation period. 3-22-13. The female osprey flew off the nest when we approached and did not return during the observation period.

03/17/2013 by nzedr
The osprey pair were sitting together on the nest, but flew off as we approached. They settled on a disused blind further down Queens Creek. The nest is growing!

03/16/2013 by nzedr
3-15-2013 - A number of sticks had been placed on the platform, but no osprey were present.

03/16/2013 by nzedr
3-9-2013 - No osprey or building activity on platform seen.

03/16/2013 by nzedr
2-21-2013 - Osprey seen on Queens Creek.

06/06/2012 by nzedr
5/31/12, Female observed perched on the nest with wings spread and hunched over nest to shade the chick, which could be seen in front of her. The chick is significantly larger and stronger and developing the distinctive osprey markings on its head. 6/4/12, Checked on the nest following a severe storm over the weekend. The female was extremely disturbed - she approached the nest several times with a fish in her talons but would not land until we retreated. The chick could be seen low in the nest. The male was circling in the vicinity but did not land. I learned later that the nest had been intensely photographed the previous day, which may have disturbed her.

05/29/2012 by nzedr
5/24/2012, Two osprey were at the nest. The male left and the female settled. She gave several alarm calls when she detected us, but did not leave the nest until another 15-20 minutes had passed. We were then able to see one very small, white nestling in the center of the nest. The female returned shortly and resumed brooding.

05/14/2012 by nzedr
Note: the few sticks and two osprey observed previously on adjacent Marker 15A were no longer there. However, one osprey was sitting on a thin layer of sticks on the platform of a former structure (blind?) nearby.

05/14/2012 by nzedr
5/13/2012, Both osprey were standing on the nest when we arrived. The female (larger bird)flew and the male settled on the nest in an incubating position. He was disturbed by our presence and gave alarm calls intermittently (mainly when he detected movement). A couple of the calls were quite un-birdlike, percussive and reminscent of a frog. A passing boat disturbed him but he did not leave the nest. The female did not return during the hour plus we were there.

04/26/2012 by nzedr
4/20/12, the female was sitting in the nest but raised up and began calling as we cautiously approached. However, she did not leave the nest and settled back down. Altogether, she seemed less disturbed than I've observed on previous visits. The male was not seen.

04/17/2012 by nzedr
4/15/12, two people were seen sitting halfway down the bank to the creek photographing the nest. The nest was empty and the male osprey was perched on a pole on the other side of the creek. They reported that he had brought a fish to the nest, which the female had then taken away with her. They did not see eggs in the nest (telescopic lens).

04/14/2012 by nzedr
4/13/2012, One osprey was on the nest, but seemed to be made uncomfortable by my presence. She flew from the nest and returned shortly calling continuously. She moved about in the nest and settled slowly, but remained very alert and vocal. I could not see eggs but she behaved as though she was incubating. Thirtyfive minutes later, the male flew in and the female left. The male carefully assumed her former position on the nest. He also called but less frequently. The female returned briefly but left again and the male continued sitting on the nest. Two osprey were seen sitting on Marker 15A. Some sticks had been placed on the marker.

04/12/2012 by nzedr
On April 6, 2012 one osprey was seen on the nest, but flew off calling as we approached. She returned to the nest, but did not settle, flying off again, circling the nest and calling repeatedly. She returned to the nest while we remained still and out of sight, only to be disturbed by another person walking into the area.

04/12/2012 by nzedr
First observed March 17, 2012. (Nest was not there on March 10.) Ospreys were not present. A solitary osprey was observed perched on the nearby Channel Marker 15A. There was no evidence of nest building on 15A. Both osprey were on the nest on 3/25/2012, but flew off as we approached.

03/29/2012 by nzedr
Both osprey were on the nest on March 25, 2012, but flew off as we approached.