Nest #4067

Nickname: gwynn's island tip
Nest substrate: Osprey Nest Platform
Nest Location Description: Off private residence, about 30 ft. into Chesapeake Bay. About twenty feet above mean high tide
Nest Cam URL:
Monitoring Groups: Virginia Master Naturalist, Chesapeake Bay Osprey Watchers
Latitude: 37.5097236713225
Longitude: -76.2911929321289
Followers: None

Past Seasons

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Activity reports

2013 Nest Activity Report by Gwynn's Island Ginny
Adult arrival 03/20/2013 Nestlings 3
Nest Occupied Yes Fledglings 1
Nest Active Yes First chick fledging 10/01/2013
Egg laying Chicks last observed 10/01/2013
Incubation initiation 04/27/2013 Nest failure
Clutch hatching 06/04/2013 Reason for nest failure

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Nesting Diaries

09/16/2015 by Gwynn's Island Ginny
All milestones at this nest were met later than the typical reports from this region this year. The nest platform may be too small. The nesting pair does not seem effective (although this year's nest was landscaped with live plants!) if not big! Three eggs were laid by late April, all three hatched right around Memorial Day. Sadly, two of the off spring disappeared during the the ensuing weeks, but the survivor fledged around July 18. This is the third year three chicks have hatched and only one survived to fledging. The lone survivor seems slow in achieving independence, as is also typical of predecessors. As of this date, he/she is still lingering around the nest, though the parents seem to have departed.

08/23/2014 by Gwynn's Island Ginny
Although I was not in town to observe this, reports are that at least two of our three little ones fledged successfully before August 1 (they were all still in the nest at my last observation, July 26). One nestling left the nest first and never not so sure what happened there. At least two adult osprey are still in the general nesting area as of the second week of August. Others seem to have left us for the season.

07/08/2014 by Gwynn's Island Ginny
Very good news....despite a rather scruffy looking nest again this year, and a major storm over the past weekend (Arthur), all three chicks, who are almost the size of their parents, are there and seem well. Much harder to distinguish the "alpha" chick who was so much bigger at the beginning...

06/16/2014 by Gwynn's Island Ginny
Estimate that three chicks were born about June 1. As of June 14, all three could be seen in the nest. Two and about the size of baby ducks and one is noticeable bigger. Very clear that this chick is dominant in the "pecking order" (literally). Was observed to peck one of the smaller chicks, who did some back pecking, and then turned around to peck on the last of the three who just ducked for cover as best he/she could. Over an hour of watching, dad was primarily on the nest, doing a lot of calling. Mom finally flew in with a fish she had "prepared" on a nearby roost. It was observed that parents seemed to be working together to feed all three chicks! Nest is still pretty scraggly. The family seems very tolerant of our being only about 20 feet away on a pier. This is a busy area with fishing boats, kids on nearby beach, and even jet skis buzzing by....amazing!

05/15/2014 by Gwynn's Island Ginny
Very reassuring to see that our pair is back for a fourth year and seeming to be successful for the second year in a row. The nest is once again on the small side and a bit scraggly looking but we hope that it will once again produce chicks

10/18/2013 by Gwynn's Island Ginny
Our one and only remaining chick seems to have headed south around Oct. 1. At least he has not been seen since then. The parents have been gone for several weeks. So...although we only had one chick get through to fledging status, at least this year the parents had a successful nesting experience after two unsuccessful seasons. Same time next year we hope!

07/26/2013 by Gwynn's Island Ginny
YIKES....only one "chick" remains in the nest. Apparently recent storms have ruined many nests (#4067 nest is quite dilapidated) and even swept away chicks. Our remaining chick looks big as parents without any fluff left. No signs of fledging yet... chick remains firmly ensconced on remaining nest twigs usually with one parent on nest or nearby. Parents still bringing fish...sometimes flying away with them after presenting...perhaps trying to encourage chick to follow??

07/01/2013 by Gwynn's Island Ginny
Bad news....only two chicks remain in nest as of the end of June. so we lost one. But the survivors look great! Maybe adolescents now? Their fluff is mostly feathers, eyes are an orangey color, and their wings can be stretched out to what looks like almost full adult span. No fledging evidence yet, but it seems likely it will occur soon.....Both parents actively involved in feeding and tending....

06/17/2013 by Gwynn's Island Ginny
This is the third year this osprey pair has attempted a nest on this site. No luck last two years, but three seems the charm! We have observed three nestlings over the past few weeks!