Nest #3721

Nickname: Pungo Ferry Nest
Nest substrate: top of piling cluster
Nest Location Description: Old nest atop of pilings beside the old Donovan Bonney fuel wharf. This nest is large and has been used for several years.
Nest Cam URL:
Monitoring Groups: Chesapeake Bay Osprey Watchers
Latitude: 36.615403
Longitude: -76.048668
Followers: None

Past Seasons

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Activity reports

2013 Nest Activity Report by stevej
Adult arrival 03/14/2013 Nestlings 3
Nest Occupied Yes Fledglings 3
Nest Active Yes First chick fledging 07/23/2013
Egg laying 04/15/2013 Chicks last observed 08/27/2013
Incubation initiation 04/16/2013 Nest failure
Clutch hatching 05/21/2013 Reason for nest failure
2014 Nest Activity Report by stevej
Adult arrival 03/15/2014 Nestlings 2
Nest Occupied Yes Fledglings 2
Nest Active Yes First chick fledging 07/29/2014
Egg laying Chicks last observed 09/02/2014
Incubation initiation 04/20/2014 Nest failure
Clutch hatching 05/24/2014 Reason for nest failure
2015 Nest Activity Report by stevej
Adult arrival 03/14/2015 Nestlings
Nest Occupied Yes Fledglings
Nest Active   First chick fledging
Egg laying Chicks last observed
Incubation initiation Nest failure 03/05/2015
Clutch hatching Reason for nest failure nest destroyed by human

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Nesting Diaries

04/03/2018 by Charlie
Occupied by two birds today.

03/17/2018 by LauraLOVESbirds
9:11am Osprey caught fish and perched on snag across river from nest.

03/17/2018 by LauraLOVESbirds
9:09am: Osprey perched at this nest briefly. Total of 4 ospreys in this area from 9am-10:15am. 2 were on small/early nest at channel marker 43.

05/17/2016 by stevej
osprey still sitting.

05/11/2016 by Charlie
Nest still active. Osprey sitting on nest.

04/16/2016 by Charlie
Nest has been built. A late start but appears to be active. One osprey was near the nest on another piling.

03/29/2016 by stevej
This nest was removed last year and returning pair has chosen another location (TBD)

11/14/2015 by stevej
Nest was removed by ??. First visit I noticed the nest was gone. Checked to see when the pair would return and saw them one time on March 14th but never started nest.

09/06/2014 by stevej
All gone for this year. Last seen was one of the fledglings on 9/02/14 near the nest. All are gone.

09/05/2014 by stevej
No Osprey seen today at or near nest site.

09/02/2014 by stevej
Yesterday only Osprey sited was one of the fledglings. Today same story. Fledgling seems healthy but lonely. Sitting in perch tree near nest.

07/24/2014 by stevej
This nest has progressed very well this year just as it did last year. The adults are very attentive and the chicks are growing at a rapid rate. All is well here.

04/01/2014 by stevej
Male arrived first again this year and started repairing nest. The Female arrived about a week later and was first observed together on the nest March 15th. Today they were both sitting on the rim of the nest and later both flew off together to their favorite fishing hole. This was at 10:10 am today. Clear sky and temp. at 58 degrees.

10/04/2013 by stevej
August 29th was the last time I saw an Osprey at this nesr and it was the male adult and one of the fledglings. I ASSUME THEY HAVE GONE SOUTH?

07/30/2013 by stevej
Will continue to watch the nest to see who is going to be the last one to leave and head South.I have noticed the past 4 to 5 days that the Female adult has been gorging herself, eating fish everytime I've seen her. The Male adult is hanging near the nest and not out hunting like he has been for the couple months.

07/30/2013 by stevej
The last fledgling left the nest today. They are all still back and forth, in and out of the nest. Looks like the first one out is a very good fisherman. I have seen him with a fish each time in a tree next to the nest. The Female adult did bring a fish to the nest this afternoon and shared it with one of the fledglings. This is a good story with a happy ending. Look back a my notes on May 4th and we thought we had lost all of them due to cold tempts and a fisherman that tied his boat within 10 feet of the nest for an hour and a half??? As they say "all's well that ends well"

07/23/2013 by stevej
First fledgling flew today! The Mama Osprey tried to coax the others to fly over to the wharf with a big fish. The first fledgling was watching from atop a nearby tree. The other two are wingercising and getting ready to go soon, probably by the end of the week.

07/17/2013 by stevej
10:30 this morning, clear and 89 degrees. I have attached a couple new pictures today showing Mama and chicks eating breakfast and discussing the fledging thing. They are due to fly any day now.

07/08/2013 by stevej
Checked on nest yesterday to find the young ones testing their wings out. Each on got on the rim of the nest and began their wing exercise thing. The Male soon returned to the nest with a fish and it was lunch time.They should be fledging soon, maybe next week.

06/29/2013 by stevej
Hot today, bout 93 degrees around 3pm. Chicks are growing fast. The Male is keeping up with lots of fish. Everything looks fine here.

06/18/2013 by stevej
Hot and sunny today. All is well.

06/12/2013 by stevej
Finally got a look at the Bobbleheads, all three (3) them. I will post pictures of them next. It was sunny and warm today, bout 89 degrees when I arrived. Found the Female on the nest preening and shading the chicks.Couldn't see them at first. The nest is so deep. Soon the Male arrived with lunch and all three chicks went into action. The whole family is pictured on the nest. The Female feed them while the Male sat on the rim looking out for trouble.All is well at nest # 3721.

05/21/2013 by stevej
Today temp.81 degrees. Lots of activity at the nest today. First noticed Female sitting and vocalizing a lot. Soon the Male flew by nest with a large fish and landed in nearby tree, cut fish in half and delivered it to the nest. The female took it and left the nest to a nearby tree. NOW THIS IS WEIRD. The male and the female both flew over the nest a couple times with the fish half clutched in their feet but never landed. They did this one at a time. Finally the Male landed and began eating the fish but I didn't see him feeding a chick?? When he left the Female did the same thing. Then she flew away and soon came back with the fish half and began feeding a chick. The bowl of the nest is so deep I couldn't tell if there is more than one? After feeding for a while she settled in the nest and remained there sitting still. All is GOOD.

05/07/2013 by stevej
Arrived at 11:45am, temp.70 degrees. The Female was squawking loudly continuously for about 20 minutes.Finally the Male showed up and she quieted down. She stood up and they both perched on the nest rim and apparently chatted back and forth. About 10 minuted later the Male took off and the Female rearranged or fluffed up some off the marsh grass and twigs in the nest and sat there for another 30 minutes or so till the male returned. This time she left and flew over to their perch tree nearby. All was quiet when I left at about 1pm.

05/04/2013 by stevej

05/04/2013 by stevej
arrived approx.5:30pm, temp at 51degrees. noticed a boat tied to the wharf next to the piling cluster that holds the nest. T Female was circling back and forth. After aprox. 20 min. the boat left. A couple of guys were fishing from the bank and I asked them how long they thought the boat had been tied to the wharf. They said anywhere from 45 mins. to an hour. Don't know if being off the nest that long with temps @ 50degrees would do damage or not. As soon as the boat left the Female was on the nest. She didn't appear to turn the eggs, just sat on them. Soon the Male appeared and after about an hour the Female left and the Male sat.

04/27/2013 by stevej
Arrived aprox. 4:30PM. All was slow on the riverfront today. The Female was sitting on nest all the time I was there (2hours). Male flew around occasionally but never landed on the nest.No boats,no disturbance, all is well with nest #3721 today.

04/18/2013 by stevej
Arrived at nest site at approx. 4PM. I observed nest for about two (2) hours today. The Female sat on nest almost all the time. Had a man come by on a stand-up board, paddling, that upset the Female. She made a lot of noise and flew off and circled the guy until he was well past the nest. She went back to the nest and the Male flew in and immediately mating began. (pics # 8-11) OF NOTICE, it seems when there has been a disruption by intruders, mating always occurs soon afterwards?? Don't know if that is a characteristic of Osprey or not?? But I have observed it when their space was intruded by Hawks,Vultures,Balded Eagle. The same thing happened each time.

04/18/2013 by stevej
CORRECTION** Pics # 7-10.

04/18/2013 by stevej
Picture #7 as posted on 04/16/2013 was deleted by mistake. It shows Female turning egg(s) I will re-post it as #11.

04/18/2013 by stevej
posting pics in order???????????? Whatever.

04/16/2013 by stevej
Female has returned and we have a pair of Osprey, mating and preparing the nest. She was back on Saturday, 4/13/13. Don't know why she was gone so long They were together in nest and on resting/mating tree from March 14th thru April 7th and haven't seen her till last Saturday?? Anyway she is setting on nest non-stop and appears to be turning egg (s) ever so often. So I have to believe she has started the incubation cycle. Male is back and forth flying around and setting in nearby tree.

04/16/2013 by stevej
The last picture posted (#7) shows her turning the egg (s) ??? Picture #6 was taken today also showing the Female setting on nest.

04/10/2013 by stevej
Just back from watching the nest and wanted to report a FIRST for me!!!!!! I saw the Male Osprey chase off a Bald Eagle that flew nearby in a very high circling pattern.The Eagle was a mature and after several attempts of the Osprey to chase it away, they locked talons and began to fall, circling around and around. This happened for several seconds and at about 80 to 100 feet above the water they released and the Eagle flew away. The Male Osprey returned to the nest with his mouth wide open, panting. I have seen mature and immature Eagle do this before but never an Osprey and Eagle. Still haven't seen the female in two (2) days? Male still rearranging sticks in the nest.

04/09/2013 by stevej
Today observed Male adding sticks and rearranging them in the nest. Next he flew over to a sandy bank of the river, waded out to about 6 to 8 inches of water and began bathing. He dunked himself at least 15 to 18 times and then took off, shaking the water off like a dog does. No sight of the Female today. Took pictures and will add if they turned out.

03/14/2013 by stevej
Been watching this nest for past thee (3) weeks to see when they would arrive.Today,(3/14/13) I observed the pair checking the nest out and gathering marsh grass to line it.