Nest #3663

Nickname: Ship Nest
Nest substrate: Mast of dry docked boat
Nest Location Description: This nest is no longer here. The ship restaurant, itself, was torn down this year. 2020
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Latitude: 38.6424243166825
Longitude: -75.594276133728
Followers: None

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2013 Nest Activity Report by revamy
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Incubation initiation Nest failure
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Nesting Diaries

07/24/2014 by francie
We have seen the slight top of another head in the nest, so we are assuming there is at least one chick here. This was a late starting nest!

06/22/2014 by francie
Female was up on the edge of the nest again today.

06/16/2014 by francie
The male was on this nest Sunday, along with the female. We may have happened by after food delivery!

06/14/2014 by francie
Still sitting up on the nest......but I can not see chick activity yet.

06/04/2014 by francie
The female here was sitting up in the nest when we rode by here the other day. Keeping an eye out for chick activity.

05/20/2014 by francie
There were 2 ospreys in this nest today when I drove by. Being on the highway, it's hard to tell much. Plus the nest is very deep. I could see just see the heads of both osprey.

05/18/2014 by francie
This newer spot was abandoned. We were very surprised the other day to see that the pair have build a nest, right alongside the highway, on the OTHER side of the road. She is incubating, it seems!

04/12/2014 by francie
There are now twigs in the newer spot, closer to the highway. It will be interesting to see if this continues.

04/09/2014 by francie
This nest is completely gone. They did not use it last summer and so far, no activity has been seen here this season either. They started to build a nest nearby, up on the highway, but as recent as yesterday (4/8/14) there is no sign of a nest there either.