Nest #4170

Nickname: HOSprey #5
Nest substrate: Industrial Pipe Bridge
Nest Location Description: Nest located near trailer staging area, NW of MO offices and down the hill. Right along roadway.
Nest Cam URL:
Monitoring Groups: Virginia Master Naturalist, Chesapeake Bay Osprey Watchers
Latitude: 37.306368
Longitude: -77.270798
Followers: None

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Activity reports

2013 Nest Activity Report by tyates
Adult arrival Nestlings 2
Nest Occupied Yes Fledglings 2
Nest Active Yes First chick fledging 07/05/2013
Egg laying Chicks last observed
Incubation initiation Nest failure
Clutch hatching Reason for nest failure

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Nesting Diaries

08/06/2013 by tyates
Observed only one young bird on the nest. Noisy as usual. This is consistently the most vocal family of birds. The adults and other young bird were no where to be seen. There were also fewer birds flying in the area this week. Bird on the nest looked healthy still.

07/26/2013 by tyates
One fledgling on the nest. Both adults were on nearby platform railing and utility pole top. Other fledgling was perched about 50 yds away from nest, the farthest away I have seen one perched. This has been a very tight-knit family group all summer. They are never far from each other.

07/19/2013 by tyates
Both fledglings were in the nest and both were eating. Both adults were on handrails on nearby tanks, all facing into the breeze. The group is not nearly as anxious as they have been in the past when they see me. Adults still keep a watchful eye on me.

07/05/2013 by tyates
This nest never ceases to please. Both juveniles were up and one was out of the nest. The one in the nest was opening its wings in the breeze and lifted up, hovered above the nest briefly and sat back down. One adult was in the nest. The second juvenile was on a run of conduit that leads out from under the nest and runs due north. The youngster was out on the end of conduit where it turned down. Not sure if it has fledged or just walked down the conduit. I should see them flying in new couple of weeks. They are large but a little differently marked and colored than the adults, although almost the same size as an adult. While observing I did notice another abandoned nest that I had not seen before. It was in a short, sparse section of conduit up on telephone pole supports. The nest was never finished or was abandoned some time ago. At this point I am not going to enter it as another nesting site, but I will observe for any changes.

06/28/2013 by tyates
All four osprey were present. One adult was perched about 20 feet from the nest. The second was sitting outside but immediately adjacent to the nest. Both chick were up and alert. The adult near the nest was calling occasionally and one of the chicks called as well. The second chick seems to be the subordinate of the other chick. One chick appears larger, more active and more closely linked to one of the adults. I have several short videos of the birds but no new pictures.

06/21/2013 by tyates
This was my best observation to date. I was excited to see two very large fledglings on the nest with one adult. The second adult was outside the nest sitting nearby. There was no calling or agitated appearance as I found a different vantage point from which to observe the nest. The fledglings were standing by an adult that was standing on the edge of the nest with wings partially raised as if going to fly off. Fledgling were mimicking the adult and the adult was looking around as if to ensure they were doing as instructed. Very nurturing type activity and exciting to watch.

06/14/2013 by tyates
One adult sitting 20ft from nest when I arrived. Nest appeared empty and then a large chick/near fledgling stood up and looked around. It flexed its wings and adjusted its position and sat back down, out of sight. Later one adult was on the nest and the second adult was flying around. Both were agitated by my presence.

05/31/2013 by tyates
Observed one adult on the nest. Was able to get close to it due to it being along roadway. Adult was VERY vocal about my being present so I moved along after documenting location. Will watch from higher vantage point in future.